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The International World History Project, founded and run by current and former university professors from around the globe and under the direction of Doctor Robert A. Guisepi, historian and author, is a collection of history related essays, maps, historical documents, educational videos, speeches and music. Some material has been written by our staff while others are either in the public domain or re-printed by permission. This site is updated at least monthly but more generally once a week.

The International World History Project was founded January 2000, covers over 330 individual, historical topics and contains more than 2000 pages. History World International receives approximately 500,000 visits per month from all over the world and is listed as a major resource for universities, colleges, high schools, middle schools and grade schools. The site has been quoted by USA Today, CBC and PBS who have referred their visitors to The International World History Project to learn about historical events and people.

The primary sources used are:
"Ancient Times, From Stone To Steel " By: Robert A. Guisepi PhD, International Civilization Press 2004, " Modern Times, From Alchemy To Atoms " By Robert A. Guisepi PhD, International Civilization Press, 2005 and "Ancient Voices, A History of the Mesopotamian World" By Robert A. Guisepi PhD, International Civilization Press, 1994

Source Material Used:
Most essays have the author listed on the page.

Some of the sources consulted were: primary historical documents, The American Library of Congress, "The Story of Civilization" by Will and Ariel Durant, "Plutarch' s Lives", "The Rise and Fall of Great Powers" by Paul Kennedy, "The Splendor That Was Egypt" by Margaret Murray, "Barbarians Within The Gates of Rome" By Burns, "On The Origins of War" by Donald Kagan, "The Twelve Caesars" by Michael Grant, "Roman Myths" by Michael grant, "Adolf Hitler" by John Toland "Carthage, A History" by Serge Lancel, "The Civil War" by Shelby Foote, "The American Civil War" by Bruce Caton "The Greek Way" and "The Roman Way" by Edith Hamilton, "Lucy" by Donald Johanson, "A History of The Ostrogoths" by Thomas Burns, "Thomas Jefferson" by Fawn Brodie, "Theories of History" Edited by Patrick Gardiner, "The Oxford Companion to World War Two", Thorkild Jacobsen: The Sumerian Kinglist; "Mesopotamia" (Cosmogony/Cosmology) Robert A. Guisepi, historian, editor, author, consultant and primary contributor to this site as well as several other web sites.

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NO! We will help you navigate this site and find information on this site but we will never do any special research for you or your home work.

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