Tom Chamberlain


 Most students of the American Civil War are familiar with Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain yet few know that J. L. Chamberlain served with two of his brothers.  In the same regiment was his younger brother Tom.  The following is an excerpt taken from

by, Rosemary Pardoe

and reprinted by permission.

For a complete and well compiled history of this younger Chamberlain who also fought at the Little Round Top, Gettysburg, PA. 1863, please visit the site listed above.

Born on April 29, 1841, and named after a member of the state legislature and U.S. representative from Maine who died in that year, Thomas Davee Chamberlain was the last child of Joshua and Sarah ("Sally") Chamberlain, a couple who were, by then, fast approaching middle-age. Young Tom grew up on the family farm in Brewer, Maine, with his four older siblings: Joshua Lawrence (born in 1828), Horace Beriah (1834), Sarah Brastow (1836, known as "Sae") and John Calhoun (1838). Their upbringing seems to have been strict and religious but also loving. Tom was a mischievous and likable boy - his brother called him a "little rogue" - and, as the baby of the family, he was his mother's favourite. In 1859 she wrote of one of her grandchildren: "...we love her as well as we do...any of our children - (Thom not excepted)". However, from an early age he suffered with the chest ailments which were fated to haunt this particular Chamberlain generation. During one illness, in 1855 when Tom was fourteen, mother Sally wrote to Lawrence: "Again you might see me seated and seriously watching Tom's short and