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"Oh human race, born to fly upward."  "Wherefore at but a little wind does thou so easily fall?"






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In the eighteenth century, while royal absolutism faced serious problems, many learned and thoughtful Europeans held a shining vision of the future.  They saw civilization advancing toward a future of diminished ignorance, brutality, and exploitation. Most believed that human reason, having finally reached its true potential, would bring the downfall of Old Regimes, which were being recognized as violating recently discovered laws of nature. Unlike Saint Augustine, who had described a City of God in the next world, many eighteenth-century thinkers confidently anticipated a happy earthly community.  In the words of American historian Carl Becker they dreamed of a beautiful but terrestrial "heavenly city."


Both science and religion have played major roles in the accent of humankind and the development of civilization.  Thus we have included a small section of science essays as well as links to important and popular science related sites.

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