History Quiz Six, Renaissance


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1)The new birth of resurrection known as the "Renaissance" is usually considered to have begun in?

a) France
b) The Netherlands

d) England


2) The Classical Revival was?

a) a focus on human beings and on this life as an end in itself rather than a temporary halting place on the way to eternity
b) A rediscovery of ancient Germanic democratic rights
c) A new gothic way of looking at the world
d) The first compositions of Beethoven's works


3) The Renaissance scholars who searched the monasteries for old Latin manuscripts that had been unappreciated and largely ignored by medieval

    scholars, and translated the works from Greek into Latin, were called?

a) Realists
b) Humanitarians
c) Humanists
d) Heretics


4) From the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries, the _______ monopolized European banking?

a) Germans
b) French
c) Italians


5) Among the great patrons of Renaissance art was?

a) Frederick Barbarosa
b) Pope John IV
Lorenzo de' Medici
William of England


6) One of the most influential writers of the Renaissance was?

a) Alberto Brecini
b) Victor Hugo
Niccolò Machiavelli
Marco Polo


7) The last name of the artist Michelangelo was?

a) Guiseppe
c) Poalini
d) Nunzio


8)  The Pope who commissioned the Sistine Chapel was?

a) John IV
b) Julius
c) Clements
d) Paul III



9) Dante wrote?

a) A life of Man
b) The Church in The Middle Ages
c) The Devine Comedy
d) A History of Rome


10) The basic years of the Renaissance were?

a) 12th to 13th Century
b) 14th to 16th Century
c) 13th to 15th Century