History Quiz Seven, Reformation

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1The 16th century revolt which divided Christians into Protestants and Catholics is known as the?

a) The Religious Revolts
b) The revolt of the Popes
The Reformation

d) The Great schism


2) The leader of the German revolt was?

a) Luther
b) Calvin
c) Hapsburg
d) Erasmus


3)Who wrote a list of 95 theses against indulgences and nailed them to the door of the church in Wittenberg?

a) Calvin
b) Spinoza
c) Luther
d) Martin Cane


4) Luther was condemned by

a) Charles IV
b) Erasmus
c) Diet of Worms
Proclamation of Venice


5) The most important political treaty signed at the conclusion of the religious wars?

a) Treaty of Ghent
b) Treaty of Paris
Peace of Augsburg
d) The Treat of the Agnostics


6) The French and Dutch drew their Protestantism chiefly from?

a) Luther
Huldrych Zwingli
c) Calvin
d) John Knox


7) The English Reformation began in 1533 when Henry VIII broke with the pope because?

a) He taxed the Church too high
b) The pope refused to grant a Henry a divorce from Catherine of Aragon.
c) The pope sided with the Irish in a revolt against England
d) differences in religious interpretation of the Bible


8)  The Catholic Church's response to the Reformation is known as?

a) The holy wars
b) counter-reformation
c) Crusades
d) The catholic conquest of Spain



9) The basic premise of the Protestants was?

a) Sacrifices should be administered by non-ordained church leaders
b) Images of saints is wrong
c) Man can reach salvation through his/her own good works and not by buying ritualistic selling of indulgences. 
d) The Church should give away their money


10) The church took action. From 1545 to 1563 in what is called the?

a) The Apostle's Creed
Council of Trent
c) Roman College of Cardinals