History Quiz Four, Rome


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1The traditional date for the founding of Rome is?

a) 650 BC
b) 700 BC
c) 753 BC
d) 356 BC.


2) A The second king of Rome was ?

a) Numa Pompilius
b) Caesar
c) Pompey
d) Tiberius Gracchi


3) The early Romans were conquered and ruled by the?

a) Samnite Greeks
b) Carthaginians
c) Etruscans
d) Latins


4) The Roman credited with leading a revolt against House of Tarquin was?

a) Romulus
b) Cato
c) Brutus
Augustus Caesar


5) The Gallic sack of Rome occurred in?

a) 450 BC
b) 340 BC
c) 390 BC
d) 210 BC


6) The Carthaginian general Hannibal was defeated at Zama by?

a) Flaminius
b) Caesar
c) Cornelius Scipio
d) Pompey


7) The arrangement between Caesar, Pompey and Crassus is called?

a) The arrangement
b) The first triumvirate
c) The Consulship
d) The Imperial Guard


8)  The first Emperor of Rome was

a) Julius Caesar
b) Octavian Caesar
c) Sulla
d) Marius


9) The almost 200 year period of basic peace in the empire is called?

a) The Golden Age
b) The Imperial Age
c) The Pax Romana
d) The Christian Era


10) The traditional date for the fall of Rome is?

a) 550 AD
b) 476 AD
c) 333 AD