History Quiz One, Mesopotamia

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1) A ziggurat is?

a) A war tactic
b) A writing system
c) A Temple
d) A Sumerian chariot


2) A The Sumerian flood story centers around ?

a) Ziusudra
b) Ashurbanipal
c) Urukagina
d) Sargon


3) Which is NOT a Sumerian city?

a) Ur
b) Kish
c) Ebla
d) Lagash


4) The Akkadian who established the first Mesopotamian empire was?

a) Lugalzagessi
b) Gilgamesh
c) Sargon


5) The wedged shape Sumerian writing system is called?

a) hieroglyphics
b) phonic alphabet
c) cuneiform
d) Demotic


6) The Assyrians were?

a) The first Mesopotamian farmers
b) Sumerian slaves
c) A war like people from the northern regions of the Tigres/Euphrates Valley
d) The first to use iron


7) The Sumerian considered the first reformer was?

a) Lugalzagessi
b) Urukagina
c) Ashurbanipal
d) Gilgamesh


8)  The Assyrian capital was?

a) Susa
b) Nineveh
c) Ur
d) Lagash


9) The Hittites were famous for.?

a) Literature
b) Irrigation
c) Iron working techniques
d) The chariot


10) Which is an invention of the people of the Mesopotamian region?

a) philosophy
b) Mathematics
c) all of the above