History Quiz Three, Ancient Greece

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1The first and longer phase of Aegean civilization, which ended about 1450 B.C is called?

a) Athenian.
b) Spartan
c) Minoan
d) Mycenaean.


2) In 1952, Michael Ventris, startled the scholarly world by deciphering a type of Cretan script known as?

a) Linear B
b) Minoan Script
c) Linear A
d) Cretan


3)Henrich Schliemann (1822-1890), a German romantic dreamer and amateur archaeologist, discovered?

a) Crete
b) Athens
c) Troy
d) Sparta


4) About 1200 B.C. a new wave of Indo-Europeans, the Dorian Greeks, invade Greece armed with?

a) Greek Fire
b) Chariots
c) Iron weapons
15 foot pikes


5) The basic Greek political unit was called the?

a) City State
b) Olympia
c) The Polis
d) The Demographic


6) The Persian Wars were?

a) An attempt by the Mycenaeans to conquer Persia
b) Fought between Persia and the Dorian Greeks
c) Two unsuccessful attempts by Persia to conquer Greece
d) The successful Persian capture of Anatolia from the Greeks


7) The city state which gave rise to democracy was?

a) Sparta
b) Athens
c) Corinth
d) Ithaca


8)  The most powerful military city state was

a) Athens
b) Sparta
c) Corinth
d) Thessaly


9) The king of the Macedonians who conquered Athens was?

a) Alexander
b) Pericles
c) Phillip
d) Pericles


10) His son (number 9) was?

a) Hercules
b) Alexander
c) Clienteles