History Quiz, Egypt


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1Orsiris was?

a) The  king who united upper and lower Egypt
b) The Sun God
both a god of fertility and the embodiment of the dead and resurrected king

d) The builder of the great pyramid


2) The only woman who was ever considered pharaoh of Egypt was?

a) Hatshepsut
b) Ti
c) Cleopatra
d) Nefertiti


3) The King who united upper and lower Egypt was?

a) Tutenkhamon
b) Ramses
c) Menes
d) Thutmose III


4) The great Egyptian pyramid builder who built the Step pyramid was?

a) Cheops
b) Senefru
c) Imhotep


5) The Shepard kings were?

a) Hittites
b) Sumerian Nomads
c) Hyksos
d) The first rulers of Egypt


6) The period of Ikhnaton is also known as the?

a) The golden age
b) The first dynastic period
c) The Amarna period
d) The age of wars


7) The founder of the 18th dynasty who together with his brother, drove out the Hyksos was?

a) Ramses
b) Ahmose
c) Seti
d) Ptolemy


8)  The "heretic king was

a) Khafre
b) Ikhnaton
c) Amenhotep I
d) Amenhotep III



9) The largest pyramid at Giza is the pyramid of?

a) Seti
b) Khafre
c) Khufu
d) Amenhotep


10) The last ruler of Egypt was?

a) Amenhotep IV
b) Cleopatra
c) Ramses the Great