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"Oh human race, born to fly upward."  "Wherefore at but a little wind does thou so easily fall?"



The Ancient World

Byzantium, Islam and the Ottomans

Maps of Europe from 400 to 1700 AD

World War Two



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New World Maps

map1586.jpg (224709 bytes)  1586 AD    map1587.jpg (162903 bytes) 1587 AD

map1647.jpg (207173 bytes) 1647 AD   maps1694.jpg (240209 bytes)  1694 AD  

map1724.jpg (162231 bytes)  1724 AD    map1746.jpg (222203 bytes)  1746 AD

map1776.jpg (173453 bytes)  1776 AD   map1839.jpg (239485 bytes)  1839 AD


The World

map1800.jpg (162014 bytes)  1800 AD  map1825.jpg (124164 bytes)  1825 AD


European Conquests

British_Colonies_1763-76.jpg (480581 bytes)  

British American Colonies  

Conquest_Mexico_1519_21.jpg (184435 bytes)  

Conquest of Mexico         

 Conquest_Peru_1531_3.jpg (464312 bytes)  

Conquest of Peru

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