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The Hittites

A history of the Hittites including their cities, kings, art and contributions to civilization 


The Line of Hittite Kings

KING              ROYAL RELATIONSHIP                         MIDDLE CHRONOLOGY
Pithana                                                      early 18th c.
Anitta            son of Pithana                             mid 18th c.
Labarna           first known Hittite king                   1680-1650
Hattusili I       nephew/adopted son of Labarna              1650-1620
Mursili I         grandson/adopted son of Hattusili I        1620-1590
Hantili           assassin and brother-in-law of Mursili I   1590-1560
Zidanta I         son-in-law of Hantili                      1560-1550
Ammuna            son of Hantili                             1550-1530
Huzziya I         son of Ammuna?                             1530-1525
Telipinu          son of Zidanta I?/brother-in-law of Ammuna 1525-1500
Tahurwaili        ?
Alluwamna         son-in-law of Huzziya I
Hantili II        son of Alluwamna                           1500-1450
Zidanta II        ?
Huzziya II        ?
Muwatalli I       ?                                          
Tudhaliya II      son of Huzziya II?                         1450-1420
Arnuwanda I       son-in-law of Tudhaliya II                 1420-1400
Tudhaliya III     son of Arnuwanda I                         1400-1380
Tudhaliya         son of Tudhaliya III                       1380?
Hattusili II      ?                                          ?
Suppiluliuma I    son of Tudhaliya III or Hattusili II       1380-1340
Arnuwanda II      son of Suppiluliuma I                      1340-1339
Mursili II        son of Suppiluliuma I                      1339-1306
Muwatalli II      son of Mursili II                          1306-1282
Mursili III       son of Muwatalli II                        1282-1275
Hattusili III     son of Mursili II                          1275-1250
Tudhaliya IV      son of Hattusili III                       1250-1220
Karunta           son of Muwatalli/cousin of Tudhaliya IV    ?
Arnuwanda III     son of Tudhaliya IV                        1220-1215
Suppiluliuma II   son of Tudhaliya IV                        1215-1200

This chart is adapted from Gregory McMahan, "The History of the Hittites,"
Biblical Archaeologist, June/September 1989, p. 64.
Used with permission.