Historical propaganda and reality, as an example of the origin of Turks

Nijat Garayev

Today, in modern world where each nation has its history that they are proud with, Turks have a separate place. The place in history that belongs to Turks is full of adventure, warfare, art. And those who knows a little about the life of steppe and its people, also knows that talking about nomads, we cannot talk about one, definite, non mixed culture. This argument gives us an opportunity to believe that Turks in history, as one of the steppe people originally, are very tolerant and respectful to others cultures, since it is itself has lots of mixture in it. But of course, as nothing is perfect, the history of Turks that is being written in different parts of the world by various famous or non-famous authors has lots of parts that are debatable. And it is a shame that, using racism, religious discrimination and other negative feelings as a tool, many nations that were or are rivals, or enemies to Turks would try to change those debatable parts for their profit and create a fake history. This happens, of course not only with Turks, but also with every nation and country in the world as well. And the worse side is, in order to defend themselves, the nations that their history has been changed by the others, would create a so called “Historical Propaganda based on Nationalism”, which makes the things worse. As a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, I can give a very clear example of my country, but here, I am not defending any interests of my country-for serving the true History and respecting it, and I do not talk on behalf of my government. The case is, today in our society, as a Turkish (ethnically) society, there is a dislike against Persians (not Iranians), and I would say hatred against Armenians (again, I am neutral, speaking of the fact). The same, we can see with Persians and Armenians as well, that they do not like Turks. And this is the place where the problem occurs. Armenians would not recognize the successful parts of the Azeri’s and the same with us. Persian historian’s writes that there was not Azerbaijan before 13th century; all were Persian in Caucasus, even in Northern Caucasus. They would call Caucasian tribes, like Caspii’s, Nakhch’s, Udin’s, Uti’s as Persian, but it is the fact that they did not speak Iranian (Indo – European), and that there is not enough information to define their ethnicity. Besides it, I believe that, any nation living 4 000 years ago cannot simply be the ancestor of 1 nation. For example, even with Persians, we cannot say Elam’s as their ancestors, or more correctly, as their only ancestor. At the same time, even during Soviet times, when nationalism and racism was less than today, I believe (since people did not even have time to deal with it), some Azeri historians, would accept, or declare those tribes, even tribes like Gutian’s, Lullubian’s, as Turkish, or Proto Turks, without even being aware of the fact (and may be being aware of the fact, but denying it) that Turks, as a nation appeared in the history first time in early middle ages, in 5th and 6th centuries. Talking about Proto –Turks, it is the same with the Ancestors of Turks, which most historians accept as Huns, and Possible several tribes of Scythians, which is not proven as well. It is a fact that, in history books in Azerbaijan, we do not have a single place, where it is mentioned that there was an Armenian kingdom, free or dependent – doesn’t matter, and that Highs did live in that kingdom, in times of late Republic of Rome and Middle Parthian Empire. Nor any map we have in our history books that mention that southern Caucasus Mountains were called Armenia, by Assyrians and later on, by Iranian and Greek/Roman states. And I believe, this is the same in Armenia as well – They also make our history fake and this is the part of Information War in the world. And it is shameful that one of the first victims of this war is History. Those examples are plenty and it is the very fact that today in modern conflicts (frozen or active), such as Kosova, Darfur, Palestine, Karabakh, this propaganda’s play great role. I do not want to go deeper and turn to politics, but this also part, or I would say problem that Historians must work on and clarify issues with building institutions and I am sure that it will help to cool down tensions.

Coming to the origin of Turks, today, by most Scholars, those who are not racist, it is accepted that Turks’ origin is Altai Mountains. Because we talk about Turks, and not these Ancestors, they appeared first time in the history as Gok – Turk empire, or The Blue Turk Empire, that was created in north – west of China and in Mongolian deserts, and later was extended till Northern Caucasus and Black sea in West, India in south, Siberia in north and China in East. The 2 Gok – Turk empires, following one another lived up to 300 years together and formed first Turkish nation. Later on, many Turkish states appear in the history. Some Historians may argue with me, and take the actual date with the formation of The Great Hun State, in late 3rd century B.C. but again; this is the history of Huns, but not Turks. Because, Huns, as a nation, may be the ancestors of several different nations; such as Turks, Mongols, Manchurs, Kara – Kitais and etc. Going down to Scythians, as the same with Huns, they may have been the ancestors of more than 20 nomadic nations, and of course, there is not enough information about them as well. It is Kurgan’s, Herodotus, several Acheamanidan, Parthian and Greek/Roman written sources and the language, which is thought to be Indo – European because of its grammatical characters, but since not much words are known, not very clear as well.

As the ending, I want to say that, we have to make a great effort to fight against racism, ultra-nationalism that has brought many disasters to the people throughout the history. The True History has nothing to do with propaganda, politics. It is a great lesson that we learn. It is an ocean that we, history-lovers sail in and we do want to discover new America’s, new Australia’s and we do not want to face icebergs and pirates trying to stop us from our aim!