Great Men Doing Great Things

During the Middle Ages there was this Pope who really wanted to make love to the daughter of his chambermaid. So every night he would send his servant to the woman's bedside and as she slept he would whisper that it was God's will that the woman's daughter sleep with the Pope. After a period of time, the woman was convinced that she was being visited by an angel of God and eventually confided her strange dream to the Pope. He told her that he had been having the same dream only in his he was told that a child would be born and the child would be the Christ Himself come back to establish his holy kingdom. The woman agreed and for several weeks the Pope enjoyed the young girl's pleasure and as expected, the girl became pregnant. The mother was delighted and couldn't resist bragging to everyone she encountered that her grandson was Jesus Christ. The child was born amid great pomp and celebration on the first day of May 1056 A.D.. It was a girl.