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"Remember, Roman, that it is for thee to rule the nations. This shall be thy task, to impose the ways of peace, to spare the vanquished, and to tame the proud by war."

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Ostia Antica


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Arch of Constantine


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Imperial Forum


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Imperial Forum

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Constantine The Great


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Palatine Hill

Temple of Nero


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Ostia Antica


  Familia.jpg (130616 bytes)

Tomb of Augustus


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Roman Villa


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Roman Interior


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Temple of Augustus, Ostia


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Temple of Juna, Ostia


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AUGUSTUS.jpg (101069 bytes)

Augustus Caesar

Pompey.jpg (85523 bytes)

Pompeii, Temple of Apollo 


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Ostia Antica


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FOR5.JPG (71872 bytes)

Ostia Antica



Roma.jpg (110363 bytes)

Piazza Popolo


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Baths of Caracalla


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Flavian Amphitheater


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