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"Oh human race, born to fly upward."  "Wherefore at but a little wind does thou so easily fall?"



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Topics Are Listed Below in Alphabetical Order Without Regard To Geographical Region And/Or Time Period.  However, Related Biographies, Maps, Music and Speeches Are Located Under the Main Topic To Which They Belong.  For Instance, Abraham Lincoln Will Be Found Under the "American Civil War Listing.


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  1. Galileo Overthrows Ancient Philosophy
  2. Galileo Recants
  3. Garibaldi,  Kingdom Of Italy Established
  4. Geography's Effect On History
  5. Georgia, Settlement of the Colony of
  6. German History
  7. Germany, Consolidation Of
  8. Germany, Revolution In
  9. Germanic Tribes And The Conquest Of Rome
  10. Goethe, Intellectual Revolt Of Germany
  11. Gothic Art And Architecture Period
  12. Government, Its Functions
  13. Government, Its Nature
  14. Government, Its Object
  15. Government, Its Origins, Part One
  16. Government, Its Origins, Part Two
  17. Great Depression
  18. Great Speeches (Audio)
  19. Greece, A History Of Ancient (Greeks) The Dorians To Alexander
  20. Goths
  21. Gulf War
  22. Guti
  23. Hanseatic League
  24. Harvey Discovers The Circulation Of The Blood
  25. Hebrew Civilization
  26. Henry Hudson
  27. Hispanics
  28. Hittites
  29. Hohenzollern
  30. Holy Roman Empire
  31. Human Origins
  32. Human Race, Development Of, Civilizations Past And Present
  33. Hundred Years War
  34. Huns
  35. Huns and their Western Migration
  36. Hungarians
  37. Hungary's Magna Carta

  38. Hungary, Revolt Of

  39. Hunters And Gatherers, Civilizations Past And Present
  40. Hurrians
  41. Hyksos
  42. Iberian Culture In The New World
  43. Iberian Golden Age
  44. Inca, A History, Part One
  45. Indian Empire
  46. Indus River Valley Civilizations
  47. Indus Civilization
  48. Industrial Revolution
  49. Industrialization And Imperialism
  50. Industrialization And Imperial European Spread
  51. Industrialization Outside The West
  52. Ireland, The Famine
  53. Islam, A History Of
  54. Italian History
  55. Italian History
  56. Italy, Kingdom Of Established
  57. Japan, Conquered To World Power
  58. Japan, Emergence Of
  59. Japan, Opening Of
  60. Japan, War With China
  61. Japan Repels The Tartars
  62. Jesuits, Founding if
  63. Judaism It Is History That Provides The Clue To An Understanding ... 
  64. Knights Templars
  65. Korean War
  66. Ku Klux Klan
  67. Kush
  68. Latin America
  69. Latin America, Colonies To Nations
  70. Latin America: Establishment Of States
  71. Latin America: First Plantation Colony
  72. Latin America: Reform Or Revolt
  73. Leif Erickson Discovers America
  74. Lewis And Clark
  75. Louis Xiv
  76. Lydia
  77. Making Sense Of History
  78. Maps
  79. Maps, History Of
  80. Marco Polo
  81. Mamelukes Usurp Power In Egypt
  82. Maya
  83. Mauritania
  84. Mesopotamia, A Place For Civilization To Begin
  85. Mesopotamia Time Line
  86. Mexico
  87. Middle Ages Complete History Of The European
  88. Middle Ages, Cultural Expression During The
  89. Middle Ages Dancing Mania Of The
  90. Medieval Europe Dynamic Culture Of
  91. Monroe Doctrine
  92. Monetary Systems
  93. Moorish Power In Spain
  94. Mormons, Migration In America
  95. Mythology, Age Of Fable Or Beauties Of
  96. Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor Of France
  97. Neolithic And Agriculture, Civilizations Past And Present
  98. Neolithic, Causes Of Civilization, Civilizations Past And Present
  99. Neolithic Transition, Civilizations Past And Present
  100. Neptune, Discovery Of
  101. New Zealand
  102. Newton, Isaac
  103. Nomadic Challenges And Civilized Responses
  104. Norway And Sweden, Union Of
  105. Ottomans: From Frontier Warriors To Empire Builders  
  106. Paleolithic Overview, Stone Age
  107. Panama Canal
  108. Parthians
  109. Peoples And Civilizations Of The Americas
  110. Peoples And Civilizations Of The Americas
  111. Persecution Of The Christians In Gaul
  112. Persians
  113. Phoenicians
  114. Philosophy
  115. Pilgrims, English Part I and II
  116. Poland
  117. Poland, First Partition Of
  118. Pontus, A History, Parts I Through V
  119. Puritans, Great Exodus
  120. Prussia
  121. Reason, Age Of
  122. Reason, Reaction Against
  123. Reconstruction Period
  124. Reformation
  125. Reformation And Counter Reformation
  126. Reformation, Council Of Trent
  127. Revolution Of Astronomy By Copernicus
  128. Renaissance, Complete
  129. Renaissance, Beginnings and Progress
  130. Rome From Its Founding To Collapse
  131. Russia, A History
  132. Saladin
  133. Saladin Takes Jerusalem
  134. Saracens In Egypt
  135. Saracens In Syria, Parts I and II
  136. Saracens In Spain
  137. Science, Impact Of
  138. Scotland And William Wallace
  139. Scientific Methods, Birth Of Modern
  140. Science, The History of

  141. Scientific Superiority of Europe

  142. Serbs
  143. Seven Wonders Of The World
  144. Spain, A History of
  145. Spanish Influenza Of 1918
  146. Sumeria, A History Of Ancient Sumer Including Its Cities, Kings, Writing...
  147. Sweden, Liberation Of
  148. Sweden And Norway, Union Of
  149. Swiss, Struggle For Liberty
  150. Telegraph, Invention Of
  151. Terrorism In Early America
  152. Teutonic Knights: Their Organization And History
  153. Thirty Years War
  154. Tours, Battle Of
  155. Turks In Europe
  156. United States And The Westward Movement, Manifest Destiny
  157. United States Of America
  158. United States Government
  159. Vandals
  160. Venice, Founding Of
  161. Vietnam War
  162. Vikings
  163. Warfare
  164. Watt Improves The Steam
  165. Westphalia, Peace Of
  166. Westphalia, Peace Of, War Of The Fronde
  167. Why Study History Through Primary Sources
  168. William Wallace
  169. Women Controversies
  170. Women In The Industrial Revolution
  171. Women In Patriarchal Societies
  172. Women In The Revolutionary Struggle
  173. Women's Rights
  174. Woman Suffrage
  175. World War I, The History Of The Great War From 1914 To 1918
  176. World War II,  From Hitler's Rise To The Surrender Of Japan
  177. Writing


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