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This page contains several historical documents ranging from the Magna Carta to the Declaration of Independence as well as  interesting historical stories

Liars And The Webs They Weave

The Civil War historian Bruce Caton tells of a Union soldier during the American Civil War, from an Irish regiment who was always scheming to get leave.  One day he approaches his Captain and says he must have an immediate leave as his wife and children have all become seriously ill and he is needed at home.  The Captain said that by coincidence he had received a letter that very day from the man's wife saying that under no circumstances should the private be given leave.  She went on to say that every time he comes home he is far too "excitable" and drinks too much, goes fighting and partying with his friends and generally disrupts family life.  She was much to ill to take care of a drunken man while she and the children were all so sickly.  She would prefer if he stayed at the camp until she wrote again.  The private said that it was apparent there were liars in the room and he (the private) was only one of them.  "Ya see Capin, I ain't nivr been married in me life."

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Articles of Confederation


Code of Hammurabi

Constitution of The Confederacy


Declaration of Independence

Declaration of War (Roosevelt)

Emancipation Proclamation

Gettysburg Address

Letter Form Columbus

Lincoln's 1st Inaugural

Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural

Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation

Jefferson Quotations

Jefferson On Slavery

Jefferson on the Monroe Doctrine

Magna Carta

Martin Luther, 95 Theses

Mayflower Compact

Monroe Doctrine

Patrick Henry

Resolution of The Stamp Act

The Paris Peace Treaty of 1783

Treaty of Westphalia

Truman Doctrine

The First Thanksgiving Proclamation

The Rights of Man

Washington's Farewell Address

William the Conqueror


Woodrow Wilson

Functions of Government

Nature of Government

Object of Government

Origins of Government

Origins of Government (part two)

United States Constitution