11/1/1793 :Johann Friedrich Eschscholtz, naturalist.

11/1/1863 :J.W. Packard, inventor and industrialist.

11/1/1871 :Stephen Crane, author.

11/1/1880 :Alfred Lothar Wegener, geologist.

11/1/1880 :Grantland Rice, sportswriter ("... how you played the game.").

11/1/1880 :Sholem Asch, Polish author.

11/1/1920 :James Jackson Kilpatrick, journalist.

11/1/1926 :Betsy Palmer (Patricia Bromek), actress.

11/1/1935 :Gary Player, South African golfer.

11/1/1941 :Robert Foxworth, actor.

11/1/1942 :Larry Claxton Flynt, publisher.

11/1/1949 :Jeannie Berlin, actress.

11/1/1960 :Fernando Valenzuela, baseball player.

11/1/1960 :Lyle Lovett. (1957?)

11/1/1963 :Rick Allen, rock musician.

11/2/1734 :Daniel Boone, frontiersman.

11/2/1755 :Marie Antoinette, queen of France.

11/2/1795 :James Knox Polk, 11th US president.

11/2/1865 :Warren Gamaliel Harding, 29th US president.

11/2/1885 :Harlow Shapley, astronomer.

11/2/1913 :Burt Lancaster, actor.

11/2/1914 :Ray Walston, actor and director.

11/2/1920 :Ann Rutherford, actress.

11/2/1921 :William D. Schaefer, Maryland Governor.

11/2/1938 :Patrick J. Buchanan, political commentator.

11/2/1941 :David Stockton, golfer.

11/2/1942 :Shere Hite, author.

11/2/1942 :Stefanie Powers, actress.

11/2/1944 :Keith Emerson.

11/2/1953 :Alfre Woodard, actress.

11/2/1961 :k.d. lang, singer.

11/3/1718 :John Montague, fourth Earl of Sandwich, inventor of the sandwich.

11/3/1793 :Stephen Fuller Austin, namesake of Texas capital.

11/3/1794 :William Cullen Bryant, US poet.

11/3/1845 :Edward Douglass White, US Supreme Court Chief Justice.

11/3/1901 :Andre Malraux, French novelist.

11/3/1909 :James Reston, journalist.

11/3/1918 :Bob Feller, baseball player.

11/3/1922 :Charles Bronson (Charles Buchinsky), actor.

11/3/1931 :Monica Vitti (Monica Luisa Ceciarelli), actress.

11/3/1933 :Ken Berry, actor and singer.

11/3/1933 :Louis Wade Sullivan, Secretary of US Department of Health and

          :Human Services.

11/3/1933 :Michael S. Dukakis, former Massachusetts Governor.

11/3/1945 :Steve Landesberg, actor.

11/3/1948 :Lulu, singer.

11/3/1948 :Tom Shales, TV critic.

11/3/1949 :Larry Holmes.

11/3/1951 :Dwight Evans, baseball player.

11/3/1952 :Roseanne Arnold, comedienne.

11/3/1953 :Dennis Miller.

11/3/1954 :Adam Ant (Stewart Goddard), singer.

11/3/1956 :Phil Simms, football player.

11/3/1960 :Karch Kiraly.

11/4/1650 :King William III (William of Orange).

11/4/1862 :Eden Phillpotts, English novelist and poet.

11/4/1873 :G.E. Moore, British philosopher.

11/4/1879 :William Penn Adair Rogers, US humorist.

11/4/1916 :Walter Leland Cronkite Jr, TV news anchor.

11/4/1918 :Art Carney, actor.

11/4/1918 :Cameron Mitchell, actor.

11/4/1919 :Martin Balsam, actor.

11/4/1923 :Alfred Heineken, brewery executive.

11/4/1930 :Doris Roberts, actress.

11/4/1930 :Kate Reid, actress.

11/4/1937 :Loretta Switt, actress.

11/4/1946 :Robert Mapplethorpe, photographer.

11/4/1950 :Markie Post, actress.

11/4/1962 :Ralph Macchio, actor. (1961?)

11/4/1963 :Andrea McArdle, singer and actress. (11/5?)

11/5/1855 :Eugene Victor Debs, Socialist Party US presidential candidate.

11/5/1857 :Ida M. Tarbell, historian.

11/5/1885 :Will Durant, historian.

11/5/1893 :Raymond Fernand Loewy, "father of streamlining."

11/5/1912 :Paul Dehn, screenwriter.

11/5/1912 :Roy Rogers (Leonard Slye), movie cowboy.

11/5/1913 :Vivian Leigh, actress.

11/5/1931 :Ike Turner, singer and songwriter.

11/5/1932 :Arthur Lawrence Liman, lawyer.

11/5/1940 :Elke Sommer (Elke Schletze), actress. (1941?)

11/5/1942 :Paul Simon, singer and actor.

11/5/1943 :Sam Shepard (Samuel Shepard Rogers), author.

11/5/1947 :Peter Noone, singer.

11/5/1959 :Bryan Adams, singer and songwriter.

11/5/1959 :Lloyd Anthony Moseby, baseball player.

11/5/1963 :Andrea McArdle, actress. (11/4?)

11/5/1963 :Tatum O'Neal, actress.

11/5/1971 :Corin Nemec, actor.

11/6/1558 :Thomas Kyd, playwright ("The Spanish Tragedy").

11/6/1671 :Colley Cibber, actor and playwright.

11/6/1814 :Adolphe Sax (Antoine Joseph Sax), Belgian inventor of the


11/6/1854 :John Philip Sousa, band leader and composer.

11/6/1860 :Ignace Jan Paderewski, Polish composer and pianist.

11/6/1861 :James Naismith, basketball inventor.

11/6/1880 :Robert Musil, novelist ("The Man Without Qualities").

11/6/1887 :Walter Johnson, baseball player.

11/6/1916 :Ray Conniff, band leader.

11/6/1921 :James Jones.

11/6/1931 :Mike Nichols (Michael Igor Peschkowsky), actor and director.

11/6/1946 :Sally Field, actress.

11/6/1948 :Glenn Frey, rock singer.

11/6/1955 :Maria Owings Shriver, NBC TV newscaster.

11/6/1960 :Lance Kerwin, actor.

11/6/1966 :Peter DeLuise.

11/6/1978 :Nicole Dubuc.

11/7/1867 :Marie Sklodowska Curie, discoverer of radium.

11/7/1900 :Heinrich Himmler, Nazi SS leader.

11/7/1913 :Albert Camus, French novelist.

11/7/1918 :Billy (William Franklin) Graham, evangelist.

11/7/1922 :Al Hirt, musician.

11/7/1924 :Wolf Mankowitz, screenwriter.

11/7/1926 :Dame Joan Sutherland, Australian opera star.

11/7/1930 :Rudy Boschwitz, former Minnesota Senator.

11/7/1937 :Mary Travers, author and composer.

11/7/1943 :Joni Mitchell (Roberta Joan Anderson), singer.

11/7/1964 :Dana Plato, actress.

11/8/1656 :Edmund Halley, British astronomer.

11/8/1900 :Margaret Mitchell, US author ("Gone With the Wind").

11/8/1914 :Norman Lloyd, actor.

11/8/1916 :June Havoc, actress.

11/8/1921 :Gene Saks, actor-director.

11/8/1922 :Dr. Christian Neethling Barnard, heart transplant pioneer.

11/8/1927 :Patti Page (Clara Ann Fowler), singer.

11/8/1931 :Morley Safer, newscaster.

11/8/1933 :Esther Rolle.

11/8/1935 :Alain Delon, actor.

11/8/1949 :Bonnie Raitt, singer and songwriter.

11/8/1951 :Mary Hart (Mary Harum), "Entertainment Tonight" co-host.

11/8/1952 :Christie Hefner, business executive.

11/8/1954 :Ricki Lee Jones, musician.

11/8/1961 :Leif Garrett.

11/9/1802 :Elijah P. Lovejoy, US newspaper publisher and abolitionist.

11/9/1815 :Leonard Andrew Grimes, abolitionist.

11/9/1818 :Ivan Turgenev, Russian author.

11/9/1853 :Stanford White, US architect ("Madison Square Garden").

11/9/1873 :Marie Dressler, actress.

11/9/1886 :Ed Wynn, actor-comedian.

11/9/1913 :Hedy Lamarr, Austrian-born actress.

11/9/1915 :Sargent Shriver, first director of Peace Corps.

11/9/1918 :Spiro Theodore Agnew, former US vice president.

11/9/1928 :Anne Sexton.

11/9/1930 :Charlie Jones, sportscaster.

11/9/1931 :Whitey Herzog, baseball manager.

11/9/1934 :Carl Sagan, astronomer and biologist.

11/9/1935 :Bob Gibson, baseball player.

11/9/1936 :Bob Graham, Florida Senator.

11/9/1942 :Tom Weiskopf, golfer.

11/9/1952 :Lou Ferrigno, actor.

11/10/1483:Martin Luther, Augustinian monk and founder of Protestantism.

11/10/1697:William Hogarth, English artist and engraver.

11/10/1728:Oliver Goldsmith, Irish author.

11/10/1759:Friedrich von Schiller.

11/10/1793:Jared Kirtland, US physician and naturalist.

11/10/1879:Vachel Lindsey.

11/10/1893:John P. Marquand, American novelist ("The Late George Apley").

11/10/1909:Johnny Marks, songwriter ("Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer").

11/10/1925:Richard Burton (Richard Jenkins), actor.

11/10/1935:Roy Scheider, actor. (10/11?)

11/10/1940:Russell Charles Means, Native American rights activist.

11/10/1944:Tim Rice, lyricist.

11/10/1948:Greg Lake.

11/10/1949:Ann Reinking, dancer.

11/10/1949:Donna Fargo (Yvonne Vaughan), country singer.

11/10/1951:Jack Scalia, actor.

11/10/1955:Jack Anthony Clark, baseball player.

11/10/1957:Sinbad. (11/18/1956?)

11/10/1959:Mackenzie Phillips, actress.

11/11/1744:Abigail Smith Adams, wife of John Adams.

11/11/1821:Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky, Russian author.

11/11/1836:Thomas Bailey Aldrich, American author and editor.

11/11/1885:General George Smith Patton Jr, US military officer.

11/11/1891:Rabbit Maranville, baseball player.

11/11/1899:Pat O'Brien, actor.

11/11/1904:Alger Hiss, former US State Department official.

11/11/1915:William Proxmire, former Wisconsin Senator.

11/11/1920:James Bond.

11/11/1922:Kurt Vonnegut Jr, author.

11/11/1925:Jonathan Winters, comedian.

11/11/1927:Mose Allison, jazz musician.

11/11/1928:Carlos Fuentes, Mexican novelist.

11/11/1935:Bibi Andersson (Birgitta Anderson), actress.

11/11/1937:Richard F. Celeste, former Ohio Governor.

11/11/1940:Barbara Boxer, California Senator.

11/11/1945:Daniel Ortega Saavedra, former Nicaraguan president.

11/11/1951:Frank Urban "Fuzzy" Zoeller, golfer.

11/11/1962:Demi Moore, actress.

11/11/1964:Philip McKeon, actor.

11/12/1746:Jacques Charles, French physicist.

11/12/1790:Letitia Christian Tyler, first wife of John Tyler.

11/12/1815:Elizabeth Cady Stanton, women's suffrage activist.

11/12/1817:Baha'u'llah (Mirza Husayn Ali), prophet-founder of Baha'i faith.

11/12/1840:Auguste Rodin, French sculptor.

11/12/1908:Harry A. Blackmun, US Supreme Court Justice.

11/12/1915:Roland Barthes, French critic and semiotician.

11/12/1922:Kim Hunter (Janet Cole), actress.

11/12/1928:Bill Muncey, hydroplane racer.

11/12/1929:Peter Lamont, film production designer.

11/12/1929:Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Patricia Kelley), former US movie


11/12/1945:Neil Young, rock musician.

11/12/1961:Nadia Comaneci, Olympic gymnast.

11/12/1970:Tonya Harding, Olympic figure skater.

11/13/354 :Saint Augustine of Hippo.

11/13/1312:King Edward III of England.

11/13/1792:Edward John Trelawney, English traveller and author.

11/13/1831:James Clerk Maxwell, Scottish physicist.

11/13/1833:Edwin (Thomas) Booth, actor and brother of John Wilkes Booth.

11/13/1850:Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish author.

11/13/1856:Louis Dembitz Brandeis, US Supreme Court Justice.

11/13/1914:William Gibson, American playwright.

11/13/1922:Madeline Sherwood, actress.

11/13/1924:Linda Christian (Blanca Rosa Walker), actress.

11/13/1932:Richard Mulligan, actor.

11/13/1934:Gary Marshall, producer and director.

11/13/1941:Dack Rambo, actor.

11/13/1947:Joe Mantegna, actor.

11/13/1949:Whoopi Goldberg (Karen Johnson), actress and comedian.

11/13/1953:Charlie Tickner, figure skater.

11/13/1959:Tracy Scoggins, actress ("Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of


11/13/1963:Vinnie (Vincent Frank) Testaverde, football player.

11/14/1765:Robert Fulton, inventor of the steamboat.

11/14/1797:Charles Lyell, geologist.

11/14/1840:Claude Monet, French Impressionist painter.

11/14/1861:Frederick Jackson Turner, American historian ("The Frontier in

          :American History").

11/14/1863:Leo Baekeland, Belgian chemist (inventor of Bakelite).

11/14/1889:Jawaharlal Nehru, Indian statesman.

11/14/1896:Mamie Doud Eisenhower, wife of Dwight David Eisenhower.

11/14/1900:Aaron Copland, composer.

11/14/1907:Astrid Lindgren, Swedish author ("Pippi Longstocking").

11/14/1909:Joseph McCarthy, Wisconsin Senator.

11/14/1921:Brian Keith, actor.

11/14/1922:Boutros Boutros-Ghali, UN Secretary General.

11/14/1929:McLean Stevenson, actor.

11/14/1935:Don Stewart, actor and singer.

11/14/1935:King Hussein of Jordan.

11/14/1948:Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

11/14/1955:Jack Sikma, basketball player.

11/14/1961:D.B. Sweeney.

11/14/1966:Curt Schilling.


11/15/1708:William ("the elder") Pitt, British statesman.

11/15/1738:Sir William Herschel, Discoverer of the planet Uranus.

11/15/1862:Gerhart Hauptmann.

11/15/1874:August Krogh, Danish Nobel Prize-winning physiologist.

11/15/1881:Franklin P. Adams, American humorist.

11/15/1882:Justice Felix Frankfurter.

11/15/1886:George Spelvin, fictional theatrical character.

11/15/1887:Georgia O'Keeffe, artist.

11/15/1887:Marianne Moore, poet.

11/15/1891:Erwin Rommel, German commander.

11/15/1891:W. Averell Harriman, diplomat.

11/15/1897:Sacheverell Sitwell, British writer.

11/15/1905:Annunzio Paolo Mantovani, conductor.

11/15/1906:General Curtis LeMay, USAF.

11/15/1921:Joseph Wapner, judge. (1919?)

11/15/1925:Howard H. Baker Jr, former White House chief of staff.

11/15/1929:Edward Asner, actor.

11/15/1932:Petula Clark, singer-actress.

11/15/1934:Joanna Barnes, actress.

11/15/1935:John Coleman, TV meteorologist.

11/15/1937:Yaphet Kotto, actor.

11/15/1940:Sam Waterston, actor.

11/15/1942:Daniel Barenboim, musician and conductor.

11/15/1954:Beverly D'Angelo, actress.

11/16/-42 :Tiberius Claudius Nero, Roman emperor.

11/16/1873:William Christopher Handy, composer and "Father of the Blues".

11/16/1889:George S. Kaufman, Broadway director-playwright.

11/16/1895:Michael Arlen, novelist ("The Green Hat").

11/16/1895:Paul Hindemith, composer and teacher.

11/16/1905:Eddie Condon, jazz guitarist-bandleader. (1904?)

11/16/1908:Burgess Meredith, actor. (1909?)

11/16/1930:Chinua Achebe, writer.

11/16/1931:Bob Gibson, singer and musician.

11/16/1935:Elizabeth Drew, journalist.

11/16/1944:Joanna Pettet, actress.

11/16/1945:Martine Van Hammel, ballerina.

11/16/1946:Jo Jo White, basketball player.

11/16/1950:Harvey Martin, football player.

11/16/1963:Zina Garrison.

11/16/1964:Dwight Gooden, baseball player.

11/16/1967:Lisa Bonet, actress.

11/16/1970:Martha Plimpton, actress.

11/17/-3  :Jesus Christ (according to Clement of Alexandria).

11/17/1755:King Louis XVIII of France.

11/17/1790:August Ferdinand Mobius, German describer of the Mobius Strip.

11/17/1799:Titian Ramsey Peale, American artist and naturalist.

11/17/1878:Grace Abbott, US social reformer.

11/17/1887:Bernard Montgomery, British Field Marshal.

11/17/1901:Lee Strasberg, drama teacher.

11/17/1917:Robert D. Orr, Indiana Governor.

11/17/1925:Rock Hudson (Roy Scherer Jr), actor.

11/17/1930:Bob Mathias, track athlete and congressman.

11/17/1937:Peter Cook, comedian and actor.

11/17/1939:Gordon Lightfoot, singer and songwriter. (1938?)

11/17/1942:Donna Garratt, stuntwoman.

11/17/1942:Martin Scorsese, film director.

11/17/1944:Danny DeVito, actor.

11/17/1944:(Mary) Lauren(ce) Hutton, model and actress.

11/17/1944:George Thomas Seaver, baseball player.

11/17/1946:Terry E. Branstad, Iowa Governor.

11/17/1948:Howard Dean, Vermont Governor.

11/18/1647:Pierre Bayle, French philosopher and writer.

11/18/1786:Henry Bishop, English composer ("Home Sweet Home").

11/18/1789:Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, French inventor of the

          :Daguerreotype photographic process.

11/18/1836:Cesare Lombroso, Italian founder of criminology.

11/18/1836:Sir William Schwenck Gilbert, of Gilbert and Sullivan fame.

11/18/1869:Neville Chamberlain, British prime minister.

11/18/1874:Clarence Day.

11/18/1882:(Percy) Wyndham Lewis, English painter and novelist ("The Apes of


11/18/1889:Amelita Galli-Curci, Italian operatic soprano.

11/18/1899:Eugene Ormandy, orchestra conductor.

11/18/1901:George Gallup, pollster.

11/18/1908:Imogene Coca, comedic actress.

11/18/1909:Johnny Mercer, songwriter.

11/18/1923:Alan Shepard, astronaut.

11/18/1923:Ted Stevens, Alaska Senator.

11/18/1926:Dorothy Collins, singer.

11/18/1928:Mickey Mouse.

11/18/1939:Brenda Vaccaro, actress.

11/18/1939:Margaret Atwood, author.

11/18/1942:Linda Evans, actress.

11/18/1944:Susan Sullivan, actress.

11/18/1950:Jameson Parker.

11/18/1956:Sinbad. (11/10/1957?)

11/18/1956:Warren Moon, football player.

11/18/1960:Kim Wilde.

11/19/1600:King Charles I of England.

11/19/1752:George Rogers Clark, frontier military leader.

11/19/1831:James Abram Garfield, 20th US president (first left-handed).

11/19/1863:Billy Sunday, religious revivalist.

11/19/1896:Clifton Webb, actor.

11/19/1899:Allen Tate.

11/19/1905:Tommy Dorsey, bandleader.

11/19/1917:Indira Gandhi, Indian prime minister.

11/19/1919:Alan Young, actor.

11/19/1921:Roy Campanella, baseball player.

11/19/1926:Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, political scientist and former UN


11/19/1930:Joe Morgan, baseball manager.

11/19/1933:Larry King, radio and TV personality.

11/19/1935:John Francis Welch Jr, chairman and CEO of General Electric.

11/19/1936:Dick Cavett, entertainer.

11/19/1938:Ted Turner, broadcasting and sports executive.

11/19/1939:Garrick Utley, journalist.

11/19/1939:Thomas R. Harkin, Iowa Senator.

11/19/1941:Tommy G. Thompson, Governor of Wisconsin.

11/19/1942:Calvin Klein, fashion designer.

11/19/1942:Sharon Olds.

11/19/1949:Ahmad Rashad (Bobby Moore), sportscaster.

11/19/1954:Kathleen Quinlan, actress.

11/19/1961:Meg Ryan, actress.

11/19/1962:Jodie Foster, actress.

11/20/1726:Oliver Wolcott, signer of the US Declaration of Independence.

11/20/1752:Thomas Chatterton, poet and forger.

11/20/1781:Andres Bello, Venezuelan diplomat and author.

11/20/1841:Sir Wilfred Laurier, Canadian statesman.

11/20/1851:John Merle Coulter, botanist.

11/20/1858:Selma Lagerlof, Swedish novelist.

11/20/1866:Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

11/20/1884:Norman Thomas, six time Socialist Party candidate for US


11/20/1889:Edwin Powell Hubble, astronomer.

11/20/1900:Chester Gould, cartoonist ("Dick Tracy").

11/20/1908:Alistair Cooke, TV commentator.

11/20/1916:Judy Canova, singer-actress.

11/20/1917:Robert C. Byrd, West Virginia Senator.

11/20/1920:Gene Tierney, actress.

11/20/1923:Beryl Sprinkel, economist.

11/20/1923:Nadine Gordimer.

11/20/1925:Robert Francis Kennedy, US Senator.

11/20/1926:Kaye Ballard, comedian.

11/20/1927:Estelle Parsons, actress.

11/20/1932:Richard Dawson, actor and game show host.

11/20/1937:Ruth Laredo, concert pianist.

11/20/1939:Dick Smothers, entertainer. (1938?)

11/20/1942:Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, Delaware Senator.

11/20/1943:Veronica Hamel, actress.

11/20/1946:Duane Allman, rock musician.

11/20/1946:Judy Woodruff, journalist and author.

10/20/1947:Joe Walsh.

11/20/1954:Steve Dahl, disc jockey.

11/20/1956:Bo Derek (Cathleen Collins), actress.

11/20/1956:Mark Gastineau, football player.

11/20/1959:Sean Young, actress.

11/20/1974:Marissa Ryan.

11/21/1694:Jean Francois Marie Voltaire, French author and philosopher.

11/21/1785:William Beaumont, pioneer US army surgeon.

11/21/1835:Henrietta Howland Robinson "Hetty" Green, "richest woman in


11/21/1854:Pope Benedict XV (Giacomo dela Chiesa), 258th pope.

11/21/1920:Stan Musial, baseball player.

11/21/1921:Vivian Blaine, actress-singer.

11/21/1934:Laurence Luckinbill, actor.

11/21/1938:Marlo Thomas, actress. (1937?)

11/21/1940:Natalia Makarova, ballerina.

11/21/1941:David Hemmings, actor.

11/21/1941:Juliet Mills, actress.

11/21/1945:Goldie Hawn, actress.

11/21/1952:Lorna Luft, actress.

11/21/1963:Nicollette Sheridan, actress.

11/21/1966:Troy Aikman.

11/21/1969:George Kenneth Griffey Jr, baseball player.

11/22/1643:Rene Robert de la Salle, French explorer of North America.

11/22/1819:George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans), English novelist.

11/22/1857:George Gissing, English novelist.

11/22/1868:John Nance Garner, 32nd US vice president.

11/22/1869:Andre Gide.


11/22/1890:Charles de Gaulle, French statesman.

11/22/1898:Wiley Post, first pilot to fly solo around the world.

11/22/1899:Hoagland Howard "Hoagie" Carmichael, composer.

11/22/1913:(Edward) Benjamin Britten, English composer.

11/22/1918:Claiborne Pell, Rhode Island Senator.

11/22/1921:Rodney Dangerfield (Jacob Cohen), actor and comedian.

11/22/1924:Geraldine Page, actress.

11/22/1932:Robert Vaughn, actor.

11/22/1935:Michael Callan, actor.

11/22/1940:Terry Gilliam, comedy writer and animator.

11/22/1941:Tom Conti, actor.

11/22/1942:Guion S. Bluford, astronaut.

11/22/1942:Harry Edwards, sports sociologist.

11/22/1943:Billie Jean King, tennis star.

11/22/1950:Greg Luzinski, baseball player.

11/22/1958:Jamie Lee Curtis, actress.

11/22/1961:Mariel Hemingway, actress.

11/22/1967:Boris Becker, tennis player.

11/23/1749:Edward Rutledge, signer of the US Declaration of Independence.

11/23/1804:Franklin Pierce, 14th US president.

11/23/1834:James Thomson, Scottish poet.

11/23/1859:William H. "Billy The Kid" Bonney (Henry McCarty), outlaw.

11/23/1869:Valdemar Poulsen, Danish inventor of the modern tape recorder.

11/23/1883:Jose Clemente Orozco, Mexican artist.

11/23/1887:Boris Karloff (William Pratt), actor.

11/23/1892:Romain de Tirtoff, fashion designer and artist ("Erte").

11/23/1913:Charles Berlitz, American linguist.

11/23/1913:Maurice Zolotow, author.

11/23/1915:Ellen Drew, actress.

11/23/1928:Jerry Bock, Broadway composer.

11/23/1930:William E. Brock, former US Secretary of Labor.

11/23/1933:Krzysztof Penderecki, composer.

11/23/1955:Bruce Hornsby.

11/23/1957:Andrew Toney, basketball player.

11/23/1959:Maxwell Caulfield, actor.

11/24/1632:Baruch Spinoza, Dutch philosopher.

11/24/1713:Laurence Sterne, British novelist and clergyman.

11/24/1784:Zachary Taylor, 12th US president.

11/24/1849:Frances Hodgson Burnett.

11/24/1853:William Bartholomew "Bat" Masterson, gambler, frontier lawman,

          :and sportswriter.

11/24/1864:Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, painter.

11/24/1868:Scott Joplin, ragtime composer.

11/24/1877:Alben William Barkley, 35th US vice president.

11/24/1888:Dale Carnegie, lecturer and author.

11/24/1912:Garson Kanin, producer-writer.

11/24/1913:Geraldine Fitzgerald, actress.

11/24/1917:Howard Duff, actor.

11/24/1925:William F. Buckley Jr, columnist.

11/24/1927:Alfredo Kraus, operatic tenor.

11/24/1935:Ron Dellums, US House Armed Services Chairman.

11/24/1940:Paul Tagliabue, football commissioner.

11/24/1942:Marlin Fitzwater, former White House spokesman.

11/24/1950:Stanley Livingston, actor.

11/24/1957:Denise Crosby, actress.

11/25/1562:Lope de Vega.

11/25/1835:Andrew Carnegie, industrialist.

11/25/1844:Karl Benz, German automobile designer.

11/25/1846:Carry Amelia Moore Nation, social reformer.

11/25/1849:Felix Klein, German mathematician.

11/25/1877:Harley Granville-Barker, English playwright and critic.

11/25/1880:Leonard Woolf, English writer.

11/25/1881:Pope John 23d (Angelo Roncalli).

11/25/1896:Virgil Thomson, composer and musician.

11/25/1913:Lewis Thomas, American physician and essayist.

11/25/1914:Joe DiMaggio, baseball player.

11/25/1920:Ricardo Montalban, actor.

11/25/1933:Kathryn Crosby, actress.

11/25/1933:Rene Enriquez, actor.

11/25/1947:John Larroquette, actor ("Night Court").

11/25/1951:Russell Earl "Bucky" Dent, baseball player.

11/25/1960:Amy Grant, singer.

11/25/1960:John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.

11/25/1963:Bernie Kosar, football player.

11/25/1966:Stacy Lattisaw.

11/25/1971:Christina Applegate, actress.

11/26/1607:John Harvard, founder of Harvard University.

11/26/1731:William Cowper, English poet.

11/26/1792:Sarah Moore Grimke, American feminist and social reformer.

11/26/1832:Mary Edwards Walker, first female physician in US Army.

11/26/1836:John MacAdam, road-paving inventor.

11/26/1876:Willis Carrier, air conditioning engineer.

11/26/1894:Norbert Weiner.

11/26/1912:Eric Sevareid, TV news commentator.

11/26/1912:Eugene Ionesco, playwright.

11/26/1922:Charles Monroe Schulz, cartoonist ("Peanuts").

11/26/1933:Robert Goulet, singer.

11/26/1935:Marian Mercer, actress-singer.

11/26/1938:Richard Caruthers Little, impressionist.

11/26/1938:Tina Turner (Anna Mae Bullock), rock singer and actress.

11/26/1960:Johnny Hector, football player.

11/27/1701:Anders Celsius, Swedish inventor of the centigrade thermometer.

11/27/1746:Robert R. Livingston, administered the oath of office to George


11/27/1804:Sir Julius Benedict, musician and composer.

11/27/1809:Frances "Fanny" Anne Kemble, English actress.

11/27/1843:Cornelius Vanderbilt, philanthropist.

11/27/1874:Chaim Weizmann, Israeli statesman.

11/27/1874:Charles Austin Beard, US historian.

11/27/1903:Mona Washbourne, actress.

11/27/1909:James Agee.

11/27/1912:David Merrick, Broadway producer.

11/27/1917:"Buffalo" Bob Smith, children's entertainer.

11/27/1921:Alexander Dubcek, former Czechoslovakian communist leader.

11/27/1927:William Simon, former US Treasury Secretary.

11/27/1937:Gail Henion Sheehy, author and journalist.

11/27/1941:Eddie Rabbitt, singer.

11/27/1942:Jimi Hendrix, rock guitarist.

11/27/1953:Boris Grebenshikov, Soviet rock musician.

11/27/1957:Caroline Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg.

11/27/1964:Robin Givens, actress.

11/27/1976:Jaleel White, actor.

11/28/1628:John Bunyan, English cleric and author.

11/28/1632:Jean Baptiste Lully, musician and composer.

11/28/1757:William Blake, English poet.

11/28/1820:Friedrich Engels, communist theoretician.

11/28/1837:John Hyatt, inventor of lock-stitch sewing machine and celluloid.

11/28/1866:Henry Bacon, architect (designer of the Lincoln Memorial).

11/28/1929:Berry Gordy Jr, Motown Records founder.

11/28/1933:Hope Lange, actress.

11/28/1936:Gary Hart (Gary Hartpence), former US presidential candidate.

11/28/1943:Randy Newman, singer and songwriter.

11/28/1946:Susan Spencer, CBS News correspondent.

11/28/1949:Alexander Godunov, ballet dancer.

11/28/1949:Paul Shaffer, band leader.

11/28/1950:Ed Harris, actor.

11/28/1959:Judd Nelson, actor.

11/28/1964:Cornelia Guest.

11/28/1964:Roy Tarpley, basketball player.

11/29/1729:Charles Thomson, first official American record keeper.

11/29/1803:Christian Doppler, Austrian physicist.

11/29/1811:Wendell Phillips, American women's suffrage leader.

11/29/1816:Morrison R. Waite, US Supreme Court Justice.

11/29/1832:Louisa May Alcott, author ("Little Women").

11/29/1834:Tz'u Hsi, Chinese empress-dowager. (1835?)

11/29/1849:John Fleming, English devisor of the radio tube-diode.

11/29/1895:Busby Berkeley, film choreographer.

11/29/1898:C.S. Lewis, Irish novelist.

11/29/1918:Madeleine L'Engle, writer.

11/29/1927:Vin Scully, sportscaster.

11/29/1928:Paul Simon, Illinois Senator.

11/29/1932:Jacques Rene Chirac, French political leader.

11/29/1933:John Mayall, musician.

11/29/1939:Dianne Ladd (Rose Diane Ladner), actress.

11/29/1940:Chuck Mangione, jazz flugelhornist.

11/29/1946:Suzy Chaffee, skier.

11/29/1949:Garry Shandling, comedian.

11/29/1955:Howie Mandel, actor-comedian.

11/29/1960:Cathy Moriarty, actress.

11/29/1962:Andrew McCarthy.

11/29/1968:Jonathan Knight, vocalist.

11/30/1508:Andrea Palladio, Italian Renaissance architect.

11/30/1554:Sir Philip Sidney, English poet and statesman.

11/30/1667:Jonathan Swift, Irish satirist.

11/30/1835:Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain), author.

11/30/1863:Andres Bonifacio, leader of Phillippine revolt against Spain.

11/30/1874:Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, British statesman.

11/30/1920:Virginia Mayo, actress. (1922?)

11/30/1923:Efrem Zimbalist Jr, actor.

11/30/1924:Allan Sherman, songwriter ("Camp Granada").

11/30/1924:Shirley Chisholm, first black woman elected to US Congress.

11/30/1925:Maryon Pittman Allen, former US Senator.

11/30/1927:Richard Crenna, actor.

11/30/1928:Robert Guillaume, actor.

11/30/1928:Chic Hecht, Nevada Senator.

11/30/1929:Dick Clark, TV music show host.

11/30/1930:G. Gordon Liddy, convicted Watergate defendant.

11/30/1936:Abbot (Abbie) Hoffman, former 1960's radical.

11/30/1937:Paul Stookey (Noel Stookey), singer and songwriter.

11/30/1947:David Mamet, American dramatist.

11/30/1952:Mandy Patinkin.

11/30/1953:Mike Espy, US Secretary of Agriculture.

11/30/1955:Billy Idol, singer.

11/30/1962:Bo Jackson (Vincent Edward Jackson), football and baseball player



11:Aviation History Month

11:Child Safety and Protection Month

11:Diabetes/Epilepsy Month

11:Home Education Awareness Month

11:International Creative Child and Adult Month

11:International Doll Collectors Month

11:International Drum Month

11:National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month

11:National Diabetes Month

11:National Epilepsy Awareness Month

11:"One Nation Under God" Month

#: Events depending on weekdays

M(11/7) :Recreation Day (Northern Tasmania) (first Monday).

T(11/7) :Melbourne Cup Day (Australia) (first Tuesday).

F(11/7) :Arbor Day (Western Samoa) (first Friday).

F(11/7) :World Community Day (first Friday).

S(11/7) :Sadie Hawkins Day (first Saturday).

U(11/7) :RAC London to Brighton Veteran Car Run (England) (first Sunday).

T(11/8) :Election Day (first Tuesday after the first Monday).

S(11/14):Lord Mayor's Show (England) (second Saturday).

U(11/14):La Quintane (France) (second Sunday).

U(11/14):Tree Festival (Tunisia) (second Sunday).

T(11/19):National Community Education Day (Tuesday of the week before


U(11/19):Volkstrauertag (Germany) (Sunday before Totensonntag).

R(11/21):Fast For a World Harvest (Oxfam America, third Thursday).

R(11/21):Great American Smokeout.

S(11/21):Elephant Round-Up at Surin (Thailand) (third Saturday).

W(11/22):Buss und Bettag (Germany) (Wednesday before Totensonntag).

F(11/22):Doublespeak Award announced (Friday before Thanksgiving).

U(11/24):Mother Goose Parade (Sunday before Thanksgiving).

U(11/24):National Bible Sunday (Sunday before Thanksgiving).

U(11/26):Totensonntag (Germany) (Sunday before Advent).

M(11/28):Onion Market (Zibelemarit) (Switzerland) (fourth Monday).

R(11/28):Thanksgiving Day. (fourth Thursday).

F(11/29):You're Welcomegiving Day. (Day after Thanksgiving).

U(11/30):John F. Kennedy Day (Massachusetts) (last Sunday).

#: Normal events

11/1       :Liberty Day (Virgin Islands).

11/1       :National Author's Day.

11/1       :National Holiday (Antigua and Barbuda).

11/1       :Revolution Anniversary (Algeria).

11/1       :Samhain (beginning of Celtic year).

11/1/835   :All Saints Day first observed.

11/1/1716  :Dark day in New England.

11/1/1755  :Earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal (60,000 killed).

11/1/1776  :Mission San Juan Capistrano founded.

11/1/1848  :Boston Female Medical School opened (merged with Boston

           :University - 1874).

11/1/1861  :General Winfield Scott replaced as commander in chief of Federal


11/1/1865  :John Lindley, botanist, died.

11/1/1870  :National Weather Service founded.

11/1/1879  :Postal money order system established.

11/1/1895  :First magazine devoted to the motor vehicle ("The Horseless Age")

           :was published.

11/1/1918  :Austria-Hungary became two separate nations.

11/1/1922  :Republic of Turkey declared.

11/1/1944  :Lucien Cayeux.

11/1/1947  :Man o' War died.

11/1/1950  :Puerto Rican nationalists tried to kill Truman at Blair House.

11/1/1952  :Cuyahoga River (Cleveland) caught fire.

11/1/1955  :Dale Carnegie, lecturer and author, died.

11/1/1968  :Movie rating system instituted.

11/1/1972  :Ezra Loomis Pound, US poet, died.

11/1/1979  :Mamie Doud Eisenhower, wife of Dwight David Eisenhower, died.

11/1/1985  :Philip Silversmith ("Phil Silvers"), actor died.

11/2       :Broadcast Journalist Day (Illinois).

11/2       :Memorial Day (Ecuador).

11/2/1783  :Washington issued his "Farewell Address to the Army."

11/2/1887  :Jenny Lind, Swedish opera singer, died.

11/2/1889  :North and South Dakota became the 39th and 40th US states.

11/2/1917  :A Jewish homeland in Palestine proposed (Arthur Balfour).

11/2/1920  :First regularly scheduled broadcasting (KDKA, Pittsburgh).

11/2/1926  :Annie Oakley (Phoebe Ann Moses), sharpshooter, died.

11/2/1940  :Luftwaffe completed 57 consecutive nights of bombing London.

11/2/1941  :Simon Guggenheim, American capitalist and philanthropist, died.

11/2/1947  :Spruce Goose made its only flight.

11/2/1950  :George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, died.

11/2/1961  :James Grover Thurber, author-artist, died.

11/2/1962  :JFK announced that Cuban missile bases were being dismantled.

11/2/1963  :First phosphorescent-impregnated postage stamp issued.

11/2/1977  :Minor planet Chiron discovered.

11/2/1983  :Martin Luther King Jr's birthday established as a holiday.

11/2/1988  :Internet computer virus struck.

11/3       :Culture Day (Japan).

11/3       :Independence of Cuenca (Ecuador).

11/3       :National Holiday (Dominica).

11/3       :National Holiday (Panama).

11/3       :Thanksgiving Day (Liberia).

11/3/1002  :Ethelred the Unready led the English in a massacre of the Danes.

11/3/1623  :Dutch decided to set up a permanent colony in New Netherlands.

11/3/1783  :Continental Army ordered demobilized.

11/3/1837  :Beef rose to $.03 per pound (Illinois).

11/3/1863  :Commercial yeast patented.

11/3/1900  :First National Automobile Show (Madison Square Garden - 300 cars).

11/3/1903  :Panama declared itself independent of Colombia.

11/3/1930  :Detroit-Windsor auto tunnel opened.

11/3/1948  :"Dewey Defeats Truman" read front page of Chicago Daily Tribune.

11/3/1952  :Frozen bread first marketed.

11/3/1954  :Linus Pauling won Nobel Chemistry Prize.

11/3/1957  :Sputnik 2 (USSR) launched (containing spacedog Laika).

11/3/1960  :Lee Iacocca made vice-president and general manager of Ford


11/3/1960  :Meredith Willson's "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" opened on


11/3/1964  :Lyndon Johnson elected president.

11/3/1966  :Truth-in-Packaging law signed.

11/3/1972  :James Taylor married Carly Simon.

11/3/1973  :Mariner 10 (US), first to flyby Mercury, launched.

11/3/1975  :"Good Morning America" debuted.

11/3/1984  :Indira Gandhi, Indian prime minister, cremated.

11/4       :Flag Day (Panama).

11/4       :Mischief Night (England, Australia, and New Zealand).

11/4       :Will Rogers Day. (Oklahoma)

11/4/1646  :Heresy made punishable by death in Massachusetts Bay Colony.

11/4/1841  :First wagon train reached California.

11/4/1862  :Gatling gun patented (Richard J. Gatling).

11/4/1869  :George Peabody, US philanthropist, died.

11/4/1879  :Cash Register patented (James Ritty).

11/4/1918  :Wilfred Owen, British poet, killed.

11/4/1922  :Entrance to King Tut's tomb discovered (Howard Carter).

11/4/1927  :Winooski River, Vermont flooded (84 killed).

11/4/1939  :First air-conditioned automobile exhibited (Chicago).

11/4/1952  :First mother and son simultaneously elected to Congress (F.P.

           :Bolton and O.P. Bolton).

11/4/1952  :UNIVAC I program predicted Eisenhower victory based on 7% of


11/4/1956  :Soviet forces crushed the anti-communist revolution in Hungary.

11/4/1979  :Iranian militants seized US embassy in Teheran.

11/4/1980  :Ronald Reagan elected 40th US president.

11/4/1990  :Mary Martin died.

11/5       :Guy Fawkes Day (England).

11/5/1605  :Guy Fawkes' Plot (Gunpowder plot to kill the British King and


11/5/1733  :The New York Weekly Journal began publication (John Peter Zenger).

11/5/1854  :British and French defeated Russia in the Crimean War.

11/5/1862  :McLellan removed from command of Union forces.

11/5/1872  :Susan B. Anthony arrested for attempting to vote.

11/5/1879  :James Clerk Maxwell, British physicist, died.

11/5/1911  :First US transcontinental flight completed, (49 days - New York

           :to Pasadena, 82 hours, 4 minutes of flight time, Calbraith


11/5/1930  :First American to win Nobel Prize for Literature (Sinclair Lewis).

11/5/1930  :First commercial TV broadcast.

11/5/1940  :Franklin D. Roosevelt reelected for third term.

11/5/1974  :First grandmother elected to US Congress (M.H. Fenwick).

11/5/1979  :Al Capp (Alfred Gerald Caplin), cartoonist ("Li'l Abner"), died.

11/5/1985  :Spencer W. Kimball, president of the Mormon church, died.

11/5/1989  :Vladimir Horowitz, pianist, died.

11/5/1991  :Fred MacMurray, actor, died.

11/6       :Green March Day (Morocco).

11/6       :Prophet Mohammed's Birthday (Malaysia).

11/6/1632  :Gustavas Adolphus, Swedish King, killed.

11/6/1672  :Heinrich Schutz, "father of German music," died.

11/6/1796  :Catherine the Great died.

11/6/1842  :William Hone, English author and bookseller, died.

11/6/1860  :Abraham Lincoln elected 16th US president.

11/6/1869  :First formal intercollegiate football game (Rutgers 6, Princeton


11/6/1894  :Tammany Hall beaten in New York.

11/6/1914  :Japanese troops captured Tsing-Tau.

11/6/1917  :Bolshevik revolution began.

11/6/1928  :Electric shaver patented (Colonel Jacob Schick).

11/6/1936  :James Naismith, basketball inventor, died.

11/6/1946  :Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, artist who inspired Hummel

           :figurines, died.

11/6/1952  :First hydrogen bomb exploded (Eniwetok Atoll). (11/18?)

11/6/1957  :First "The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour" aired.

11/6/1968  :Richard Nixon elected 37th US president.

11/6/1968  :Vietnam War Peace Talks began (Paris).

11/6/1973  :First day of shooting on "The Man with the Golden Gun."

11/6/1978  :Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi promised to "make up for past


11/6/1981  :Black-footed ferret (thought extinct) captured in Wyoming.

11/6/1984  :Ronald Reagan elected to a second term.

11/7       :Abet and Aid Punsters Day.

11/7       :Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution (USSR)

           :(11/7 and 8).

11/7       :National Notary Public Day.

11/7/1783  :Last person publicly burned by the Spanish Inquisition (Seville).

11/7/1805  :Lewis and Clark Expedition arrived at the Pacific Coast.

11/7/1811  :Battle of Tippecanoe.

11/7/1817  :Jean Andre Deluc, geologist, died.

11/7/1837  :Elijah P. Lovejoy, abolitionist newspaperman, murdered by mob.

11/7/1841  :Slaves aboard Creole mutiny and take ship to Nassau.

11/7/1861  :77 Union ships landed at Port Royal, South Carolina.

11/7/1874  :Elephant first used as the Republican symbol (Harper's Weekly).

11/7/1876  :Samuel J. Tilden and Rutherford B. Hayes tied in election.

11/7/1885  :Canadian Pacific Transcontinental Railway completed.

11/7/1910  :"Naughty Marietta" opened on Broadway.

11/7/1913  :Alfred Russel Wallace, co-discoverer (with Darwin) of the

           :principle of natural selection, died.

11/7/1916  :First woman elected to the US Congress (Jeannette Rankin,


11/7/1917  :Bolsheviks overthrew Russian government.

11/7/1918  :Tube launched, solid-fuel rocket demonstrated (Goddard).

11/7/1940  :Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed, Tacoma, Washington.

11/7/1944  :Franklin Delano Roosevelt re-elected for fourth US presidential


11/7/1962  :Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and

           :author, died.

11/7/1962  :Nixon said "You won't have Nixon to kick around any more ..."

11/7/1965  :First American won Queensland Lawn championship (Arthur Ashe).

11/7/1967  :John Nance Garner, 32nd US vice president, died.

11/7/1972  :Richard M. Nixon re-elected to a second term.

11/7/1978  :James Joseph (Gene) Tunney, heavyweight boxing champ, died.

11/7/1980  :Voyager I photographs identify 95 separate Saturn rings.

11/7/1981  :Will Durant, historian, died.

11/7/1991  :Magic Johnson, basketball player, announced he had AIDS.

11/7/1992  :Alexander Dubcek, former Chechoslovak leader, died.

11/8       :Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution (USSR)

           :(11/7 and 8).

11/8       :Her Majesty, the Queen's Birthday (Nepal).

11/8/1674  :John Milton, English poet, died.

11/8/1740  :"Pamela" by Samuel Richardson published.

11/8/1793  :Louvre opened.

11/8/1828  :Thomas Bewick, English artist, wood engraver, and author, died.

11/8/1837  :First US women's college founded (Mount Holyoke Seminary,


11/8/1864  :Abraham Lincoln reelected to second term.

11/8/1880  :US debut for Sara Bernhardt ("La Dame aux Camelias").

11/8/1889  :Montana became 41st US state.

11/8/1893  :Francis Parkman, US historian and author ("The Oregon Trail"),


11/8/1895  :Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered X-rays.

11/8/1900  :"Sister Carrie" by Theodore Dreiser published.

11/8/1910  :US Congress had a Democratic majority for first time since 1894.

11/8/1923  :"Beer Hall Putsch" (Munich).

11/8/1926  :First ferry built exclusively for cars put in service.

11/8/1929  :Museum of Modern Art opened (New York).

11/8/1941  :The whaler Charles W. Morgan arrived in Mystic, Connecticut to be


11/8/1942  :Allied soldiers invaded North Africa (Operation Torch).

11/8/1954  :American League voted to move Philadelphia Athletics to Kansas


11/8/1966  :First black elected to US Senate by popular vote (Edward W.


11/8/1970  :Longest field goal in NFL history (Tom Dempsey, 63 yards).

11/8/1978  :Norman Rockwell, US artist and illustrator, died.

11/8/1979  :Discovery of 15th moon orbiting Saturn announced.

11/8/1982  :Fire set by prisoner in a Biloxi, Mississippi jail (28 killed).

11/8/1985  :Halley's Comet spotted.

11/8/1985  :Rubin "Hurricane" Carter's conviction (1966 murder of three)


11/8/1988  :George Bush elected US president.

11/8/1988  :Kingman Brewster died.

11/9       :Independence Day (Cambodia).

11/9       :Remembrance Day (Bahamas).

11/9/1756  :Intercity stage coach service between New York and Philadelphia


11/9/1821  :First pharmacy college opened (Philadelphia College of


11/9/1872  :Boston fire became catastrophic because of the Great Epizootic

           :(equine virus).

11/9/1913  :"Freshwater Fury" storm sank eight ore-carriers (Great Lakes).

11/9/1921  :American Birth Control League formed (Margaret Sanger).

11/9/1927  :Giant Panda discovered (China).

11/9/1928  :Margaret Mead arrived in Ta'u, Samoa.

11/9/1933  :Civil Works Administration established (Franklin Roosevelt).

11/9/1935  :CIO broke away from AFL.

11/9/1938  :Kristallnacht.

11/9/1952  :Chaim Weizmann, Israeli statesman, died.

11/9/1952  :Philip Murray, US labor leader and founder of CIO, died.

11/9/1953  :Dylan Marlais Thomas, Welsh poet and playwright, died.

11/9/1953  :US Supreme Court ruled major league baseball isn't covered by

           :anti-trust laws.

11/9/1955  :National Child Safety Council founded.

11/9/1964  :"Herzog" topped the fiction bestseller list.

11/9/1965  :Blackout of New York, New England, and Eastern Canada (5:16 pm).

11/9/1967  :First issue of "Rolling Stone" published.

11/9/1967  :Saturn V first launched.

11/9/1984  :Vietnam Veterans Memorial ("3 Servicemen") completed.

11/9/1985  :Princess Diana made her first trip to US.

11/9/1985  :Youngest world chess title won (Gary Kasparov, 22).

11/9/1988  :John Mitchell died.

11/9/1989  :The Berlin Wall fell.

11/9/1991  :Norma Nathan, "Boston Herald" gossip columnist, died.

11/9/1991  :Yves Montand, French singer and actor, died.

11/10      :King's Birthday (Bhutan).

11/10/1635 :First English town in Connecticut founded (Saybrook).

11/10/1766 :Queen's College (now Rutgers University) chartered.

11/10/1775 :US Marine Corps established.

11/10/1779 :Joseph Hewes, signer of the US Declaration of Independence, died.

11/10/1785 :William Whipple, American patriot, died.

11/10/1801 :Kentucky outlawed dueling.

11/10/1855 :"Song of Hiawatha" won national acclaim.

11/10/1865 :Captain Henry Wirz, commandant of Andersonville (Georgia) Prison,


11/10/1871 :Henry Morton Stanley found David Livingstone.

11/10/1917 :41 suffragettes arrested near White House.

11/10/1919 :American Legion held its first national convention (Minneapolis).

11/10/1928 :Hirohito enthroned as Emperor of Japan.

11/10/1939 :Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Turkish Republic, died.

11/10/1951 :Direct-dial, US coast-to-coast telephone service began.

11/10/1969 :Sesame Street first aired.

11/10/1970 :Luna 17 (USSR) launched.

11/10/1971 :Elvis Presley performed at the Boston Garden.

11/10/1975 :Ore carrier Edmund Fitzgerald sank (Lake Superior).

11/10/1982 :Leonid Brezhnev, Soviet leader, died.

11/10/1983 :Microsoft Windows introduced.

11/10/1992 :Chuck Conners, actor ("The Rifleman"), died.

11/11      :Bonza Bottler Day.

11/11      :Concordia Day (Saint Maarten, West Indies).

11/11      :Independence of Cartagena (Colombia).

11/11      :Martinmas Goose (Switzerland).

11/11      :National Day (Angola).

11/11      :National Day (Monaco).

11/11      :National Young Reader's Day.

11/11      :Remembrance Day (Canada).

11/11      :Republic Day (Maldives).

11/11      :Saint Martin's Day (Sweden).

11/11      :Veteran's Day (Armistice Day).

11/11/1647 :First American compulsory school law passed (Massachusetts).

11/11/1831 :Nat Turner executed.

11/11/1865 :Mary Edward Walker, first female surgeon in US Army, awarded

           :Medal of Honor (only woman so honored).

11/11/1880 :Lucretia (Coffin) Mott, feminist, died.

11/11/1889 :Washington became 42nd US state.

11/11/1918 :World War I ended.

11/11/1921 :Tomb of the Unknown Soldier dedicated (Warren Harding).

11/11/1925 :Discovery of Cosmic Rays reported.

11/11/1925 :Louis Armstrong began recording his Hot Five recordings.

11/11/1938 :"Kate" Smith introduced "God Bless America."

11/11/1939 :Norman Bethune, Canadian physician, died.

11/11/1945 :Jerome Kern, Broadway composer, died.

11/11/1959 :First episode of "Rocky and His Friends" aired.

11/11/1966 :Gemini 12 (US) launched.

11/11/1975 :Angola gained independence from Portugal.

11/11/1981 :"Extinct" gardner bower bird discovered (New Guinea).

11/11/1982 :STS-5 (US) (Columbia) launched (first commercial space mission).

11/11/1984 :New Orleans World's Fair closed ($100 million in debt).

11/12      :Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day.

11/12      :Prince Charles' Birthday (Fiji).

11/12      :Sun Yat-Sen's birthday observed (China).

11/12/1859 :First flying trapeze act performed in a circus.

11/12/1861 :US first exported oil to Europe.

11/12/1916 :Percival Lowell, US astronomer, died.

11/12/1920 :Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis was named the first baseball


11/12/1927 :Trotsky expelled from communist party leaving Stalin USSR ruler.

11/12/1936 :Oakland Bay Bridge opened.

11/12/1941 :Germany's drive to take Moscow halted.

11/12/1946 :First drive-in bank (The Exchange National Bank of Chicago).

11/12/1948 :Tojo Hideki, Japanese prime minister, sentenced to be hung.

11/12/1951 :Lerner and Loewe's "Paint Your Wagon" opened on Broadway.

11/12/1954 :Ellis Island closed.

11/12/1967 :Detriot Lions fumbled a record 11 times.

11/12/1970 :Lt. William Calley's court-martial opened.

11/12/1980 :Voyager 1 (US) made closest approach to Saturn.

11/12/1981 :Polio virus developed from artificial material (MIT).

11/12/1981 :STS-2 (a.k.a. Columbia) (US), first flown twice, launched.

11/12/1982 :Yuri Andropov became general secretary of the Soviet Communist


11/12/1990 :Eve Arden, actress, died.

11/13/1749 :Academy formed which eventually became University of Pennsylvania.

11/13/1789 :B. Franklin wrote "In this world nothing is certain but death and


11/13/1839 :Liberty Party formed.

11/13/1868 :Gioacchino Antonio Rossini, operatic composer, died.

11/13/1869 :First intercollegiate football.

11/13/1915 :"The Rainbow" by D.H. Lawrence judged obscene.

11/13/1927 :First underwater tunnel for vehicles opened (Holland Tunnel).

11/13/1933 :First "sit-down" strike staged (Hormel Packing Co., Austin,


11/13/1940 :Willys Motor Co. tested the first Jeep.

11/13/1956 :Segregation on interstate buses ruled unconstitutional.

11/13/1967 :First black mayor of a US city elected (Carl Stokes, Cleveland).

11/13/1971 :Mariner 9 (US) became the first spacecraft to orbit Mars.

11/13/1973 :Senate approved construction of the Alaska pipeline.

11/13/1974 :Karen Silkwood died in an auto crash.

11/13/1981 :First trans-Pacific balloon flight completed (Double Eagle V).

11/13/1982 :Vietnam War memorial dedicated in Washington, DC.

11/13/1988 :Alysheba, richest racehorse ever, retired to stud.

11/14      :Children's Day (India).

11/14      :King Hussein's Birthday (Jordan).

11/14      :National Moms and Dads Day.

11/14      :Operating Room Nurse Day.

11/14      :Re-adjustment Movement's Day (Guinea-Bissau).

11/14/1666 :First blood transfusion.

11/14/1782 :John Gilpin's Ride first published ("The Public Advertizer").

11/14/1832 :Charles Carroll, signer of US Declaration of Independence, died.

11/14/1832 :First horse-drawn street car used (New York, capacity 30


11/14/1851 :"Moby Dick" published.

11/14/1881 :Charles J. Guiteau went on trial for assassinating US president


11/14/1887 :Research Lab invented (Thomas Edison).

11/14/1910 :First airplane took off from a US naval cruiser.

11/14/1915 :Booker Taliaferro Washington, educator-author, died.

11/14/1935 :Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed the Philippine islands a free


11/14/1940 :Coventry, England bombed by the Germans.

11/14/1959 :Kilauea erupted (Hawaii Island).

11/14/1961 :US advisors in Vietnam increased from 1000 to 1600 over next two


11/14/1969 :Apollo 12 (US) launched.

11/14/1971 :McDonald's Quarter Pounder price was raised from $.53 to $.55 in

           :violation of Nixon's price controls.

11/14/1972 :Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 1000.

11/14/1975 :Spain abandoned the Spanish Sahara.

11/14/1982 :Lech Walesa freed.

11/14/1984 :Ariel Sharon began a $50 mil. libel suit against Time Inc. (he


11/14/1985 :Colombian volcano erupted (25,000 killed).

11/14/1990 :Malcolm Muggeridge, British writer, died.

11/15      :American Enterprise Day.

11/15      :Dynasty Day (Belgium).

11/15      :Republic Day (Brazil).

11/15      :Shichi-Go-San (Japan).

11/15      :Thatlouang Festival (Laos).

11/15/1492 :First recorded reference to tobacco made (Christopher Columbus).

11/15/1630 :Johannes Kepler, German astronomer and mathematician, died.

11/15/1777 :"Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union" adopted by

           :Continental Congress.

11/15/1794 :John Witherspoon, signer of the US Declaration of Independence,


11/15/1806 :Pike's Peak sighted (Zebulon Pike).

11/15/1864 :Sherman burned Atlanta.

11/15/1881 :American Federation of Labor formed.

11/15/1889 :Brazil became a republic.

11/15/1896 :Niagara Falls power plant started up.

11/15/1904 :Razor with disposable blades patented (King Camp Gillette).

11/15/1916 :Luis Munoz-Rivera, Puerto Rican patriot, died.

11/15/1920 :League of Nations met for the first time.

11/15/1926 :NBC made its debut with 24 radio stations.

11/15/1950 :First black professional hockey player signed (Arthur Dorrington).

11/15/1952 :NBA record 13 players foul out in one game (Baltimore vs.


11/15/1954 :Lionel Barrymore (Lionel Blythe), actor, died.

11/15/1969 :250,000 marched in Washington to protest Vietnam war.

11/15/1978 :Margaret Mead, anthropologist, died.

11/15/1980 :First papal visit to West Germany in 200 years.

11/15/1982 :1980 US draft registration law declared invalid.

11/15/1983 :Equal Rights Amendment failed in US House of Representatives.

11/15/1988 :Buran (USSR), first Soviet reusable space plane flight, launched.

11/15/1989 :Lech Walesa addressed US Congress.

11/16      :Statia and America Day (Saint Eustatius and West Indies).

11/16/-2348:Noah's flood ended.

11/16/1798 :Jefferson's Kentucky Resolutions.

11/16/1821 :William Becknell proved Santa Fe Trail faster.

11/16/1841 :Cork life preserver patented (N.E. Guerin).

11/16/1884 :First major newspaper syndicate formed (Samuel S. McClure).

11/16/1885 :Louis Riel, Canadian patriot, hanged.

11/16/1907 :Oklahoma became the 46th US state.

11/16/1933 :US established diplomatic relations with Russia.

11/16/1957 :Bill Russel set NBA record with 49 rebounds.

11/16/1959 :Rodgers and Hammerstein's "The Sound of Music" opened on Broadway.

11/16/1960 :William Clark Gable, actor, died.

11/16/1963 :Toledo, Ohio newspaper strike began.

11/16/1965 :Venera 3 (USSR), first Venus impact, launched.

11/16/1973 :Skylab 4 (US) launched.

11/16/1982 :National Football League players ended a 57 day strike.

11/16/1984 :Space shuttle Discovery returned to Earth with the first two

           :satellites ever plucked from space.

11/17      :Army Day (Zaire).

11/17      :Homemade Bread Day.

11/17/1558 :Elizabeth I became English Sovereign.

11/17/1734 :John Peter Zenger, colonial printer and journalist, arrested for


11/17/1785 :Church of England organized in New England.

11/17/1800 :US Congress first convened in Washington DC.

11/17/1858 :Denver founded (William Larimer).

11/17/1858 :Robert Owen, founder of New Harmony, Indiana (Utopia), died.

11/17/1869 :Suez Canal formally opened.

11/17/1875 :American Theosophical Society founded.

11/17/1881 :Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions, forerunner of

           :AFL, organized.

11/17/1886 :American Newspaper Publisher Association organized.

11/17/1917 :Auguste Rodin, French sculptor, died.

11/17/1928 :Boston Garden officially opened.

11/17/1966 :46,000 meteoroids fell over Arizona in 20 minutes.

11/17/1968 :Raiders vs. Jets football game cut short by "Heidi" (Raiders

           :score twice in the final minute to come from behind).

11/17/1969 :SALT talks began in Helsinki, Finland.

11/17/1970 :Lunokhod I (USSR) landed on the moon.

11/17/1972 :Society of Philaticians founded.

11/17/1985 :EPA named 403 chemicals potential public dangers in plant


11/17/1989 :Czechoslovak velvet revolution.

11/18      :Army Day (Haiti).

11/18      :Independence Day (Latvia and Morocco).

11/18      :National Holiday (Oman).

11/18/1307 :William Tell shot apple off son's head.

11/18/1477 :"The Sayings of the Philosophers" was published (England).

11/18/1626 :Saint Peter's Basilica was dedicated (Rome).

11/18/1732 :Christopher Pinchbeck, English inventor of zinc and copper alloy

           :that looked like gold, died.

11/18/1803 :Haitians defeated the French at Vertieres.

11/18/1805 :Female Charitable Society organized (Wiscasset, Maine).

11/18/1820 :Palmer reached Antarctica.

11/18/1861 :"The Battle Hymn of the Republic" written (Julia Ward Howe).

11/18/1865 :"The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" by Mark Twain


11/18/1874 :National Women's Christian Temperance Union organized. (11/19?)

11/18/1883 :Local standard time zones established for US.

11/18/1886 :Chester Alan Arthur, 21st US president, died.

11/18/1903 :Panama Canal treaty signed.

11/18/1913 :First airplane loop-the-loop performed (Lincoln Deachey).

11/18/1916 :Amelita Galli-Curci made her US debut.

11/18/1928 :First Mickey Mouse cartoon shown (drawn by Ub Iwerks).

11/18/1933 :Jerome Kern's "Roberta" opened on Broadway.

11/18/1952 :First Hydrogen bomb explosion (Enewetok). (11/6?)

11/18/1959 :"Ben Hur" premiered (New York).

11/18/1963 :Push button telephone service began.

11/18/1965 :Henry Agard Wallace, 33rd US vice president, died.

11/18/1966 :Roman Catholic rule against eating meat on Fridays abandoned by

           :US bishops.

11/18/1972 :Dan Quayle, 44th US vice president, married Marilyn Tucker.

11/19      :Discovery Day (Puerto Rico).

11/19      :Flag Day (Brazil).

11/19      :Garifuna Day (Belize).

11/19      :Have a Bad Day Day.

11/19      :Prince of Wales Birthday (Fiji).

11/19/461  :Saint Hilarus became Pope.

11/19/1828 :Franz Schubert, Austrian composer, died.

11/19/1850 :Magic lantern slides patented (Frederick Langenheim).

11/19/1850 :Richard Mentor Johnson, 9th US vice president, died.

11/19/1863 :Gettysburg Address delivered.

11/19/1874 :National Women's Christian Temperance Union organized. (11/18?)

11/19/1891 :First model train set sold (Goppinzen, Germany).

11/19/1919 :Treaty of Versailles rejected by the US Senate.

11/19/1922 :Marcel Proust, French novelist, died.

11/19/1939 :Cornerstone for the first US presidential library laid (FDR).

11/19/1945 :US Congress asked to create a program of national health


11/19/1954 :First automatic toll collector (Garden State Parkway, New Jersey).

11/19/1959 :Ford Motor Co. discontinued the Edsel.

11/19/1969 :Second manned landing on Moon (Apollo 12, US).

11/19/1977 :First Arab leader to set foot in Israel (Sadat).

11/19/1978 :Jonestown Massacre.

11/19/1985 :Texaco ordered to pay Pennzoil $10.5 billion.

11/19/1988 :Christina Onassis died.

11/20      :African Industrialization Day (UN).

11/20      :Revolution Anniversary (Mexico).

11/20/1272 :Edward I became English Sovereign.

11/20/1780 :Britain declared war on Holland.

11/20/1789 :First state ratified the Bill of Rights (New Jersey).

11/20/1820 :Whaler Essex of Nantucket sunk by sperm whale (eight survived).

11/20/1861 :Pony Express stopped.

11/20/1866 :Bicycle with a rotary crank patented (Pierre Lallemont).

11/20/1877 :First recorded human speech ("Mary Had a Little Lamb," Edison).

11/20/1894 :"Prince Ananias" opened in New York.

11/20/1910 :Tolstoy died.

11/20/1919 :First US municipal airport opened (Tuscon, Arizona).

11/20/1945 :Nuremburg trials began.

11/20/1947 :Princess Elizabeth married Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten.

11/20/1966 :John Kander and Fred Ebb's "Cabaret" opened on Broadway.

11/20/1969 :DDT banned in residential areas.

11/20/1973 :Allan Sherman, songwriter ("Camp Granada"), died.

11/20/1975 :Generalissimo Fransisco Franco died.

11/20/1978 :First newspaper input communications satellite dedicated (Wall

           :Street Journal).

11/20/1980 :Apollo Computer Inc. and Domain system introduced to the public.

11/20/1982 :President Reagan announced US Marines would go to Lebanon.

11/21      :Day of Prayer and Repentance (Federal Republic of Germany).

11/21      :World Hello Day

11/21/1620 :Mayflower compact drafted and signed (Provincetown Harbor).

11/21/1783 :First manned balloon flight (Jean de Rozier and the Marquis


11/21/1789 :North Carolina became the 12th US state.

11/21/1871 :Cigar lighter patented.

11/21/1877 :Phonograph invented ("talking machine" by Thomas A. Edison).

11/21/1881 :Ami Boue, geologist, died.

11/21/1899 :Garret Augustus Hobart, 24th US vice president, died.

11/21/1921 :First licensed educational radio station (WOI - Ames, Iowa).

11/21/1922 :First female US Senator sworn in (Rebecca L. Felton, Georgia).

11/21/1924 :Florence Kling Dewolfe Harding, wife of Warren Harding, died.

11/21/1925 :Harold E. "Red" Grange played his last varsity game (University

           :of Illinois).

11/21/1934 :Cole Porter's "Anything Goes" opened on Broadway.

11/21/1938 :Nazi forces occupied western Czechoslovakia.

11/21/1942 :First submarine built on the Great Lakes accepted ("Peto").

11/21/1963 :Robert Stroud (a.k.a. Bird Man of Alcatraz) died.

11/21/1964 :Verrazano Narrows Bridge opened.

11/21/1973 :Announcement of 18.5 minute gap on Watergate tape.

11/21/1974 :Freedom of Information Act passed.

11/21/1980 :MGM Grand Hotel fire, Las Vegas, Nevada (87 died).

11/21/1984 :National Football League resumed play after two month strike.

11/21/1990 :First blind person to hike the entire Appalachian Trail (Bill


11/22      :Anniversary of Portuguese Aggression (Guinea).

11/22      :Independence Day (Lebanon).

11/22/1718 :Edward Teach ("Blackbeard"), killed.

11/22/1875 :Henry Wilson, 18th US vice president, died.

11/22/1896 :George Washington Gale Ferris, inventor of the Ferris wheel, died.

11/22/1900 :Sir Arthur S. Sullivan, English composer, died.

11/22/1902 :Walter Reed, US Army physician (known for yellow fever work),


11/22/1904 :Electric motor patented (M. Pfatischer).

11/22/1906 :SOS radio distress signal adopted.

11/22/1916 :Jack London, novelist, died.

11/22/1927 :George and Ira Gershwin's "Funny Face" opened on Broadway.

11/22/1930 :First US football game broadcast in England (Yale vs. Harvard).

11/22/1935 :Commercial air service across the Pacific ocean began (China


11/22/1950 :Fort Wayne Pistons beat Minneapolis Lakers 19-18.

11/22/1950 :Long Island Railroad train wreck (79 killed).

11/22/1961 :Bob Pettit set an NBA record hitting 19 of 19 free throws.

11/22/1963 :Aldous Huxley, English novelist ("Brave New World"), died.

11/22/1963 :C.S. Lewis, British author, died.

11/22/1963 :John F. Kennedy, 35th US president, killed (12:30 pm CST).

11/22/1963 :New York Stock Exchange dropped $15 million.

11/22/1965 :Mitch Leigh and Joe Darion's "Man of La Mancha" opened on


11/22/1971 :Elgin Long became first man to fly over both Poles.

11/22/1972 :Ban ended on travel to mainland China after 22 years.

11/22/1977 :Concorde jetliner began flying to New York from London and Paris.

11/22/1986 :Wayne Gretsky scored 500th National Hockey League goal.

11/23      :Labor Thanksgiving Day (Japan).

11/23      :Repudiation Day (Maryland).

11/23/1765 :Frederick County, Maryland repudiated the British Stamp Act.

11/23/1814 :Elbridge Gerry, 5th US vice president, died.

11/23/1874 :"Far From the Madding Crowd" by Thomas Hardy published.

11/23/1890 :Grand Duchy of Luxembourg separated from The Netherlands.

11/23/1903 :US debut of Enrico Caruso (Metropolitan Opera House, New York).

11/23/1919 :First play-by-play description of a football game broadcast

           :(Texas vs. Texas A&M).

11/23/1936 :Life magazine hit the newsstands.

11/23/1938 :Rodgers and Hart's "The Boys from Syracuse" opened on Broadway.

11/23/1945 :World War II rationing ended on all foods except sugar.

11/23/1948 :Zoom lens patented (F.G. Back).

11/23/1954 :China announced 11 US airmen and two civilians convicted of


11/23/1959 :Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick's "Fiorello!" opened on Broadway.

11/23/1963 :"Dr. Who" premiered (England).

11/23/1980 :Earthquake hit Naples, Italy (4,800 killed).

11/23/1985 :Arab gunmen seized an Egyptian jetliner (60 killed).

11/23/1990 :Roald Dahl, author ("Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"), died.

11/24      :New Regime Anniversary (Zaire).

11/24/1863 :Battle of Chattanooga (Tennessee).

11/24/1863 :First national Thanksgiving celebration.

11/24/1865 :Black Codes passed in Mississippi.

11/24/1869 :American Women Suffrage Association organized.

11/24/1871 :National Rifle Association incorporated.

11/24/1874 :Barbed wire patented (Joseph Glidden).

11/24/1889 :First jukebox installed (San Francisco).

11/24/1904 :First gallery to exhibit photography as fine art opened (291 -

           :New York).

11/24/1950 :Frank Loesser's "Guys and Dolls" opened on Broadway.

11/24/1963 :Lee Harvey Oswald killed by Jack Ruby.

11/24/1969 :Hershey stopped selling the nickel chocolate bar.

11/24/1971 :D.B. Cooper hijacking.

11/24/1979 :US government reported US troops exposed to Agent Orange.

11/24/1980 :George Raft, actor, died.

11/25      :Independence Day (Suriname).

11/25/1611 :Orion Nebula discovered (Nicholas Peiresc).

11/25/1758 :Fort Duquesne captured and renamed Pittsburgh.

11/25/1783 :Treaty ending the Revolutionary War signed.

11/25/1795 :Benjamin Henry Latrobe, US's first professional architect, left

           :England for US.

11/25/1864 :Booth brothers (John Wilkes, Edwin, and Junius) appeared together

           :on stage.

11/25/1867 :Alfred Nobel invented dynamite.

11/25/1867 :Johann Strauss, Jr wrote "On the Beautiful Blue Danube."

11/25/1869 :"Buffalo Bill, the King of the Border Men" serialized.

11/25/1884 :Evaporated milk patented (J.B. Myenberg).

11/25/1885 :Thomas Andrews Hendricks, 21st US vice president, died.

11/25/1895 :The first automobile race in America took place.

11/25/1912 :American College of Surgeons incorporated (Springfield, Illinois).

11/25/1915 :KKK revived in Atlanta.

11/25/1919 :Charles Stillwell, inventor of the grocery bag, died.

11/25/1949 :Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, "The King of Tap Dancers," died.

11/25/1952 :"The Mousetrap" opened (London).

11/25/1957 :Diego Rivera, Mexican painter, died.

11/25/1963 :John F. Kennedy buried.

11/25/1968 :Upton (Beall) Sinclair, novelist ("The Jungle"), died.

11/25/1969 :Germ warfare stockpiles ordered destroyed.

11/25/1970 :Yukio Mishima, Japanese novelist, commited ritual suicide.

11/25/1971 :D.B. Cooper parachuted from a 727 in Washington with hijacking


11/25/1973 :Presidential order requiring a national 55 miles per hour speed


11/25/1976 :O.J. Simpson gained 273 yards for Buffalo Bills vs. Detroit Lions.

11/26/1789 :First Thanksgiving Day declared (George Washington).

11/26/1807 :Oliver Ellsworth, third chief justice of the US Supreme Court,


11/26/1832 :First streetcar railway started public service (New York, 12.5


11/26/1865 :"Alice in Wonderland" published.

11/26/1883 :Sojourner Truth, American abolitionist, died.

11/26/1916 :Battle of Verdun ended. (7/11?)

11/26/1925 :Ford roadsters cost $260.

11/26/1940 :Nazis forced 500,000 Jews into a ghetto surrounded by an 8 foot


11/26/1941 :Japanese carrier force left its bases and headed for Pearl Harbor.

11/26/1942 :"Casablanca" opened.

11/26/1950 :China entered the Korean War.

11/26/1952 :Sven Anders Hedin, Swedish explorer and scientist, died.

11/26/1963 :Amelita Galli-Curci, Italian operatic soprano, died.

11/26/1965 :Third country to launch its own satellite (France).

11/26/1968 :Cream's farewell concert.

11/26/1969 :US Draft lottery established.

11/26/1973 :Albert DeSalvo, "The Boston Strangler", stabbed to death.

11/27/1095 :First Crusade preached (Pope Urban II).

11/27/1759 :Rev. Francis Gastrell indicted for cutting down a tree planted by


11/27/1826 :Friction match invented (England).

11/27/1873 :Hoosac Railroad Tunnel completed (Northwester Massachusetts).

11/27/1895 :Alexandre Dumas (Dumas Fils), French novelist, died.

11/27/1895 :Alfred Nobel established Nobel Prize.

11/27/1898 :Portland gale, Cape Cod.

11/27/1901 :First Army War College authorized.

11/27/1912 :Albanian National Flag adopted.

11/27/1912 :Parcel post postage-due one-cent stamp issued.

11/27/1930 :Kellogg received the Nobel Prize.

11/27/1943 :Lloyd Bentsen, Texas Senator, married Beryl Longino.

11/27/1945 :General George Marshall named Truman's special representative to


11/27/1953 :Eugene Gladstone O'Neill, US playwright, died.

11/27/1966 :Washington Redskins and New York Giants scored 113 points.

11/27/1970 :Assassination attempt against Pope Paul VI (Manila).

11/27/1971 :Mars 2 (USSR) entered Mars orbit.

11/27/1980 :Soyuz T-3 (USSR) launched.

11/28      :Independence Day (Albania and Mauritania).

11/28      :Independence from Spain (Panama).

11/28      :Proclamation of the Republic (Chad).

11/28/1520 :Ferdinand Magellan entered the Pacific Ocean.

11/28/1659 :Syrtis Major (on Mars) first spotted (Christiaan Huygens).

11/28/1859 :Washington Irving, writer ("Rip Van Winkle"), died.

11/28/1867 :Proclamation of the Republic of Chad.

11/28/1895 :First US auto race (Chicago to Evanston and back) (winner average

           :seven miles per hour).

11/28/1919 :First female member of British Parliament (Lady Nancy Astor).

11/28/1922 :First skywriting message ("Hello USA").

11/28/1942 :Coconut Grove Fire (Boston - 487 killed).

11/28/1943 :Stalin, FDR, and Churchill met in Teheran.

11/28/1958 :US fired an ICBM at full range for first time.

11/28/1960 :Mauritania attained sovereignty.

11/28/1963 :Cape Canaveral renamed Cape Kennedy.

11/28/1964 :Mariner 4 (US) launched.

11/28/1983 :STS-9 (US) launched (first person to use a ham radio from space).

11/28/1988 :Picasso's "Acrobat" sold for $38.45 million.

11/28/1990 :UN passed a resolution to force Iraq from Kuwait.

11/29      :Goodwill Day (Liberia).

11/29      :International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (UN).

11/29      :National Day (Albania and Burma).

11/29      :National Holiday (Yugoslavia).

11/29/1484 :Convention of Spanish Inquisitors.

11/29/1775 :Committee on Secret Correspondence (became US State Department)


11/29/1780 :First black preacher licensed by a white church (Lemuel Haynes).

11/29/1864 :Sand Creek Massacre (Colorado).

11/29/1877 :Thomas Edison demonstrated the hand-cranked phonograph.

11/29/1890 :First Army-Navy football game (Navy 24, Army 0).

11/29/1922 :King Tut's tomb opened.

11/29/1924 :Giacomo Puccini, Italian opera composer, died.

11/29/1929 :Lt. Commander Richard Byrd and crew flew across South Pole.

11/29/1932 :Electric bridge table patented (L. Hammond).

11/29/1932 :Cole Porter's "Gay Divorce" opened on Broadway.

11/29/1947 :UN called for the partitioning of Palestine between Arabs and


11/29/1951 :First underground atomic bomb explosion (Frenchman Flat, Nevada).

11/29/1956 :Jule Styne's "Bells are Ringing" opened on Broadway.

11/29/1961 :Mercury 5 (US) launched (included chimpanzee).

11/29/1963 :DC-8F crashed on takeoff from Montreal (118 killed).

11/29/1963 :Warren Commission appointed.

11/29/1975 :Kilauea Volcano erupted (Hawaii).

11/29/1981 :Natalie Wood, actress, died.

11/29/1986 :Cary Grant, actor, died.

11/29/1989 :Czechoslovakia ended communist rule.

11/29/1991 :Ralph Bellamy, actor, died.

11/30      :Bonifacio Day (Philippines).

11/30      :Independence Day (Barbados and Yemen Democratic Republic).

11/30      :National Day (People's Republic of Benin).

11/30      :Stay Home Because You're Well Day.

11/30      :Youth Day (Upper Volta).

11/30/1694 :Marcello Malpighi, father of microscopic anatomy, died.

11/30/1731 :Series of earthquakes hit China (>100,000 estimated killed).

11/30/1782 :Provisional peace treaty between America and Britain signed.

11/30/1804 :First impeachment proceedings began against a US Supreme Court

           :Justice (Samuel Chase).

11/30/1900 :Oscar (Fingal O'Flahertie Wills) Wilde, Irish poet and

           :playwright, died.

11/30/1922 :James Robert Mann, author of the "White Slavery Act," died.

11/30/1926 :Sigmund Romberg's "The Desert Song" opened on Broadway.

11/30/1930 :Mary Harris (Mother) Jones, American Labor Leader, died.

11/30/1939 :Russo-Finnish War began.

11/30/1957 :Beniamino Gigli, Italian tenor, died.

11/30/1966 :Barbados granted independence.

11/30/1977 :Prize first offered for man-powered flight across the English

           :Channel (Henry Kremer).

11/30/1987 :James Baldwin, author, died.

11/30/1988 :RJR Nabisco bought for $25 billion.

11/30/1990 :Larry Bird, basketball player, scored his 20,000th point.