3:Humorists are Artists Month

3:Mental Retardation Month

3:Music in our Schools Month

3:National Frozen Food Month

3:National Nutrition Month

3:National Peanut Month

3:National Poison Prevention Month

3:National Professional Social Work Month

3:National "Talk With Your Teen About Sex" Month

3:National Welding Month

3:National Women's History Month

3:Philatelic Literature Month

3:Poetry Month

3:Red Cross Month

3:Youth Art Month

#: Events depending on weekdays

M(3/7) :Pulaski Day (Illinois) (first Monday).

T(3/7) :Town Meeting Day (Vermont) (first Tuesday).

F(3/7) :World Day of Prayer (first Friday).

S(3/7) :Iditarod race begins (first Saturday).

U(3/7) :Horton Bay (Michigan) Winter Olympics (first Sunday).

U(3/7) :Vasaloppet (Sweden) (first Sunday).

M(3/14):Commonwealth Day (Canada and UK) (second Monday).

T(3/21):Diabetes Awareness Day (third Tuesday).

T(3/28):National Organize Your Home-Office Day (fourth Tuesday).

M(3/31):Seward's Day (last Monday).

U(3/31):Daylight Savings Time Begins (Europe) (last Sunday).

#: Normal events

3/1      :Chalandra Marz (Switzerland).

3/1      :National Pig Day.

3/1      :Samiljol or Independence Day (Korea).

3/1      :Whuppity Scoorie (Scotland).

3/1/589  :Saint David died.

3/1/1692 :Sarah Goode, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba arrested for witchcraft   :(Salem, Massachusetts).

3/1/1780 :Pennsylvania became the first state to abolish slavery.

3/1/1781 :Articles of Confederation adopted by the American colonies.

3/1/1790 :First US national census authorized.

3/1/1803:Ohio became 17th US state.

3/1/1864 :First black woman to receive MD (Rebecca Lee, Boston, :Massachusetts).

3/1/1864 :Surprise Union raid on Richmond, Virginia (failed).

3/1/1867 :Nebraska became the 37th US state.

3/1/1872 :Yellowstone National Park established.

3/1/1888 :Golden Dawn officially established.

3/1/1896 :Radioactivity discovered (Henri Becquerel).

3/1/1910 :Avalanche, Wellington, Washington.

3/1/1919 :Korean independence movement against Japanese colonial rule.

3/1/1932 :Charles A. Lindbergh Jr kidnapped.

3/1/1949 :Joe Louis retired as world heavyweight champion.

3/1/1960 :First 'Family Circus' cartoon.

3/1/1961 :US Peace Corps formed.

3/1/1964 :First NPL (later PL/I) report published.

3/1/1966 :Venera 3 (USSR), became the first spacecraft to impact Venus.

3/1/1968 :Seat belts became mandatory on US cars.

3/1/1979 :Stephen Sondheim's "Sweeney Todd" opened on Broadway.

3/2      :Peanut Butter Lover's Day.

3/2      :Peasants Day (Burma).

3/2      :Procession of Senhor Dos Passos (Portugal).

3/2      :Texas Independence Day (Texas).

3/2      :Victory of Adowa (Ethiopia).

3/2/1642 :US Convict Labor Law enacted.

3/2/1789 :Law prohibiting theatrical performances repealed (Pennsylvania).

3/2/1797 :Horace Walpole, author ("The Castle of Otranto"), died.

3/2/1829 :First school for educating the blind founded (New England Asylum

         :for the Blind - John Dix).

3/2/1833 :US Force Act signed (allowed use of Army and Navy to enforce


3/2/1836 :Texas proclaimed its independence from Mexico.

3/2/1840 :H.W. Olbers, German amateur astronomer, died.

3/2/1865 :Battle of Waynesborough (Virginia).

3/2/1867 :US Bureau of Education established.

3/2/1887 :US Hatch Act (set up agricultural research stations) passed.

3/2/1917 :Jones Act passed (US citizenship granted to Puerto Ricans).

3/2/1930 :David Herbert Lawrence, author ("Lady Chatterley's Lover"), died.

3/2/1939 :Howard Carter, excavator of King Tut's tomb, died.

3/2/1939 :Pope Pius XII (Eugenio Maria Giovanni Pacelli), 260th pope,


3/2/1943 :Battle of the Bismarck Sea began.

3/2/1945 :US 9th Army reached the Rhine River.

3/2/1949 :First nonstop around-the-world flight (Captain James Gallagher,

         :94 hours).

3/2/1962 :Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a basketball game.

3/2/1969 :First test flight for 001 (prototype for the Concorde, Toulouse,


3/2/1972 :Pioneer 10 (US) probe launched.

3/2/1978 :Soyuz 28 (USSR) launched.

3/2/1987 :Randolph Scott, actor, died.

3/3      :Anniversary of the Throne (Morocco).

3/3      :Bonza Bottler Day.

3/3      :Bursting Day (Iceland)

3/3      :Doll Festival (Hinamatsuri) (Japan).

3/3      :Liberation Day (Bulgaria).

3/3      :Martyr's Day (Malawi).

3/3      :Throne Day (Morocco).

3/3/1820 :Missouri Compromise became law.

3/3/1842 :Factory workers under 12 years old restricted to a 10 hour work

         :day in Massachusetts.

3/3/1845 :Florida became the 27th US state.

3/3/1849 :The Home Department, forerunner of US Interior Department


3/3/1855 :$30,000 appropriated for Egyptian camels for US Army.

3/3/1871 :Indian Appropriation Act (Indians wards of US government) passed.

3/3/1873 :Comstock Act (no pornography in US Mail) passed.

3/3/1875 :Carmen premiered.

3/3/1875 :First organized hockey match (Montreal).

3/3/1875 :First recorded use of a flat puck in a hockey game.

3/3/1879 :First female lawyer heard by the US Supreme Court (Belva Ann

         :Bennett Lockwood).

3/3/1885 :US Post Office began special delivery of first-class mail.

3/3/1918 :Germany, Austria, and Russia signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

3/3/1923 :First issue of "Time" magazine published.

3/3/1927 :First US Federal Prohibition Bureau authorized.

3/3/1931 :"The Star-Spangled Banner" became the national anthem of the US.

3/3/1966 :Buffalo Springfield formed.

3/3/1969 :Apollo 9 (US) launched.

3/3/1974 :A Turkish jetliner crashed near Paris (345 killed).

3/3/1981 :US Supreme Court ruled that programs can't be patented but manual

         :processes relying on them can.

3/3/1983 :Apollo Computer, Inc became a publicly held company.

3/3/1983 :Arthur Koestler, novelist ("Darkness at Noon"), and wife died.

3/3/1985 :British coal miners ended a year long strike.

3/3/1986 :US Presidential Commission on Organized Crime called for

         :drug-testing of all federal employees.

3/3/1987 :Danny Kaye, comedian, died.

3/4      :Old Inauguration Day (1789 - 1933)

3/4/1461 :Edward IV became English Sovereign.

3/4/1519 :Cortez landed in Mexico.

3/4/1634 :First tavern in Boston opened (Samuel Cole).

3/4/1681 :King Charles II granted William Penn charter for Pennsylvania.

3/4/1774 :First recorded observation of the Orion Nebula (William Herschel).

3/4/1789 :First meeting of US Congress (New York).

3/4/1789 :US Constitution became effective.

3/4/1791 :Vermont became the 14th US state.

3/4/1801 :First US president inaugurated in Washington DC (Thomas


3/4/1825 :Raphael Peale, American painter, died.

3/4/1837 :Chicago granted a city charter.

3/4/1840 :First commercial photography studio opened (New York).

3/4/1842 :James Forten, abolishionist, died.

3/4/1849 :David R. Atchison was US president for this day.

3/4/1852 :Nikolai Vasilevich Gogol, Russian author, died.

3/4/1858 :Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry, explorer, died.

3/4/1861 :The Stars and Bars flag design adopted by the Confederacy.

3/4/1866 :Norman Lockyer began spectroscopic observations of the sun.

3/4/1872 :First issue of the Boston Globe published.

3/4/1881 :James Garfield became the first US president to use a telephone.

3/4/1897 :Kaiser Wilhelm Degross, German luxury liner launched.

3/4/1902 :American Automobile Association formed.

3/4/1917 :First woman member of US Congress sworn in (Jeanette Rankin from


3/4/1933 :First female US cabinet member (Frances Perkins).

3/4/1933 :FDR said "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.".

3/4/1943 :Battle of the Bismarck Sea ended.

3/4/1952 :Ronald Wilson Reagan married Nancy Davis.

3/4/1958 :First submarine reached North Pole - passing under the ice cap


3/4/1968 :Ogo 5 (US) launched.

3/4/1979 :Jupiter's ring discovered by Voyager 1 (US).

3/4/1982 :"Police Squad" premiered on ABC.

3/4/1984 :Television Academy Hall of Fame formed.

3/4/1986 :Ding Ling, Chinese writer and champion of women's rights, died.

3/4/1987 :Ronald Reagan admitted swapping arms to Iran for hostages.

3/4/1994 :John Candy, comedian, died.

3/5      :Crispus Attucks Day (New Jersey).

3/5      :Independence Day (Equitorial Guinea).

3/5/-1953:Chinese calendar starting point (according to Kevin Pang and John


3/5/1616 :Francis Beaumont, English playwright, died.

3/5/1766 :Don Antonio de Ulloa arrived in New Orleans and took possession

         :of the Louisiana Territory from the French.

3/5/1770 :Boston Massacre (5 killed, 6 injured).

3/5/1815 :Friedrich Anton Mesmer, German physician and hypnotist, died.

3/5/1868 :Court of Impeachment organized to decide charges against US

         :President A. Johnson.

3/5/1923 :First US old age pension laws passed (Montana and Nevada).

3/5/1933 :Banks ordered closed for a ten-day "bank holiday."

3/5/1933 :The Nazi party won a majority of seats in parliamentary elections.

3/5/1936 :Spitfire first flown.

3/5/1946 :Winston Churchill gave his famous "Iron Curtain" speech.

3/5/1950 :Edgar Lee Masters, poet and novelist ("Spoon River Anthology"),


3/5/1953 :Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin's death announced.

3/5/1960 :Elvis Presley received his US Army discharge.

3/5/1963 :Patsy Cline killed.

3/5/1975 :First meeting of the Homebrew Computer Club.

3/5/1977 :First US presidential radio phone-in broadcast (Carter).

3/5/1979 :"Another World" became the first 90 minute soap opera.

3/5/1979 :Voyager 1 (US) made closest approach to Jupiter.

3/5/1980 :Jay "Tonto" Silverheels died.

3/5/1982 :John Belushi, comedian, found dead.

3/5/1984 :Standard Oil Company of California (Chevron) bought Gulf Corp

         :($13 billion).

3/6      :Chikyu Setsu, Empress' Birthday (Japan).

3/6      :Discovery Day or Magellan Day (Guam).

3/6      :Independence Day (Ghana).

3/6      :Stoneware Pottery Appreciation Day.

3/6/1521 :Guam discovered.

3/6/1809 :Thomas Heyward, American Revolutionary soldier, died.

3/6/1831 :Edgar Allen Poe was expelled from West Point.

3/6/1836 :David Crockett, frontiersman, died.

3/6/1836 :Mexican forces captured the Alamo (200 killed).

3/6/1853 :"La Traviata" first performed (Venice, Italy).

3/6/1857 :Dred Scott decision handed down.

3/6/1888 :Louisa May Alcott, author ("Little Women"), died.

3/6/1896 :First car drove through Detroit (Charles Brady King).

3/6/1912 :Oreos first marketed.

3/6/1932 :John Philip Sousa, composer and band conductor, died.

3/6/1933 :A nationwide US bank holiday declared by FDR went into effect.

3/6/1941 :Gutzon Borglum, Mt. Rushmore sculptor, died.

3/6/1944 :US bombers staged a daylight raid against Berlin.

3/6/1947 :First person water skied barefoot (Dick Pope Jr).

3/6/1957 :Ghana received independence from Great Britain.

3/6/1964 :Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali.

3/6/1973 :Pearl Sydenstricker Buck, writer, died.

3/6/1981 :State Supreme Court upheld California schools teaching evolution.

3/6/1981 :Walter Cronkite delivered his last newscast.

3/6/1982 :Ayn Rand, novelist ("The Fountainhead"), died.

3/6/1986 :Georgia O'Keeffe, artist, died.

3/6/1986 :Vega 1 (USSR) made first flyby of Comet Halley.

3/7/-322 :Aristotle died. (10/2?)

3/7/1638 :Anne Hutchinson left Massachusetts after being excommunicated.

3/7/1825 :First US treaty with a South American country (Colombia).

3/7/1850 :D. Webster's great speech.

3/7/1876 :Alexander Graham Bell granted telephone patent.

3/7/1896 :Last Gilbert and Sullivan opera produced.

3/7/1926 :First successful trans-Atlantic radio-telelephone conversation

         :(New York to London).

3/7/1932 :3000 men rioted at the Ford Motor Company.

3/7/1936 :Adolf Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Pact

         :by marching his troops into the Rhineland.

3/7/1945 :US troops crossed the Rhine River at Remagen.

3/7/1969 :Apollo 9 lunar module test-flown while in earth orbit.

3/7/1975 :Filibuster rule in the US Senate altered from 2/3 to 60 Senators.

3/7/1984 :William Wilson confirmed as first US ambassador to the Vatican in

         :117 years.

3/7/1985 :Victor W. Farris, inventor of paper milk carton, died.

3/8      :International Women's Day (started 1909).

3/8      :Syrian Arab Republic Revolution Day.

3/8      :Town Meeting Day (New Hampshire)

3/8      :Youth Day (Zambia).

3/8/1481 :Translation of "The Mirror of the World" completed (William


3/8/1618 :Johann Kepler discovered third Law of Planetary Motion.

3/8/1702 :Anne became English Sovereign.

3/8/1702 :King William III died following a riding accident.

3/8/1854 :Commodore Matthew Perry made his second landing in Japan.

3/8/1855 :First train crossed suspension bridge at Niagara Falls.

3/8/1858 :Street letter box patented (Albert Potts).

3/8/1862 :Battle of Pea Ridge (Arkansas).

3/8/1863 :Colonel John Mosby captured Union General E.H. Stoughton.

3/8/1874 :Millard Fillmore, 13th US president, died.

3/8/1887 :Henry Ward Beecher, clergyman, died.

3/8/1887 :Telescoping steel fishing rod patented.

3/8/1894 :First dog-licensing law enacted in US.

3/8/1917 :US Senate adopted cloture rule (to limit filibusters).

3/8/1921 :French troops occupied Dusseldorf.

3/8/1930 :William Howard Taft, 27th US president, died.

3/8/1935 :"Roberta," with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, released.

3/8/1939 :Georgia ratified the Bill of Rights.

3/8/1941 :Sherwood Anderson, US author ("Winesburg Ohio"), died.

3/8/1942 :Japanese captured Rangoon, Burma.

3/8/1961 :First US submarine to use Holy Loch, Scotland naval base (Patrick


3/8/1963 :Syrian Revolutionary National Council assumed power.

3/8/1965 :4000 Marines landed in South Vietnam.

3/8/1971 :"The Fight of the Century" (Joe Frazier beat Muhammad Ali).

3/8/1973 :Ron "Pigpen" McKernan died.

3/8/1976 :"Meltdown" first used ("Time").

3/8/1986 :Suisei (Japan) made flyby of Comet Halley.

3/9      :Baron Bliss Day (Belize).

3/9      :Decoration Day (Liberia).

3/9      :Falgun Purnima Day (Nepal).

3/9      :Panic Day.

3/9/1796 :Napoleon Bonaparte married Josephine de Beauharnais.

3/9/1822 :First patent for false teeth (C. Graham).

3/9/1858 :Mail box patented.

3/9/1862 :First battle between two ironclad battleships (USS Monitor and


3/9/1863 :Ulysses Simpson Grant appointed commander-in-chief of Union


3/9/1907 :John Alexander Dowie, evangelist, died.

3/9/1916 :General Francisco "Pancho" Villa invaded the US (17 killed).

3/9/1947 :Carrie Lane Chapman Catt, US women's rights leader, died.

3/9/1961 :Sputnik 9 (Russia) launched.

3/9/1964 :First Ford Mustang rolled off the assembly line.

3/9/1967 :Svetlana Alliluyeva, Josef Stalin's daughter, defected to the US.

3/9/1968 :"GOTO Considered Harmful" published in CACM.

3/9/1979 :Voyager 1 (US) returned evidence of volcanism on Io.

3/9/1983 :Anne Burford resigned as head of the US EPA.

3/9/1986 :Vega 2 (USSR) made flyby of Comet Halley.

3/9/1988 :Richard C. Adams, inventor of the paint roller, died.

3/9/1989 :Eastern Airlines filed for banktuptcy.

3/9/1989 :Robert Mapplethorpe, photographer, died.

3/9/1992 :Menachem Begin, former Israeli Prime Minister, died.

3/10     :Labor Day (South Korea).

3/10     :Riku gun Kenenbi, Japanese Army Commemoration Day (Japan).

3/10/-515:Re-building of the great Jewish temple in Jerusalem completed.

3/10/1785:Thomas Jefferson appointed minister to France.

3/10/1789:Franklin College founded. (1787?)

3/10/1848:Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo (ended war with Mexico).

3/10/1862:First US paper money issued.

3/10/1864:Ulysses S. Grant assumed command of Union army.

3/10/1876:Alexander Graham Bell spoke the first words over the telephone.

3/10/1880:Salvation Army began work in US.

3/10/1892:Arthur Honegger, composer.

3/10/1909:Home for Aged Pioneers established (Prescott, Arizona).

3/10/1913:Harriet Tubman, US abolitionist, died.

3/10/1929:"The Canary Murder Case," the first Philo Vance film was released.

3/10/1944:Irvin S. Cobb, US writer and humorist, died.

3/10/1948:Zelda Fitzgerald, widow of F. Scott Fitzgerald, died.

3/10/1950:Sugar Pops introduced.

3/10/1969:James Earl Ray pleaded guilty to the murder of Dr. Martin Luther

         :King and was sentenced to 99 years.

3/10/1977:Rings of Uranus discovered.

3/10/1980:Dr. Herman Tarnower, "Scarsdale Diet" author, killed.

3/10/1982:"Jupiter Effect" (semi-alignment of all planets on same side of


3/10/1985:Konstantin U. Chernenko, Soviet Premier, died.

3/10/1987:Vatican condemned human artificial fertilization.

3/10/1988:Glenn Clarence Cunningham, US track athlete ("Kansas Ironman"),


3/11     :Human Services Day.

3/11     :Independence Day (Lithuania).

3/11/1818:"Frankenstein," by Mary Shelley, published.

3/11/1847:John Chapman (a.k.a. Johnny Appleseed), frontier nurseryman, died.

3/11/1892:First publicly played basketball game.

3/11/1913:John Shaw Billings, American librarian and army Doctor, died.

3/11/1918:Save the Redwoods League founded.

3/11/1927:First rear projection motion picture theater built (New York).

3/11/1930:First president buried in National Cemetary in Arlington,

         :Virginia (Taft).

3/11/1941:Lend-Lease Bill was approved.

3/11/1955:Sir Alexander Fleming, Scottish discoverer of penicillin, died.

3/11/1959:Hawaii became the 50th US state.

3/11/1966:Talmadge Hayer, Thomas 15X Johnson, and Norman 3X Butler

         :convicted of killing Malcolm X.

3/11/1970:Earle Stanley Gardner, US mystery writer (Perry Mason series),


3/11/1985:Mikhail Gorbachev named Soviet leader.

3/11/1986:Sakigake (Japan) made flyby of Comet Halley.

3/11/1988:Discovery of 599 carat (raw) perfect blue-white diamond announced.

3/11/1990:Lithuania declared its independence from the Soviet Union.

3/12     :Commonwealth Day (Swaziland).

3/12     :Independence Day (Mauritius).

3/12     :Moshoeshoe's Day (Lesotho).

3/12     :National Holiday (Gabon).

3/12/1877:First US department store opened (Wanamaker's, Philadelphia).

3/12/1877:First German-born became a US cabinet member (Carl Schurz).

3/12/1888:Blizzard of '88 began (40" snow (New York) - 400 killed).

3/12/1894:Coca Cola first sold in bottles.

3/12/1912:First Girl Scout troop formed (Savannah, Georgia by Juliette

         :Gordon Low).

3/12/1914:George Westinghouse, US inventor, died.

3/12/1925:Sun Yat-Sen, leader of China's 1911 revolution, died.

3/12/1930:Mahatma Gandhi began his campaign of civil disobedience.

3/12/1932:Ivar Kreuger, Swedish Match King, shot himself.

3/12/1933:President Roosevelt gave his First "fireside chat."

3/12/1939:Pope Pius XII crowned.

3/12/1947:"Truman Doctrine" outlined.

3/12/1954:Each of four bridge players dealt a perfect hand (Cranston, Rhode


3/12/1955:Charlie Parker, jazz saxophonist, died.

3/12/1957:Parents without Partners founded.

3/12/1963:Swan Anderson, inventor of The Eskimo Pie, died.

3/12/1968:Mauritius attained independent nationhood.

3/12/1969:Levi started selling bell-bottom style jeans.

3/12/1969:Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman.

3/12/1981:Soyuz T-4 (USSR) launched.

3/12/1985:Eugene Ormandy, conductor, died.

3/13     :Good Samaritan Involvement Day.

3/13     :National Holiday (Grenada).

3/13/1639:Harvard University was named for clergyman John Harvard.

3/13/1781:Uranus discovered (William Herschel). (3/31?)

3/13/1852:Uncle Sam debuted as a cartoon character ("New York Lantern.")

3/13/1868:Impeachment proceedings began against President Andrew Johnson.

3/13/1877:Earmuffs patented (Chester Greenwood).

3/13/1884:Standard time was adopted throughout the US.

3/13/1885:Titian Ramsey Peale, American artist and naturalist, died.

3/13/1894:"Striptease" introduced (Paris).

3/13/1901:Benjamin Harrison, 23rd US president, died.

3/13/1906:Susan Brownell Anthony, feminist pioneer, died.

3/13/1907:New York stockmarket crash.

3/13/1919:"Axeman of New Orleans" promised to pass over all homes playing


3/13/1923:Phonofilm device (made movies with sound) demonstrated (Lee De


3/13/1925:Tennessee outlawed teaching of the theory of evolution.

3/13/1930:Discovery of Pluto announced.

3/13/1933:R.T.A. Innes, astronomer, died.

3/13/1938:Clarence Seward Darrow, lawyer, died.

3/13/1943:Stephen Vincent Benet, poet ("John Brown's Body"), died.

3/13/1947:Lerner and Loewe's "Brigadoon" opened on Broadway.

3/13/1963:Filling of Lake Powell commenced.

3/13/1964:Catherine (Kitty) Genovese killed while 38 neighbors watched.

3/13/1968:Oil discovered in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

3/13/1969:Apollo 9 splashed down in the Atlantic.

3/13/1986:Giotto (ESA) made flyby of Comet Halley.

3/13/1989:Space shuttle Discovery launched.

3/14/1314:Jacques DeMolay was burned at the stake.

3/14/1471:Sir Thomas Malory, English author ("Le Morte d'Arthur"), died.

3/14/1493:First letter descriptive of America dispatched.

3/14/1681:Land (now named Pennsylvania) granted to William Penn.

3/14/1743:First recorded American town meeting (Faneuil Hall, Boston).

3/14/1794:Cotton gin (removes seeds) patented (Eli Whitney).

3/14/1812:First US War Bonds authorized.

3/14/1862:New Berne (North Carolina) captured by Union troops.

3/14/1874:Leonard Andrew Grimes, abolitionist, died.

3/14/1883:Karl Marx, German socialist, died.

3/14/1888:Great New England blizzard ended.

3/14/1891:International Copyright Act approved.

3/14/1900:Gold standard adopted.

3/14/1907:Teddy Roosevelt excluded Japanese laborers from continental US.

3/14/1918:Lucretia Rudolph Garfield, wife of James Abram, died.

3/14/1923:First US president to file a tax return (Harding).

3/14/1939:Nazi troops occupied Czechoslovakia.

3/14/1947:Bases in the Philippines leased to the US for 99 years.

3/14/1960:LISP introduced.

3/14/1964:Jack Ruby convicted of killing Lee Harvey Oswald.

3/14/1971:The Rolling Stones left England for France to escape taxes.

3/14/1976:Busby Berkeley, film choreographer, died.

3/15     :Andrew Jackson Day (Tennessee).

3/15     :Turkey buzzards return to Hinckley, Ohio.

3/15     :Ides of March.

3/15     :J.J. Robert's Birthday (Liberia).

3/15     :Salmon Arm Sonnet Contest (Canada).

3/15/-44 :Julius Caesar assassinated.

3/15/1493:Columbus returned to Spain after his first voyage to the New


3/15/1649:John Milton appointed Secretary of Foreign Tongues by Oliver

         :Cromwell's Commonwealth government.

3/15/1781:Battle of Guilford Court House, North Carolina.

3/15/1820:Maine became 20th US state.

3/15/1848:Hungarian revolution.

3/15/1869:Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first openly professional

         :baseball club.

3/15/1875:First US cardinal (John McCloskey) invested.

3/15/1913:First open US presidential news conference held (Wilson).

3/15/1919:American Legion founded.

3/15/1931:Thomas E. Dewey was sworn in as assistant US attorney in New York.

3/15/1937:H(oward) P(hillips) Lovecraft, horror writer, died.

3/15/1956:"My Fair Lady" opened (New York).

3/15/1960:First federal underseas park established (Key Largo, Florida).

3/15/1964:Periodic comet Schwassmann-Wachmann brightened by six magnitudes.

3/15/1966:Watts, Los Angeles, riots (two dead, 25 injured).

3/15/1968:WBCN radio (Boston) first went on the air.

3/15/1975:Aristotle Socrates Onassis died.

3/15/1983:Rebecca West (Cicely Isabel Fairfield), English author, died.

3/15/1985:Civilian government installed in Brazil.

3/16     :Curlew Day (Umatilla, Oregon).

3/16/1521:Magellan sighted the Philippines.

3/16/1802:Military Academy at West Point authorized by Congress.

3/16/1807:Sir Hyde Parker, British fleet commander, died.

3/16/1827:First black newspaper in US ("Freedom's Journal") founded.

3/16/1830:Slowest trading day on the New York Stock Exchange (31 shares).

3/16/1838:Nathaniel Bowditch, US mathematician and astronomer, died.

3/16/1850:Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter" published.

3/16/1868:Impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson ended in acquittal.

3/16/1883:First woman pharmacist graduated (Susan Hayhurst).

3/16/1898:Aubrey Beardsley, English illustrator, died.

3/16/1926:First liquid fuel powered rocket flight (Robert H. Goddard).

3/16/1939:Czechoslovakia occupied by Germany.

3/16/1940:Selma Lagerlof, Swedish author, died.

3/16/1943:"Cabin B-13" first broadcast.

3/16/1950:Gypsy Rose Lee was the mystery guest on "What's My Line?".

3/16/1966:Gemini 8 (US), first docking of orbiting spacecraft, launched.

3/16/1968:My Lai massacre (300 civilians killed).

3/16/1978:First of two Panama Canal pacts approved by the US Senate.

3/16/1984:William Buckley kidnapped in Beirut.

3/17     :Camp Fire Founders Day.

3/17     :Evacuation Day (Boston and Suffolk County, Massachusetts).

3/17     :National Day (Ireland).

3/17/1725:Mercury, Venus, and Mars visible in the same telescopic field of


3/17/1764:George Parker, English astronomer, died.

3/17/1776:Continental Army forced British troops to evacuate Boston.

3/17/1811:First workable sidewheel steamboat (The New Orleans) launched.

3/17/1845:Rubber band patented.

3/17/1846:F.W. Bessel, German astronomer, died.

3/17/1871:National Association of Professional Baseball Players formed.

3/17/1905:Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt married.

3/17/1945:The battle for the island of Iwo Jima ended.

3/17/1958:Vanguard I (US), first solar powered satellite, launched.

3/17/1963:First US-born saint beatified (Mother Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton).

3/17/1975:Doctors' first strike (demanding 40 hour work-week) (New York).

3/17/1989:Discovery (US) landed (Edwards Air Force Base).

3/18     :Flag Day (Aruba).

3/18     :Peanut Festival (Wilmington, North Carolina).

3/18/1692:William Penn deprived of his governing powers.

3/18/1768:Laurence Sterne, author, died.

3/18/1813:Rebecca Boone, wife of Daniel Boone, died.

3/18/1865:Congress of Confederate States adjourned for the the last time.

3/18/1909:First ham radio broadcast (Einar Dessau, Denmark).

3/18/1922:Mahatma Gandhi sentenced to six years in prison for civil


3/18/1931:First electric shaver for sale (Shick).

3/18/1937:Natural Gas explosion at a public school (New London, Texas - 410


3/18/1947:William Crapo Durant, General Motors founder, died.

3/18/1965:Voskhod 2 (USSR), first space walk, launched.

3/18/1966:A paper dress from Scott Paper became available for $1.

3/18/1970:First strike of US postal employees (New York).

3/18/1970:Prince Norodom Sihanouk, Cambodian statesman, overthrown.

3/18/1986:Bernard Malamud, author ("The Fixer"), died.

3/19     :Canberra Day (Australia).

3/19     :Father's Day (Spain).

3/19     :Jerusalem Faire (Berkeley, California).

3/19     :Kite Festival (Lorton, Virginia).

3/19     :Swallows return to San Juan Capistrano.

3/19     :Tree Planting Day (Lesotho).

3/19/-721:First recorded eclipse (lunar, according to Ptolemy).

3/19/1831:First recorded US bank robbery (City Bank, New York - $245,000).

3/19/1907:Thomas Bailey Aldrich, American author and editor, died.

3/19/1917:Adamson Act ruled constitutional (eight hour work day on


3/19/1918:Standard Time modified to create Daylight Savings Time.

3/19/1920:Versailles Treaty rejected by US Senate.

3/19/1927:Ruth Brown Snyder and Henry Judd Gray carry out the "Dumbbell


3/19/1942:Men between 45 and 64 ordered to register for non-military duty.

3/19/1964:First day of shooting on "Goldfinger."

3/19/1975:First state to ban sex discrimination in athletic events


3/19/1977:Final episode of "Mary Tyler Moore" aired.

3/19/1987:Jim Bakker, TV evangelist, resigned.

3/20     :Great American Meatout.

3/20     :Hola Mohalla (India).

3/20     :Independence Day (Tunisia).

3/20     :Petroleum Day (Iran).

3/20     :Youth Day (Oklahoma).

3/20/1727:Sir Isaac Newton, mathematician and scientist, died.

3/20/1852:"Uncle Tom's Cabin" published.

3/20/1896:US Marines landed in Nicaragua.

3/20/1899:First woman executed by electrocution (M.M. Place, New York).

3/20/1933:Giuseppe (Joe) Zangara electrocuted for assassination attempt on


3/20/1941:Bulldog Drummond debuted on the Mutual radio network.

3/20/1956:France recognized Tunisian autonomy.

3/20/1964:Brendan Behan, Irish playwrite and poet, died.

3/20/1969:John Lennon married Yoko Ono.

3/20/1974:Kidnaping attempt of Princess Anne 150 yards from Buckingham


3/20/1976:Patty Hearst convicted of bank robbery.

3/20/1980:Radio Caroline, original British pirate radio station, sank.

3/20/1986:DJIA closed above 1800 for first time.

3/20/1986:US House of Representatives rejected aid for Nicaraguan Contras.

3/21     :Afghan New Year (Afghanistan).

3/21     :Bird Day (Iowa).

3/21     :Fragrance Day.

3/21     :International Day For The Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

3/21     :Juarez' Birthday (Mexico).

3/21     :Memory Day.

3/21     :National Teenagers Day.

3/21     :Naw-Ruz (New Year) (Persia, now Iran).

3/21     :Shunki Korei Sai, Spring Equinox (Japan).

3/21/1413:Henry V became English Sovereign.

3/21/1543:Copernicus' "De revolutionibus orbium coelestium" published.

3/21/1556:Thomas Cranmer, English clergyman, burnt at the stake.

3/21/1621:Final group of passengers departed the Mayflower.

3/21/1788:Fire in New Orleans (800 buildings destroyed).

3/21/1790:Thomas Jefferson became first US Secretary of State.

3/21/1791:First US naval officer commissioned (Hopley Yeaton).

3/21/1868:First US professional club for women (Sorosis, New York) founded.

3/21/1871:Henry Morton Stanley started search for David Livingston.

3/21/1891:Hatfield-McCoy feud ended (with a marriage in Kentucky).

3/21/1916:First chess champion to play more than 100 games simultaneously

         :(F.J. Marshall).

3/21/1918:Battle of the Somme.

3/21/1924:First US mutual fund set up (Massachusetts Investors Trust,


3/21/1945:Allied planes dropped more than 12,000 tons of explosives on

         :Germany during a daytime raid.

3/21/1946:UN set up teporary headquarters at Hunter College (New York).

3/21/1947:Amendment limiting US presidents to two terms or ten years


3/21/1949:Samuel Sidney McClure, Irish-American newspaper editor, died.

3/21/1961:US first sent military advisors into Laos.

3/21/1965:3,000 demonstrators began a march from Selma to Montgomery


3/21/1966:"Fanny Hill" ruled not obscene by the US Supreme Court.

3/21/1969:Richard Nixon played "The Missouri Waltz" for Harry Truman.

3/21/1972:US Supreme Court ruled one year residency requirement for voting


3/21/1979:Egyptian Parliament unanimously approved a peace treaty with


3/21/1984:US aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk hit a Soviet sub in the Sea of


3/22     :Abolition Day (Puerto Rico).

3/22     :Arab League Day (Jordan).

3/22     :National Goof-off Day.

3/22/1621:Massasoit and Pilgrims agreed on league of friendship.

3/22/1622:First Indian massacre (led by Powhatan's brother).

3/22/1687:Jean Baptiste Lully, musician and composer, died.

3/22/1765:Stamp Act passed by British Parliament.

3/22/1791:Slave trading with other nations forbidden by US Congress.

3/22/1820:Stephen Decatur, Naval officer, killed in a duel by James Barron.

3/22/1832:Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet, novelist and dramatist,


3/22/1841:Cornstarch patented (Orlando Jones).

3/22/1872:First women's equal opportunity legislation enacted (Illinois).

3/22/1893:First women's basketball game.

3/22/1921:E.W. Hornung, creator of A.J. Raffles, died.

3/22/1941:Grand Coulee Dam began producing electric power.

3/22/1947:Loyalty investigations of all US federal employees first required.

3/22/1960:Laser patented (Arthur L. Schawlow and Charles H. Townes).

3/22/1968:General Creighton Abrams took over as commander of US troops in


3/22/1972:Senate approved Equal Rights Amendment.

3/22/1974:Ten Years After played their last concert.

3/22/1981:Soyuz 39 (USSR) launched.

3/22/1982:STS-3 (US), third shuttle test flight, launched.

3/22/1994:Walter Lantz, creator of "Woody Woodpecker," died.

3/23     :Otago and Southland Provincial Anniversary (New Zealand).

3/23     :Republic Day (Pakistan).

3/23     :World Meteorological Day.

3/23/1713:Tuscarora Indian War ended.

3/23/1743:"Messiah" first performed (London).

3/23/1775:Patrick Henry said "... give me liberty or give me death!".

3/23/1842:Stendhal (pseudonym for Marie Henri Beyle), French author ("The

         :Red and the Black"), died.

3/23/1862:Battle of Kernstown (Virginia).

3/23/1880:Rolling flour mill patented (John Stevens).

3/23/1888:Morrison R. Waite, US Supreme Court Justice, died.

3/23/1918:Dada manifesto.

3/23/1936:UAW dropped notices of a union meeting on a Ford plant.

3/23/1940:All-India-Muslim league adopted a Muslim homeland resolution.

3/23/1942:Japanese-Americans moved to relocation camps.

3/23/1952:"Dial M for Murder" began as a BBC-TV drama.

3/23/1956:Pakistan declared itself a republic.

3/23/1957:Last US Army homing pigeons sold off.

3/23/1964:Peter Lorre (Laszlo Lowenstein), actor, died.

3/23/1965:Gemini 3 (US), first man in space twice, launched.

3/23/1969:Rally for Decency (Miami).

3/23/1970:South African team was barred from the Davis Cup.

3/23/1983:Barney C. Clark, first recipient of a permanent artificial heart,


3/23/1989:Huge asteroid missed Earth by 500,000 miles.

3/23/1989:B. Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann announced they had

         :achieved nuclear fusion at room temperature.

3/24/1603:James I became English Sovereign.

3/24/1603:Queen Elizabeth I died.

3/24/1661:Last Quaker executed in Boston (William Leddra).

3/24/1765:Quartering Act (colonists to board British soldiers) enacted.

3/24/1773:Philip Dormer Stanhope, fourth Earl of Chesterfield and

         :statesman, died.

3/24/1788:Rhode Island voters rejected the US Constitution.

3/24/1882:Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, poet, died.

3/24/1882:Robert Koch announced the discovery of the cause of tuberculosis.

3/24/1898:First US automobile sold.

3/24/1900:Construction of the New York subway system began.

3/24/1905:Jules Verne, French Science Fiction writer ("Around the World in

         :80 Days"), died.

3/24/1909:John Millington Synge, Irish dramatist and poet, died.

3/24/1934:US granted the Philippine Islands independance effective 7/4/1946.

3/24/1944:"The Great Escape."

3/24/1949:"Hamlet" won an Academy Award for "Best Picture."

3/24/1955:"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" opened on Broadway.

3/24/1958:Elvis Presley inducted in the US Army.

3/24/1962:Auguste Piccard, Swiss deep sea explorer and balloonist, died.

3/24/1965:Viola Liuzzo, civil rights worker, killed.

3/24/1976:Isabel Peron, Argentine president, arrested.

3/24/1980:Oscar Romero, Salvadoran Archbishop, assassinated.

3/24/1989:Exxon tanker "Valdez" struck a reef in Alaska.

3/24/1990:Dr. An Wang, founder of Wang Laboratories, died.

3/25     :Global Understanding Day.

3/25     :Independence Day (Greece).

3/25     :Maryland Day (Maryland).

3/25     :Pecan Day.

3/25/1634:Mass celebrated for first time in US.

3/25/1634:Territory now called "Maryland" established (Leonard and George


3/25/1655:Titan (Saturn's moon) discovered (Christian Huygens).

3/25/1668:First recorded horse race in America.

3/25/1775:Pecan trees planted at Mt. Vernon by George Washington.

3/25/1821:Greece became independent from Turkey.

3/25/1857:First solar eclipse photograph (F. Langenheim, Philadelphia).

3/25/1894:Jacob S. Coxey and 100 others began marching to Washington (from


3/25/1911:Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire (New York, 147 killed).

3/25/1916:Ishi died.

3/25/1918:(Achille) Claude Debussy, French composer, died.

3/25/1944:British flier fell 18,000 feet without parachute (broke ankle).

3/25/1954:RCA began producing color TV sets.

3/25/1973:Edward Steichen, US photographer, died.

3/25/1975:King Faisal assassinated.

3/25/1982:Goodman Ace, TV writer, actor, columnist, and humorist, died.

3/25/1984:Mauna Loa erupted.

3/25/1988:James Howard, Representative from New Jersey, died.

3/25/1988:Robert Joffrey, founder of The Joffrey ballet, died.

3/26     :Birthday of Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy (Taiwan).

3/26     :Independence Day (Bangladesh).

3/26     :Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.

3/26     :Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day. (Hawaii)

3/26     :Varfrudagen ("Lady Day") (Sweden).

3/26/1649:John Winthrop, governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, died.

3/26/1790:US Naturalization Act passed.

3/26/1814:Joseph Ignace Guillotin, French physician and promoter of the

         :guillotine, died.

3/26/1827:Ludwig Van Beethoven, German composer, died.

3/26/1859:"Vulcan" (a "rogue asteroid") sighted near Mercury.

3/26/1892:Walt Whitman, US poet, died.

3/26/1902:Cecil John Rhodes, South African millionaire, died.

3/26/1916:Robert Stroud, Birdman of Alcatraz, stabbed a guard.

3/26/1923:Sarah Bernhardt, French actress, died.

3/26/1937:Popeye statue unveiled, Crystal City (Texas) Spinach Festival.

3/26/1953:Salk Polio vaccine announced.

3/26/1959:Raymond Chandler, American author, died.

3/26/1960:"Welcome Back Elvis" aired.

3/26/1964:Jule Styne's "Funny Girl" opened on Broadway.

3/26/1973:Sir Noel Coward, British actor and writer, died.

3/26/1975:Hue, South Vietnam fell to the North Vietnamese army.

3/26/1981:"Truth in Testing" made a nationwide policy (SAT answers given

         :after test).

3/27     :Armed Forces Day (Burma).

3/27     :National "Joe" Day (those not liking their name may be "Joe" or

         :"Joanne" today).

3/27     :Osweiler (Luxembourg).

3/27/1513:Florida sighted, named, and claimed for the king of Spain (Ponce

         :de Leon).

3/27/1625:Charles I became English Sovereign.

3/27/1794:US Congress authorized building the first six ships of the

         :Federal Navy.

3/27/1841:First steam fire engine tested (New York).

3/27/1911:First Exchange Club founded (Detroit).

3/27/1929:First telephone installed in the White House.

3/27/1931:(Enoch) Arnold Bennett, English novelist and playwright, died.

3/27/1942:US military members were granted free mailing privileges.

3/27/1955:First US coast to coast color TV broadcast.

3/27/1958:Nikita Khrushchev became Soviet premier.

3/27/1964:Alaskan earthquake (8.4 on Richter scale - 117 killed).

3/27/1968:Yuri Alexseyevich Gagarin, cosmonaut and first man in space, died.

3/27/1972:"Funky Winkerbean" (comic strip) began.

3/27/1972:Venera 8 (USSR), landed on Venus, launched.

3/27/1977:Two Boeing 747's collided (Canary Islands - 577 killed).

3/27/1979:US Supreme Court ruled it unlawful to stop motorists unless there

         :was reason to believe a law had been broken.

3/27/1980:Alexander L. Keilland Oil Rig capsized (North Sea).

3/27/1980:Mt. St. Helens erupted.

3/27/1981:First Apollo Domain system shipped (Harvard University).

3/27/1986:Senate approved aid for Nicaragua's Contra rebels.

3/27/1990:US began test broadcasts of TV Marti to Cuba.

3/28     :Teacher's Day (Czechoslovakia).

3/28/193 :Pertinax, Roman emperor, assassinated.

3/28/1797:Patent for the first washing machine awarded (Nathaniel Briggs).

3/28/1802:Pallas (asteroid) discovered (Olbers).

3/28/1807:Vesta (asteroid) discovered. (3/29?)

3/28/1852:Louis Braille, teacher of the blind, died.

3/28/1854:Britain and France declared war on Russia.

3/28/1862:Battle of Glorietta Pass (New Mexico).

3/28/1881:P.T. Barnum became partners with James A. Bailey.

3/28/1895:Boston subway construction began.

3/28/1921:Earliest "ice-out" at Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.

3/28/1930:Constantinople and Angora changed names to Istanbul and Ankara.

3/28/1937:Karol Szymanowski, Polish composer, died.

3/28/1939:Madrid surrendered to Francisco Franco (ending Spanish Civil War).

3/28/1941:Virginia Woolf, British writer, died.

3/28/1943:Sergei Rachmaninoff, composer, died.

3/28/1944:Stephen Leacock, Canadian economist and humorist, died.

3/28/1953:James Francis Thorpe, Olympic athlete, died.

3/28/1958:William Christopher Handy, composer and "Father of the Blues,"


3/28/1966:"The Avengers" first came to US prime time.

3/28/1968:Yuri Gagarin, first man in space, died. (3/27?)

3/28/1969:Dwight David Eisenhower, 34th US president, died.

3/28/1970:Digital Equipment Corporation announced PDP-11.

3/28/1978:First bilingual congressional committee report issued.

3/28/1979:Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident.

3/28/1983:Mt. Kilauea (Hawaii) erupted.

3/28/1983:NOAA 8 (US), search and rescue satellite, launched.

3/28/1984:36 tornadoes in Carolinas.

3/28/1985:Marc Chagall, French painter, died.

3/28/1987:Maria von Trapp died.

3/29     :Commemoration Day (Madagascar).

3/29     :Youth Day (Taiwan).

3/29/1638:Swedish settled Christiana (Wilmington) Delaware.

3/29/1708:John Partridge death hoax.

3/29/1772:Emanuel Swedenborg, Swedish scientist and philosopher, died.

3/29/1807:Vesta (asteriod at Bremen) discovered (Olbers). (3/28?)

3/29/1812:First wedding at the White House (Mrs. Lucy Payne Washington

         :(sister-in-law to James Madison) and Thomas Dodd, Supreme Court


3/29/1882:First Knights of Columbus charter granted (Connecticut).

3/29/1886:Coca-Cola introduced.

3/29/1921:John Burroughs, American naturalist and author, died.

3/29/1932:Jack Benny's radio debut.

3/29/1947:Madagascar rebelled against French colonization.

3/29/1951:Rodgers and Hammerstein's "The King and I" opened on Broadway.

3/29/1961:23rd Amendment to the US Constitution (DC residents vote)


3/29/1970:Vera Brittain, writer ("Testament of Youth"), died.

3/29/1971:Lt. William Calley found guilty of the murder of 22 civilians in


3/29/1973:Last US troops left South Vietnam.

3/29/1974:Mariner 10 (US) made first flyby of Mercury.

3/29/1979:Committee on Assassinations released its report that JFK shooting

         :was a conspiracy.

3/29/1980:Annunzio Paolo Mantovani, conductor, died.

3/29/1982:Mexico's El Chinchon volcano erupted.

3/29/1989:Michael Milken, junk bond king, indicted on securities fraud.

3/30     :Doctor's Day.

3/30/1791:Construction began on the Knoxville Road.

3/30/1840:George Bryan "Beau" Brummell, British fashion plate, died.

3/30/1842:Ether first used as anaesthetic (Dr. Crawford W. Long).

3/30/1853:Abigail Powers Fillmore, first wife of Millard Fillmore, died.

3/30/1858:Pencil with eraser patented (H.L. Lipman).

3/30/1867:US purchased Alaska from Russia ($7.2 million).

3/30/1870:15th Amendment to the US Constitution (giving blacks the right to

         :vote) became law.

3/30/1909:First double-deck bridge opened to traffic (Queensboro Bridge,


3/30/1923:First passenger ship circumnavigated the world (Laconia).

3/30/1956:Edmund Clerihew Bentley, creator of Philip Trent, died.

3/30/1956:"Forbidden Planet" opened.

3/30/1961:P.J. Melotte, astronomer, died.

3/30/1962:Principal photography concluded on "Dr. No."

3/30/1975:Da Nang fell to North Vietnamese forces.

3/30/1981:President Ronald Reagan shot by John Hinckley Jr.

3/30/1983:Larry Bird scored 53 points vs. Indiana Pacers.

3/30/1986:James F. Cagney, actor, died.

3/30/1986:John Ciardi, US poet and critic, died.

3/31     :Transfer Day (Virgin Islands).

3/31/1631:John Donne, poet, died.

3/31/1781:Uranus discovered (William Herschel). (3/13?)

3/31/1814:Cottonseed hulling machine patented (John Lineback).

3/31/1837:John Constable, English landscape painter, died.

3/31/1840:Ten hour workday established for US federal public works


3/31/1848:Modern spiritualism is born when the Fox sisters hear rapping.

3/31/1850:John Caldwell Calhoun, first US vice president to resign, died.

3/31/1855:Charlotte Bronte, English novelist, died.

3/31/1870:First black to vote following ratification of the 15th Amendment

         :to US Constitution (Thomas Peterson, Perth Amboy, New Jersey).

3/31/1878:Jack Johnson, first black to hold the heavyweight title.

3/31/1880:First town completely illuminated by electrical lighting (Wabash,


3/31/1889:Eiffel Tower inaugurated.

3/31/1903:Richard Pearse flew in a monoplane.

3/31/1913:John Pierpont Morgan, US industrialist financier, died.

3/31/1917:Virgin Islands bought from Denmark ($25 million). (1/17?)

3/31/1918:Daylight Savings Time first went into operation.

3/31/1923:First US dance marathon (New York).

3/31/1931:Knute Rockne died.

3/31/1932:"V-8" engine unveiled by Ford Motor Co.

3/31/1933:Civilian Conservation Corps authorized.

3/31/1939:"The Hound of the Baskervilles" released.

3/31/1943:"Oklahoma!" opened on Broadway.

3/31/1946:Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation founded (Philadelphia).

3/31/1948:US Marshall Aid Act (rehabilitate Europe) passed.

3/31/1949:Newfoundland became Canada's 10th province.

3/31/1953:Dag Hammarskjold nominated as Secretary-General of UN Security


3/31/1968:Lyndon Johnson announced he wouldn't seek re-election.

3/31/1971:Lt. William Calley sentenced to life imprisonment.

3/31/1976:New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that Karen Anne Quinlan could be

         :disconnected from her respirator.

3/31/1980:James Cleveland "Jesse" Owens, US olympic athlete, died.

3/31/1988:Rioting in London over Britain's "poll tax."

3/31/1991:Warsaw pact formally dissolved.

3/31/1991:USS Missouri decommissioned.