7/1/1633 :Johann H. Heidegger, theologist of reformation.
7/1/1646 :Gottfried Leibnitz, German philosopher.
7/1/1804 :George Sand (Amandine Aurore Lucile (Dupin) Dudevant), French
7/1/1807 :Thomas Green Clemson, mining engineer and agriculturist.
7/1/1853 :Cecil John Rhodes, South African millionaire.
7/1/1872 :Louis Bleriot, French aviator (first to fly the English channel).
7/1/1892 :James M. Cain.
7/1/1899 :Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr, fictional archeologist.
7/1/1908 :Estee Lauder, cosmetics executive.
7/1/1916 :Olivia de Havilland, actress.
7/1/1922 :Jean-Pierre Rampal, musician.
7/1/1925 :Farley Granger, actor.
7/1/1931 :Leslie Caron, actress-dancer.
7/1/1934 :Jamie Farr (Jameel Farah), actor.
7/1/1934 :Jean Marsh, actress.
7/1/1934 :Sydney Pollack, movie director.
7/1/1941 :Twyla Tharp, actor-choreographer.
7/1/1942 :Karen Black, actress.
7/1/1945 :Deborah Harry, rock singer.
7/1/1952 :Dan Aykroyd, actor-comedian.
7/1/1960 :Evelyn "Champagne" King, singer.
7/1/1961 :Carl Lewis, track athlete.
7/1/1961 :Princess Diana, Princess of Wales.
7/2/1489 :Thomas Cranmer, English clergyman.
7/2/1714 :Christoph Willibald Ritters von Gluck, German composer.
7/2/1877 :Herman Hesse, German novelist.
7/2/1903 :King Olav V of Norway.
7/2/1905 :Rene Lacoste, tennis player.
7/2/1908 :Thurgood Marshall, former US Supreme Court Justice.
7/2/1922 :Dan Rowan, comedian.
7/2/1925 :Patrice Lumumba, prime minister of Congo.
7/2/1926 :Medgar Evers, civil rights activist.
7/2/1927 :Brock Peters, actor-singer.
7/2/1929 :Imelda Marcos, former Philipine first lady.
7/2/1937 :Polly Holiday, actress.
7/2/1939 :John H. Sununu, former US White House chief of staff.
7/2/1939 :Michael N. Castle, Delaware Congressman.
7/2/1946 :Ron Silver.
7/2/1947 :Luci Baines Johnson Turpin, daughter of Lyndon Baines Johnson.
7/2/1961 :Jimmy McNichol, actor.
7/2/1964 :Jose Canseco, baseball player.
7/3/1731 :Samuel Huntington, president of Continental Congress.
7/3/1860 :Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
7/3/1871 :William Henry Davies, Welsh poet and writer.
7/3/1878 :George M. Cohan, playwright and songwriter.
7/3/1883 :Franz Kafka, German novelist.
7/3/1900 :John Mason Brown, author.
7/3/1906 :George Sanders, actor.
7/3/1908 :M.F.K. Fisher.
7/3/1909 :Stavros Spyros Niarchos, shipping executive.
7/3/1927 :Ken Russell, movie director.
7/3/1930 :Pete Fountain, musician.
7/3/1937 :Tom Stoppard, playwright.
7/3/1947 :Betty Buckley, actress.
7/3/1951 :Jean-Claude Duvalier, exiled Haitian dictator.
7/3/1952 :Alan Autry.
7/3/1957 :Laura Branigan, singer.
7/3/1959 :Andreas Wisniewski, actor.
7/3/1962 :Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, actor ("Top Gun").
7/4/1804 :Nathaniel Hawthorne, author.
7/4/1826 :Stephen Foster, songwriter (Oh! Susanna").
7/4/1847 :James Bailey, circus operator.
7/4/1872 :Calvin Coolidge, 30th US president.
7/4/1883 :Rube Goldberg, newspaper cartoonist.
7/4/1885 :Louis B. Mayer, film producer.
7/4/1900 :Louis Armstrong, jazz musician.
7/4/1911 :Mitch Miller, conductor.
7/4/1912 :Virginia Graham, TV personality.
7/4/1918 :Abigail Van Buren (Pauline Esther Friedman), advice columnist.
7/4/1918 :Ann Landers (Mrs. Esther Pauline [Friedman] Lederer), advice
7/4/1920 :Leona Helmsley, hotel executive.
7/4/1924 :Eva Marie Saint, actress.
7/4/1927 :Neil Simon, playwright.
7/4/1928 :Gina Lolabrigida, actress.
7/4/1929 :Al Davis, football team executive.
7/4/1930 :George Steinbrenner, New York Yankees owner.
7/4/1943 :Geraldo Rivera, TV reporter.
7/4/1946 :Ron Kovic.
7/4/1957 :Jawann Oldhem, basketball player.
7/4/1962 :Pam Shriver, tennis player.
7/4/1965 :Harvey Grant, basketball player.
7/4/1965 :Horace Junior Grant, basketball player.
7/5/1755 :Sarah Siddons, English actress.
7/5/1781 :Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of Singapore.
7/5/1801 :David Farragut, first US Navy Admiral.
7/5/1810 :Phineas Taylor Barnum, showman.
7/5/1857 :Clara Zetkin, German women's rights advocate.
7/5/1879 :Dwight Davis, founder of the Davis cup tennis tournament.
7/5/1889 :Jean Cocteau, French writer and film director.
7/5/1902 :Henry Cabot Lodge Jr, politician-diplomat.
7/5/1904 :Milburn Stone, actor.
7/5/1924 :Janos Starker, musician.
7/5/1933 :Terence Cooper, Irish actor.
7/5/1934 :Katherine Helmond, actress.
7/5/1937 :Shirley Knight, actress.
7/5/1942 :Eliot Feld, dancer.
7/5/1944 :Robbie Robertson, musician and actor.
7/5/1948 :Julie Nixon Eisenhower.
7/5/1951 :Huey Lewis (Hugh Anthony Cregg III), singer.
7/5/1951 :Richard "Goose" Gossage, baseball player.
7/5/1956 :James Lofton, football player.
7/6/1747 :John Paul Jones, founder of the US Navy.
7/6/1866 :(Helen) Beatrix Potter, author ("The Tale of Peter Rabbit").
7/6/1915 :Laverne Andrews, singer.
7/6/1919 :Dorothy Kirsten, opera singer.
7/6/1922 :William Schallert, actor.
7/6/1923 :Nancy Davis Reagan (Anne Francis Robbins), former US first lady.
7/6/1923 :Wojciech Jaruzelski, Polish army officer and political leader.
7/6/1925 :Bill Haley, rock 'n' roll pioneer.
7/6/1925 :Merv Griffin, TV personality.
7/6/1927 :Janet Leigh, actress.
7/6/1927 :Pat Paulsen, comedian.
7/6/1932 :Della Reese (Deloreese Patricia Early), singer.
7/6/1937 :Ned Beatty, actor.
7/6/1945 :Burt Ward, actor ("Batman").
7/6/1946 :Fred Dryer, football player and actor.
7/6/1946 :Sylvester Stallone, actor.
7/6/1952 :Grant Goodeve, actor.
7/6/1954 :Allyce Beasley, actress.
7/7/1860 :Gustav Mahler, composer.
7/7/1887 :Marc Chagall, painter.
7/7/1899 :George Cukor, film director.
7/7/1906 :Satchel Paige, baseball player.
7/7/1907 :Robert Heinlein, science fiction author.
7/7/1911 :Gian Carlo Menotti, Italian composer.
7/7/1919 :William M. Kuntsler, attorney.
7/7/1922 :Pierre Cardin, French fashion designer.
7/7/1927 :Alan J. Dixon, former Illinois Senator.
7/7/1927 :Doc Severinson, bandleader.
7/7/1928 :Vince Edwards, actor.
7/7/1933 :David McCullough, historian and author.
7/7/1940 :Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey), former Beatle.
7/7/1946 :Joe Spano, actor.
7/7/1949 :Shelley Duvall, actress.
7/7/1958 :Matt Suhey, football player.
7/7/1959 :Jessica Hahn, secretary.
7/7/1960 :Ralph Lee Sampson, basketball player.
7/7/1969 :Cree Summer, actress.
7/8/1621 :La Fontaine.
7/8/1838 :Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, dirigible inventor.
7/8/1839 :John D. Rockefeller, oil magnate.
7/8/1857 :Alfred Binet, French psychologist.
7/8/1908 :Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, former US vice president.
7/8/1913 :Walter Kerr, drama critic.
7/8/1914 :Billy Eckstine, jazz singer.
7/8/1917 :George Wilcken Romney, former Michigan Governor.
7/8/1929 :Shirley Ann Grau.
7/8/1931 :Roone Arledge, president of ABC News and Sports.
7/8/1932 :Jerry Vale, singer.
7/8/1934 :Edward D. Diprete, Rhode Island Governor.
7/8/1935 :Steve Lawrence (Sidney Liebowitz), singer-actor.
7/8/1940 :Gerald L. Baliles, former Virginia Governor.
7/8/1942 :William Philip (Phil) Gramm, Texas Senator.
7/8/1943 :Alyce Faye Wattleton, executive director of Planned Parenthood
:Federation of America.
7/8/1946 :Cynthia Gregory, ballet dancer.
7/8/1948 :Kim Darby, actress.
7/8/1948 :Raffi Cavoukian, children's singer and songwriter.
7/8/1951 :Anjelica Huston, actress.
7/8/1958 :Fred Young.
7/8/1958 :Kevin Bacon, actor.
7/8/1965 :Corey Parker.
7/9/1764 :Ann Ward Radcliffe, English novelist ("The Romance of the
7/9/1819 :Elias Howe, inventor of the sewing machine.
7/9/1879 :Ottorino Respighi, Italian composer.
7/9/1887 :Samuel Eliot Morison, historian.
7/9/1904 :Barbara Cartland, English romance novelist.
7/9/1916 :Edward Heath, former British prime minister.
7/9/1924 :Leonard Pennario, musician and composer.
7/9/1926 :Mathilde Krim, geneticist and philanthropist.
7/9/1927 :Ed Ames, actor-singer.
7/9/1936 :James Hampton, actor.
7/9/1937 :David Hockney, English artist.
7/9/1940 :Brian Dennehy, actor.
7/9/1947 :O.J. Simpson, football player and actor.
7/9/1951 :Angelica Huston, actress. (7/8?)
7/9/1952 :John Tesh, "Entertainment Tonight" host and composer.
7/9/1953 :Margaret Gillis, dancer and choreographer.
7/9/1956 :Jimmy Smits, actor.
7/9/1956 :Tom Hanks, actor.
7/9/1957 :Kelly McGillis, actress.
7/9/1976 :Fred Savage, actor.
7/10/1509:John Calvin, Protestant theologian.
7/10/1792:George Mifflin Dallas, 11th US vice president.
7/10/1834:James Abbott McNeill Whistler, US painter.
7/10/1871:Marcel Proust, French novelist.
7/10/1875:Edmund Clerihew Bentley, journalist and author.
7/10/1875:Mary McLeod Bethune, black educator.
7/10/1882:Ima Hogg, founder of the Houston Symphony.
7/10/1915:Saul Bellow, novelist.
7/10/1920:David Brinkley, TV news anchor and commentator.
7/10/1921:Jake LaMotta, boxer.
7/10/1923:Jean Kerr, author.
7/10/1926:Fred Gwynne, actor.
7/10/1927:David N. Dinkins, New York City Mayor.
7/10/1931:Alice Munro.
7/10/1933:Jerry Herman, Broadway composer.
7/10/1943:Arthur Ashe, tennis star.
7/10/1945:Virginia Wade, tennis player.
7/10/1946:Sue Lyon, actress.
7/10/1947:Arlo Guthrie, singer and composer.
7/10/1954:Andre Dawson, baseball player.
7/10/1960:Roger Timothy Craig, football player.
7/11/1754:Dr. Thomas Bowdler, self-appointed censor.
7/11/1767:John Quincy Adams, 6th US president.
7/11/1899:E.B. White, author ("Charlotte's Web").
7/11/1920:Yul Brynner, actor.
7/11/1925:Nicolai Gedda, opera singer.
7/11/1927:Theodore Maiman, physicist and inventor of the laser.
7/11/1930:Harold Bloom, literary critic.
7/11/1931:Tab Hunter (Arthur Gelien), actor.
7/11/1951:Bonnie Pointer, singer.
7/11/1953:Leon Spinks, boxer.
7/11/1959:Richie Sambora.
7/11/1959:Suzanne Vega, singer.
7/12/-100:Julius Caesar, Roman emperor.
7/12/1730:Josiah Wedgewood, English pottery designer and manufacturer.
7/12/1817:Henry David Thoreau, US writer.
7/12/1849:Sir William Osler, physician and teacher.
7/12/1854:George Eastman, photography pioneer.
7/12/1884:Amedeo Modigliani, Italian painter and sculptor.
7/12/1895:Oscar Hammerstein II, American librettist.
7/12/1895:R. Buckminster Fuller, author-architect and inventor of the
:geodesic dome.
7/12/1904:Pablo Neruda.
7/12/1908:Milton Berle (Milton Berlinger), comedian.
7/12/1917:Andrew Wyeth, US painter.
7/12/1921:Ellen Douglas.
7/12/1922:Mark O. Hatfield, Oregon Senator.
7/12/1925:Roger B. Smith, General Motors Chairman.
7/12/1934:Van Cliburn (Harvey Lavan, Jr), pianist.
7/12/1937:William ("Bill") Henry Cosby Jr, comedian.
7/12/1943:Christine McVie, singer and musician.
7/12/1948:Richard Simmons, TV personality.
7/12/1951:Cheryl Ladd (Cheryl Stoppelmoor), actress.
7/12/1957:Mel Harris, actress.
7/12/1971:Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic gold medal figure skater.
7/13/1587:Doctor John Dee.
7/13/1729:John Parker, captain of the minutemen.
7/13/1821:Nathan Bedford Forrest, Confederate cavalry commander.
7/13/1873:Mary Emma Wooley, American educator.
7/13/1928:Bob Crane, actor ("Hogan's Heroes").
7/13/1933:David Storey, author and playwright.
7/13/1934:Wole Soyinka, author.
7/13/1935:Jack Kemp, former US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
7/13/1940:Patrick Stewart, actor.
7/13/1941:Robert Forster, actor.
7/13/1942:Harrison Ford, actor.
7/13/1942:Roger McGuinn (James Joseph McGuinn), guitarist and singer.
7/13/1944:Erno Rubik, inventor (Rubik's cube).
7/13/1946:Cheech Marin, comedian.
7/13/1954:Louise Mandrell, singer.
7/13/1957:Cameron Crowe.
7/13/1963:Spud (Anthony Jerome) Webb, basketball player.
7/14/1486:Andrea del Sarto, Italian painter.
7/14/1858:Emmeline Pankhurst, suffragette.
7/14/1903:Irving Stone, author.
7/14/1904:Isaac Bashevis Singer, author.
7/14/1912:Woodrow Wilson "Woodie" Guthrie, folk singer.
7/14/1913:Gerald Rudolph Ford (Leslie King), 38th US president.
7/14/1917:Edward Douglas, broadcast journalist.
7/14/1918:Ingmar Bergman, Swedish film director.
7/14/1927:John Chancellor, NBC-TV news broadcaster.
7/14/1930:Polly Bergen, actress and singer.
7/14/1931:Robert Stephens, actor and director.
7/14/1932:Rosey Grier, football player and actor.
7/14/1947:Steve Stone, sportscaster.
7/14/1963:John Dopson, baseball player.
7/14/1970:Missy Gold, actress.
7/15/1573:Inigo Jones, English architect.
7/15/1606:Rembrandt van Rijn, Dutch painter.
7/15/1779:Clement Clarke Moore, US author ("A Visit from St. Nicholas").
7/15/1796:Thomas Bullfinch.
7/15/1850:Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, first US Roman Catholic saint.
7/15/1905:Dorothy Fields, lyricist.
7/15/1919:Iris Murdoch.
7/15/1933:Julian Bream, musician.
7/15/1935:Alex Karras, football player and actor.
7/15/1935:Ken Kercheval, actor.
7/15/1936:George V. Voinovich, Ohio Governor.
7/15/1944:Jan-Michael Vincent, actor.
7/15/1946:Linda Ronstadt, singer.
7/15/1960:Kim Alexis, model.
7/15/1960:Willie Aames, actor.
7/15/1969:Rain Pryor, actress.
7/15/1973:Brian Austin Green, actor.
7/16/1723:Joshua Reynolds, English portrait painter.
7/16/1821:Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the Christian Science church.
7/16/1872:Roald Amundsen, Norwegian polar explorer.
7/16/1888:Percy Kilbride, actor ("Pa Kettle").
7/16/1907:Barbara Stanwyck (Ruby Stevens), actress.
7/16/1907:Orville Redenbacher.
7/16/1911:Ginger Rogers (Virginia Katherine McNath), actress-dancer.
7/16/1915:Barnard Hughes, actor.
7/16/1924:Bess Myerson, former Miss America (1945).
7/16/1928:Anita Brookner.
7/16/1932:Dick Thornburgh, former US Attorney General.
7/16/1934:Katherine D. Ortega, Treasurer of the US.
7/16/1937:Richard H. Bryan, Nevada Governor.
7/16/1942:Margaret Court, tennis player.
7/16/1948:Pinchas Zuckerman, violinist.
7/16/1948:Ruben Blades, singer and composer.
7/16/1952:Stewart Copeland, rock drummer.
7/16/1968:Barry Sanders, football player.
7/16/1971:Corey Feldman, actor.
7/17/1674:Isaac Watts, English clergyman and writer of "O God, Our Help in
:Ages Past."
7/17/1744:Elbridge Gerry, 5th US vice president.
7/17/1763:John Jacob Astor, fur trader and financier.
7/17/1859:Luis Munoz-Rivera, Puerto Rican patriot.
7/17/1889:Erle Stanley Gardner, US mystery writer (Perry Mason series).
7/17/1899:James Francis Cagney, actor.
7/17/1902:Christina Stead, novelist ("The Man Who Loved Children").
7/17/1912:Art Linkletter, TV personality.
7/17/1917:Lou Boudreau, baseball player.
7/17/1917:Phyllis Diller (Phyllis Driver), comedian.
7/17/1920:Juan Antonio Samaranch, chairman of the International Olympic
7/17/1922:Tetsuro Tamba, actor.
7/17/1934:Donald Sutherland, actor.
7/17/1934:Pat McCormick, comedy writer.
7/17/1935:Diahann Carroll (Carol Diahann Johnson), actress-singer.
7/17/1951:Lucy Arnaz, actress.
7/17/1952:David Hasselhoff, actor.
7/17/1952:Nicolette Larson, singer.
7/17/1952:Phoebe Snow, singer.
7/17/1956:Bryan Trottier. (1966?)
7/17/1963:Robert Thomas Thigpen, baseball player.
7/18/1720:Gilbert White, father of British naturalists.
7/18/1811:William Makepeace Thackeray, English novelist ("Vanity Fair").
7/18/1906:Clifford Odets, American playwright.
7/18/1909:Andrei Andreyevich Gromyko, Soviet president.
7/18/1911:Hume Cronyn, actor and director.
7/18/1913:Richard "Red" Skelton, comedian.
7/18/1914:Harriet Hilliard Nelson, actress.
7/18/1918:Nelson Mandela, South African president.
7/18/1921:John Herschel Glenn Jr, astronaut and Ohio Senator.
7/18/1921:Robert MacCrate, president, American Bar Association.
7/18/1929:Dick Button, skating champion and commentator.
7/18/1930:Burt Kwouk, actor.
7/18/1933:Yevegeny Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko, Russian poet.
7/18/1939:Brian Auger.
7/18/1939:Dion Di Mucci, pop singer.
7/18/1939:Hunter S. Thompson, journalist and editor.
7/18/1940:James Brolin, actor.
7/18/1941:Martha Reeves, pop singer.
7/18/1943:Calvin Peete, golfer.
7/18/1954:Ricky Skaggs, country singer.
7/18/1961:Elizabeth McGovern, actress.
7/18/1963:Mike Greenwell, baseball player.
7/19/1814:Samuel Colt, US inventor of automatic firearms.
7/19/1834:Edgar Degas, French painter.
7/19/1860:Lizzie Borden, accused ax murderess.
7/19/1865:Dr. Charles Horace Mayo, co-founder of the Mayo clinic.
7/19/1893:Vladimir Mayakovsky.
7/19/1896:A.J. Cronin, novelist ("The Citadel").
7/19/1922:George Stanley McGovern, politician.
7/19/1924:Pat Hingle, actor.
7/19/1926:Helen Gallagher, actress.
7/19/1935:Philip Agee, former CIA agent.
7/19/1941:Natalya Bessmertnova, Bolshoi prima ballerina.
7/19/1941:Vikki Carr (Florencia Bisenta deCasilla), singer.
7/19/1943:Dennis Cole, actor.
7/19/1945:Edwin Schlossberg.
7/19/1946:Ilie Nastase, tennis star.
7/19/1959:Peter Barton, actor.
7/20/1304:Petrarch, Italian poet.
7/20/1890:Theda Bara, silent film actress.
7/20/1919:Sir Edmund Percival Hillary, first man to conquer Mount Everest.
7/20/1920:Elliot Lee Richardson, US Attorney General for Richard Nixon.
7/20/1929:Mike Ilitch, Detroit Red Wings, Tigers, and Little Caesar's pizza
7/20/1930:Sally Ann Howes, actress-singer.
7/20/1932:Nam June Palk, video artist.
7/20/1933:Chuck Daly, basketball coach.
7/20/1933:Nelson Doubleday, baseball executive.
7/20/1936:Barbara Ann Mikulski, Maryland Senator.
7/20/1938:Diana Rigg, actress.
7/20/1938:Natalie Wood, actress.
7/20/1939:Judy Chicago (Judy Cohen), artist and feminist.
7/20/1946:Kim Carnes, singer.
7/20/1947:Carlos Santana, Latin-rock guitarist.
7/20/1957:Donna Dixon, actress.
7/20/1968:Perry Moore.
7/20/1991:Scout LaRue Willis.
7/21/1860:Chauncey Olcott, songwriter ("My Wild Irish Rose," "When Irish
:Eyes Are Smiling").
7/21/1864:Frances Folsom Cleveland, Wife of Grover Cleveland.
7/21/1881:Johnny Evers, baseball player.
7/21/1899:Ernest Hemingway, author ("The Sun Also Rises").
7/21/1899:Hart Crane, poet.
7/21/1911:(Herbert) Marshall McLuhan, university professor and author.
7/21/1920:Isaac Stern, violinist.
7/21/1922:Kay Starr, country rock singer.
7/21/1924:Don Knotts, actor-comedian.
7/21/1926:Norman Jewison, movie director.
7/21/1933:John Gardner.
7/21/1938:Janet Reno, US Attorney General.
7/21/1938:Les Aspin, former US Secretary of Defense.
7/21/1943:Edward Herrmann, actor.
7/21/1948:Cat Stevens (Stephen Demetri Georgiou, Yosef Islam), singer.
7/21/1952:Robin Williams, actor-comedian.
7/21/1957:Jon Lovitz, comedian.
7/22/1822:Gregor Mendel, Austrian monk (discovered first laws of heredity).
7/22/1844:Rev. William Archibald Spooner, coined phrases like "swell foop."
7/22/1849:Emma Lazarus, poet ("The New Colossus" - on the base of the
:Statue of Liberty).
7/22/1882:Edward Hopper, painter.
7/22/1890:Rose Kennedy, Kennedy family matriarch.
7/22/1893:Karl Menninger, psychiatrist. (7/23?)
7/22/1898:Stephen Vincent Benet, American poet.
7/22/1921:William V. Roth Jr, Delaware Senator.
7/22/1923:Robert J. Dole, Kansas Senator.
7/22/1924:Margaret Whiting, singer.
7/22/1928:Orson Bean (Dallas Frederick Burroughs), actor.
7/22/1932:Jack Schwartzman, film producer.
7/22/1932:Oscar De La Renta, fashion designer.
7/22/1939:Terence Stamp, British actor.
7/22/1940:Alex Trebek, game show host.
7/22/1945:Bobby Sherman, actor-singer.
7/22/1946:James Edgar, Illinois Governor.
7/22/1947:Albert Brooks (Albert Einstein), comedian and actor.
7/22/1947:Don Henley, musician and songwriter.
7/22/1955:Willem Dafoe, actor.
7/23/1816:Charlotte Cushman, actress.
7/23/1863:Samuel Kress, founder of the dime store chain.
7/23/1884:Albert Warner, movie producer ("Warner Brothers").
7/23/1888:Raymond Chandler, detective novelist.
7/23/1892:Haile Selassie, Ethiopian Emperor.
7/23/1893:Karl Menninger, psychiatrist. (7/22?)
7/23/1899:Norman Chandler, newspaper publisher.
7/23/1912:Michael Wilding, actor.
7/23/1915:Vincent Sardi Jr, Broadway restauranteur.
7/23/1918:Pee Wee Reese, baseball player.
7/23/1925:Gloria DeHaven, actress.
7/23/1931:Arata Isozaki, architect.
7/23/1934:Bert Convy, game show host and actor. (6/23?)
7/23/1936:Anthony M. Kennedy, US Supreme Court Justice.
7/23/1936:Don Drysdale, baseball player.
7/23/1950:Belinda Montgomery, actress.
7/23/1951:Edie McClurg, actress.
7/23/1961:Woody Harrelson, actor.
7/23/1968:Gary Dwayne Payton, basketball player.
7/23/1972:Marlon Wayans, actor and comedian.
7/24/1783:Simon Bolivar, South American revolutionary.
7/24/1802:Alexandre Dumas, pere, French novelist ("The Three Musketeers").
7/24/1898:Amelia Earhart, US aviation pioneer.
7/24/1920:Alexander H. Cohen, broadway producer.
7/24/1920:Bella Abzug, feminist and former New York Congresswoman.
7/24/1921:Billy Taylor, musician.
7/24/1935:Pat Oliphant, political cartoonist.
7/24/1936:Mark Goddard, actor ("Lost in Space").
7/24/1936:Ruth Buzzi, comedienne and actress.
7/24/1940:Carroll A. Campbell Jr, South Carolina Governor.
7/24/1942:Chris Sarandon, actor.
7/24/1947:Peter Serkin, musician.
7/24/1947:Robert Hays, actor.
7/24/1948:Marc Racicot, Montana Governor.
7/24/1949:Michael Richards.
7/24/1951:Lynda Carter, actress.
7/24/1958:Joe Barry Carroll, basketball player.
7/24/1958:Pam Tillis.
7/24/1962:Kevin Butler, football player.
7/24/1963:Karl Malone, basketball player.
7/24/1964:Barry Bonds.
7/24/1965:Kadeem Hardison, actor.
7/24/1968:Laura Leighton.
7/25/1775:Anna Symmes Harrison, wife of William Henry Harrison.
7/25/1870:Maxfield Parrish, artist.
7/25/1894:Walter Brennan, actor.
7/25/1905:Elias Canetti, writer.
7/25/1913:Jack Gilford (Jacob Gellman), actor.
7/25/1924:Estelle Getty, actress.
7/25/1927:Midge Decter, journalist.
7/25/1927:Stanley Dancer, harness racer.
7/25/1941:Nate Thurmond, basketball player.
7/25/1943:Janet Margolin, actress.
7/25/1945:Donna Theodore, singer.
7/25/1948:Steve Goodman.
7/25/1954:Walter Payton, football player.
7/25/1962:Douglas Dean Drabek, baseball player.
7/25/1978:First recorded test tube baby (Louise Joy Brown, Oldham, England).
7/25/1990:Evan James Springsteen.
7/26/1739:George Clinton, 4th US vice president.
7/26/1796:George Catlin, painter of American Indian scenes.
7/26/1856:George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright.
7/26/1875:Carl Jung, founder of analytic psychology.
7/26/1894:Aldous Leonard Huxley, English novelist ("Brave New World").
7/26/1895:Robert Graves, poet and novelist ("I, Claudius").
7/26/1902:Gracie Allen (Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen). (1906?)
7/26/1903:Estes Kefauver, Tennessee Senator.
7/26/1912:Vivian Vance, actress.
7/26/1922:Blake Edwards, movie producer.
7/26/1922:Jason Robards Jr, actor.
7/26/1928:Stanley Kubrick, film director ("2001 A Space Odyssey").
7/26/1929:Jean Shepherd, storyteller.
7/26/1943:Mick (Michael Philip) Jagger, rock star.
7/26/1950:Susan George, actress.
7/26/1954:Vitas Gerulaitis, tennis player.
7/26/1956:Dorothy Hamill.
7/26/1962:Jody Reed, baseball player.
7/27/1824:Alexandre Dumas, fils, French novelist.
7/27/1857:Jose Celso Barbosa, Puerto Rican physician and patriot.
7/27/1870:Hilaire Belloc.
7/27/1880:Joe Tinker, baseball player.
7/27/1906:Leo Ernest "the Lip" Durocher, baseball player and manager.
7/27/1916:Keenan Wynn, actor.
7/27/1922:Adolfo Celi, actor.
7/27/1922:Norman Lear, TV producer.
7/27/1924:Vincent Canby, movie reviewer.
7/27/1932:Jerry Van Dyke, actor.
7/27/1937:Don Galloway, actor.
7/27/1939:Irv Cross, sportscaster.
7/27/1944:Bobbie Gentry (Roberta Streeter), singer and songwriter.
7/27/1948:Betty Thomas, actress.
7/27/1948:Peggy Fleming, figure skater.
7/27/1949:Maureen McGovern, singer.
7/28/1746:Thomas Heyward, American Revolutionary soldier.
7/28/1844:Gerard Manley Hopkins.
7/28/1887:Marcel Duchamp, surrealist artist.
7/28/1892:Joe E. Brown, comedian.
7/28/1901:Rudy Vallee (born Hubert Prior Vallee), singer-actor.
7/28/1902:Richard Rodgers, composer ("Oklahoma!", "South Pacific"). (6/28?)
7/28/1902:Sir Karl Raimund Popper, English philosopher.
7/28/1909:Malcolm Lowry, English novelist ("Under the Volcano").
7/28/1922:Jacques Piccard, inventor and explorer.
7/28/1927:John Ashbery.
7/28/1929:Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, former US first lady.
7/28/1931:Darryl Hickman, actor.
7/28/1934:Jacques D'Amboise, ballet dancer-choreographer.
7/28/1937:Peter Duchin, dance band leader.
7/28/1938:Alberto Fujimori, Peru president.
7/28/1943:Bill Bradley, New Jersey Senator.
7/28/1945:Jim Davis, cartoonist ("Garfield").
7/28/1945:Rick Wright, singer and musician.
7/28/1946:Linda Kelsey, actress.
7/28/1948:Georgia Engel, actress.
7/28/1948:Sally Anne Struthers, actress.
7/28/1949:Vida Blue, baseball player.
7/28/1958:Terrence Stanley Fox, ran 3328 miles across Canada for cancer.
7/28/1973:Scott Bloom, actor.
7/29/1805:Alexis de Tocqueville, French historian.
7/29/1861:Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt, first wife of Theodore Roosevelt.
7/29/1869:Booth Tarkington, US novelist.
7/29/1883:Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator.
7/29/1892:William Powell, actor.
7/29/1905:Dag Hammarskjeld, UN Secretary-General.
7/29/1905:Stanley Kunitz.
7/29/1907:Melvin Belli, attorney.
7/29/1918:Mary Lee Settle.
7/29/1923:Richard Egan, actor.
7/29/1930:Paul Taylor, dancer and choreographer.
7/29/1932:Nancy Landon Kassebaum, Kansas Senator.
7/29/1934:Robert Fuller, actor.
7/29/1936:Elizabeth H. Dole, American Red Cross President.
7/29/1938:Peter Jennings, ABC news anchor.
7/29/1941:David Warner, actor.
7/29/1949:Marilyn Tucker Quayle, wife of J. Danforth Quayle.
7/29/1953:Ken Burns, documentary filmmaker.
7/29/1956:Patti Scialfa, singer.
7/29/1956:Michael Spinks, boxer.
7/29/1972:Wil Wheaton, actor.
7/29/1973:Stephen Dorff, actor.
7/30/1818:Emily Bronte, English novelist ("Wuthering Heights").
7/30/1857:Thorstein Veblen, US economist.
7/30/1863:Henry Ford, auto pioneer.
7/30/1889:Casey Stengel, baseball player-manager.
7/30/1889:Vladimir Zworykin, Russian inventor of the iconoscope.
7/30/1898:Henry Moore, English sculptor.
7/30/1929:Chris McGuire, singer ("McGuire Sisters").
7/30/1933:Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, actor.
7/30/1936:Captain John Burton-Hall, QE2 captain.
7/30/1939:Eleanor Marie Cutri Smeal, feminist activist.
7/30/1939:Peter Bogdanovich, film director ("The Last Picture Show").
7/30/1940:Patricia Schroeder, Colorado Congresswoman.
7/30/1941:Paul Anka, singer.
7/30/1947:Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilder-actor.
7/30/1954:Ken Olin, actor.
7/30/1956:Delta Burke, actress.
7/30/1957:Bill (James William) Cartwright, basketball player.
7/30/1958:Kate Bush, singer.
7/30/1961:Laurence Fishburne, actor.
7/30/1963:Christopher Paul Mullin, basketball player.
7/31/1763:James Kent, author and jurist.
7/31/1837:William Quantrill, Confederate Army guerrilla leader.
7/31/1900:Elmo Burns Roper Jr, pioneer pollster.
7/31/1912:Irv Kupcinet, host and columnist.
7/31/1912:Milton Friedman, economist.
7/31/1919:Curt Gowdy, TV sportscaster and outdoorsman.
7/31/1923:Ahmet Ertegun, Atlantic Record chairman.
7/31/1929:Don Murray, actor.
7/31/1939:France Nuyen, actress.
7/31/1943:Susan Flannery, actress.
7/31/1943:William J. Bennett, Drug Czar.
7/31/1944:Geraldine Chaplin, actress.
7/31/1945:Sherry Lansing, motion picture executive.
7/31/1951:Evonne Goolagong Cawley, Australian tennis player.


7:Hitchhiking Month
7:National Anti-Boredom Month
7:National Baked Bean Month
7:National Hot Dog Month
7:National Ice Cream Month
7:National July Belongs to Blueberries Month
7:National Peach Month
7:National Picnic Month
7:National Purposeful Parenting Month
7:National Recreation and Park Month
7:Read an "Almanac" Month
#: Events depending on weekdays
M(7/7) :Caricom Day (first Monday).
M(7/7) :Heroes Day (Zambia) (first Monday).
T(7/7) :Unity Day (Zambia) (first Tuesday).
R(7/7) :Ommegang Pageant (Belgium) (first Thursday).
S(7/7) :International Cherry Pit Spitting Contest (first Saturday).
M(7/11) :Sempach Battle Commemoration (Switzerland) (first Monday after
S(7/14) :National Nude Days.
U(7/15) :National Nude Days.
S(7/19) :Kinderzeche (Germany) (Saturday before third Monday).
S(7/21) :Prince Lot Hula Festival (Hawaii) (third Saturday).
S(7/21) :South Dakota State Chili Cookoff (third Saturday).
U(7/21) :Beer Festival (Luxembourg) (third Sunday).
U(7/21) :Festa del Redentore (Italy) (third Sunday).
U(7/21) :National Ice Cream Day (third Sunday).
U(7/25) :Dornach Battle Commemoration (Switzerland) (Sunday nearest 7/22).
M(7/28) :Hurricane Supplication Day (Virgin Islands) (fourth Monday).
U(7/31) :Procession of the Penitents (Belgium) (last Sunday).
#: Normal events
7/1 :Banker's Day (Guatemala).
7/1 :Canada Day (Canada) (unless Sunday).
7/1 :Freedom Day (Suriname).
7/1 :Independence Day (Burundi).
7/1 :National Day (Rwamda).
7/1 :Republic Day (Ghana).
7/1 :Union of the Somalia Republic (Somalia).
7/1/1569 :Union of Lublin signed (united Poland and Lithuania).
7/1/1731 :First US public library established (Boston, by Franklin).
7/1/1827 :First Spanish-language newspaper published in US (New York).
7/1/1847 :First adhesive postage stamps issued in US.
7/1/1851 :James McNeill Whistler entered West Point.
7/1/1861 :First edition of "L'Osservatore Romano," Vatican newspaper,
7/1/1862 :US Bureau of Internal Revenue established.
7/1/1863 :Battle of Gettysburg began.
7/1/1873 :Prince Edward Island joined Dominion.
7/1/1874 :First US zoo opened (Philadelphia).
7/1/1884 :Allan Pinkerton, founder of the private detective agency, died.
7/1/1890 :Bily Sunday stole four bases for the Pirates (vs. New York).
7/1/1896 :Harriett Beecher Stowe, US writer ("Uncle Tom's Cabin"), died.
7/1/1898 :Teddy Roosevelt and his "Rough Riders" took San Juan Hill.
7/1/1904 :Bureau of Entomology founded.
7/1/1910 :First game played at (old) Comiskey Park (St Louis 2, Chicago 0).
7/1/1921 :Communist Party of China established.
7/1/1931 :First flight around the world completed (8 days, 15 hours).
7/1/1941 :First TV commercial (Bulova Watch Co).
7/1/1946 :First post-war atomic bomb test by the US (Bikini Atoll).
7/1/1950 :(Gottlieb) Eliel Saarinen, architect, died.
7/1/1950 :US forces entered the Korean conflict.
7/1/1960 :Ghana established its independence.
7/1/1960 :Somalia established its independence.
7/1/1962 :Burundi established its independence.
7/1/1962 :Rwanda established its independence.
7/1/1963 :US Zip codes went into effect.
7/1/1966 :US Medicare first went into effect.
7/1/1969 :Prince Charles became the Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester.
7/1/1972 :"Bewitched" final episode.
7/1/1972 :"Hair" closed on Broadway (1,729 performances).
7/1/1972 :"Ms." magazine began publication.
7/1/1974 :Juan Peron, president of Argentina, died.
7/1/1979 :Sony Walkman unveiled.
7/1/1982 :Kosmos 1383 (USSR), first search and rescue satellite, launched.
7/1/1983 :R. Buckminster Fuller died.
7/1/1984 :PG-13 movie rating introduced.
7/1/1986 :Tony La Russa hired by the Oakland Athletics.
7/1/1990 :Andy Hawkins pitched a no-hitter for the Yankees and lost (4-0)
:to the White Sox.
7/1/1991 :Michael Landon (Eugene Orowitz), actor, died.
7/2 :National Day (Kiribati).
7/2/862 :Saint Swithin died.
7/2/1566 :Nostradamus (Michel de Notredame), French prophet, died.
7/2/1776 :Continental Congress approved the US Declaration of Independence.
7/2/1776 :New Jersey granted women's suffrage.
7/2/1777 :Vermont abolished slavery.
7/2/1778 :Jean-Jacques Rousseau, French philosopher, died.
7/2/1798 :John Fitch, American inventor and clockmaker, died.
7/2/1850 :Sir Robert Peel, British prime minister and founder of "Bobbies,"
7/2/1862 :Morrill Act signed (US land grant agricultural colleges).
7/2/1865 :Salvation Army founded (William Booth, London).
7/2/1871 :Rome became the capital of Italy.
7/2/1881 :James Abram Garfield, 20th US president, shot (Charles J.
7/2/1890 :Sherman Anti-Trust Act passed.
7/2/1961 :Ernest Hemingway, author ("The Sun Also Rises"), shot himself.
7/2/1962 :US Submarines Skate and Seadragon rendezvous under the North Pole.
7/2/1964 :Civil rights bill passed forbidding discrimination in voting,
:employment, and access to public places.
7/2/1968 :"Of Black America" (hosted by Bill Cosby) premiered.
7/2/1971 :First US state litter legislation enacted (Oregon).
7/2/1973 :Betty Grable died.
7/2/1977 :Vladimir Nabokov, novelist, died.
7/2/1989 :Adrei Andreyevich Gromyko, Soviet president, died.
7/2/1992 :1,000,000th Chevrolet Corvette produced.
7/2/1993 :Fred Gwyne, actor, died.
7/3 :Caribbean Day (Barbados, Guyana, etc).
7/3 :Compliment-Your-Mirror Day.
7/3 :Danish West Indies Emancipation Day (Virgin Islands).
7/3 :Disobedience Day.
7/3 :Stay Out of the Sun Day.
7/3/1608 :The City of Quebec was founded (Samuel de Champlain).
7/3/1775 :George Washington took command of the Continental Army at
:Cambridge, Massachusetts.
7/3/1778 :Wyoming Valley (Pennsylvania) massacre began.
7/3/1819 :First US bank opened (Bank for Savings, New York).
7/3/1852 :San Francisco mint approved.
7/3/1863 :Confederate forces defeated by Union Army at Gettysburg,
7/3/1890 :Idaho became 43rd US state.
7/3/1908 :Joel Chandler Harris, American author ("Uncle Remus" stories),
7/3/1916 :Hetty Green (Henrietta Howland Robinson Green), "richest woman in
:America," died.
7/3/1916 :First of three fatal shark attacks occurred off New Jersey shore
:(four killed).
7/3/1928 :First color TV transmission (John Logie Baird, London).
7/3/1930 :US Veteran's Bureau first organized.
7/3/1937 :Amelia Earhart, US aviatrix, lost over Pacific.
7/3/1939 :"Blondie" first broadcast.
7/3/1960 :The Von Trapp family appeared on "What's My Line?".
7/3/1971 :Jim Morrison, vocalist for The Doors, died.
7/3/1974 :Soyuz 14 (USSR) launched.
7/3/1976 :Raid on Entebbe.
7/3/1986 :Rudy Vallee (Hubert Prior Vallee), singer and actor, died.
7/3/1988 :Iran Air Flight 655 shot down by American warship.
7/3/1993 :Don Drysdale, baseball player, died.
7/4 :American Redneck Day.
7/4 :Caribbean Day (Guyana).
7/4 :Constitution Day (Cayman Islands).
7/4 :Family Day (Lesotho).
7/4 :Fil-American Friendship Day (Philippines).
7/4 :Heroes Day (Zambia).
7/4 :Independence Day (USA).
7/4 :Kadooment Day (Barbados).
7/4 :National Country Music Day.
7/4/1054 :Brightest known super-nova started shining for 23 days (Crab
7/4/1761 :Samuel Richardson, English novelist ("Pamela"), died.
7/4/1776 :US Declaration of Independence signed (by John Hancock and
:Charles Thomson).
7/4/1776 :Great Seal of the US adopted.
7/4/1778 :Wyoming Valley (Pennsylvania) massacre ended.
7/4/1789 :First tariff bill enacted by US Congress.
7/4/1817 :Erie Canal, first US man-made major waterway, started.
7/4/1826 :John Adams, second US president, died.
7/4/1826 :Thomas Jefferson, third US president, died.
7/4/1828 :Construction began on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad.
7/4/1831 :"America" (the song) first introduced (S.F. Smith).
7/4/1831 :James Monroe, fifth US president, died.
7/4/1842 :First underwater torpedo tested (Samuel Colt).
7/4/1845 :Thoreau began his two year stay at Walden Pond.
7/4/1848 :Cornerstone laid for the Washington Monument.
7/4/1848 :Francois Rene de Chateaubriand, French novelist and politician,
7/4/1855 :"Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman went on sale.
7/4/1862 :Dodgson first told of Alice falling down the rabbit hole.
7/4/1863 :Battle of Vicksburg.
7/4/1884 :Statue of Liberty presented to US in Paris.
7/4/1891 :Hannibal Hamlin, 15th US vice president, died.
7/4/1895 :"America the Beautiful" first printed.
7/4/1910 :Melville Weston Fuller, eighth US chief justice, died.
7/4/1917 :First US government training field for aviators opened (Rantoul,
7/4/1934 :Delta Airlines conducted its first airmail flight.
7/4/1934 :Marie Sklodowska Curie, Polish chemist and physicist, died.
7/4/1939 :Lou Gehrig Day (Yankee Stadium).
7/4/1952 :N. Stewart made a record 124 parachute jumps in one day.
7/4/1966 :First day of shooting of "You Only Live Twice."
7/4/1976 :Israeli commandos freed 103 hostages at Entebbe airport.
7/4/1976 :Viking landed on Mars.
7/4/1985 :Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Unification Church leader, released from
:prison after serving 13 months for tax evasion.
7/5 :Day of Peace and Unity (Rwanda).
7/5 :Independence Day (Algeria and Venezuela).
7/5 :National Day (Cape Verde).
7/5 :Special Recreation Day.
7/5 :Tynwald Day (England).
7/5/1653 :England's Connecticut colony seized the Dutch Fort Good Hope at
7/5/1811 :The Republic of Venezuela officially born.
7/5/1826 :Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of Singapore, died.
7/5/1929 :Public address system first used during a major league baseball
:park (Giants).
7/5/1935 :National Labor Relations Act signed.
7/5/1945 :Philippines liberated (WWII).
7/5/1946 :First bikini modelled.
7/5/1951 :Invention of the junction transistor announced (Murray Hill, New
7/5/1966 :Apollo 2 (US), first unmanned Apollo orbital test, launched.
7/5/1975 :First black to win the men's singles tennis title at Wimbledon
:(Arthur Ashe).
7/5/1982 :Penn Square Bank of Oklahoma declared insolvent.
7/5/1983 :Harry James died.
7/5/1989 :Oliver North sentenced for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal.
7/5/1991 :Howard Nemerov, third poet laureate of US, died.
7/6 :Independence Day (Comoros).
7/6 :Independence Day (Malawi).
7/6 :Remembrance Day (Ettelbruck, Luxembourg).
7/6/1415 :John Hus, Bohemian religious leader, burned at the stake.
7/6/1535 :Sir Thomas More, English statesman and writer, beheaded.
7/6/1687 :"Principia," by Isaac Newton, published.
7/6/1699 :Captain William Kidd, New York businessman turned pirate, siezed
:in Boston.
7/6/1776 :US Declaration of Independence announced on front page of the
:"Pennsylvania Evening Gazette."
7/6/1785 :US monetary system ($10, $1, $.10, $.01 coins) proposed
7/6/1835 :John Marshall, US Supreme Court Justice, died.
7/6/1854 :The Republican Party was formally established.
7/6/1885 :First successful antirabies innoculation (Louis Pasteur).
7/6/1917 :Lawrence of Arabia captured Aqaba.
7/6/1919 :First airship crossing of the Atlantic ocean completed.
7/6/1923 :USSR was formed.
7/6/1928 :First all-talking movie premiere ("The Light of New York", New
7/6/1933 :First All-Star baseball game.
7/6/1944 :Ringling Brothers Circus tent fire in Hartford, Connecticut (168
7/6/1954 :Elvis Presley made his first record.
7/6/1961 :First black US State's Attorney (Cecil Francis Poole).
7/6/1962 :William Faulkner, American novelist, died.
7/6/1964 :Malawi gained independence from Britain.
7/6/1965 :Jefferson Airplane formed.
7/6/1966 :Malawi became a republic.
7/6/1971 :Louis Armstrong, jazz musician, died.
7/6/1975 :Republic of Comoros declared its independence.
7/6/1976 :Soyuz 21 (USSR) launched.
7/6/1986 :Jagjivan Ram, Indian political leader, died.
7/6/1993 :Olive Ann Beech, co-founder of Beech Aircraft Corporation, died.
7/7 :Anniversary of the P.U.N. (Equatorial Guinea).
7/7 :Bonza Bottler Day.
7/7 :Fiesta de San Fermin (Spain).
7/7 :National Day (Malawi).
7/7 :National Holiday (Solomon Islands).
7/7 :Saba Saba Day (Tanzania).
7/7 :Tanabata, Weaver's Festival (Japan).
7/7 :Video Games Day.
7/7/1607 :"God Save the King" first sung.
7/7/1754 :King's College (New York) opened.
7/7/1816 :Richard Brinsley Sheridan, dramatist, died.
7/7/1846 :Annexation of California by the US proclaimed (US Navy Commodore
:J.D. Sloat).
7/7/1865 :Four persons convicted of complicity with John Wilkes Booth
7/7/1881 :"Pinocchio" first appeared in print ("The Children's Journal" -
7/7/1891 :Travelers cheque first patented.
7/7/1898 :Annexation of Hawaii by the US authorized.
7/7/1906 :Industrial Workers of the World ("Wobblies") form alternative to
7/7/1930 :Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, died.
7/7/1936 :Smallest baseball All-Star crowd (25,556 - Braves Field, Boston).
7/7/1937 :China and Japan went to war.
7/7/1941 :US occupied Iceland.
7/7/1946 :First US Roman Catholic saint canonized (Saint Francis Xavier
7/7/1946 :Jimmy Carter married (Eleanor) Rosalynn Smith.
7/7/1949 :First radio broadcast of "Dragnet."
7/7/1972 :First women FBI agents sworn in.
7/7/1979 :Mike Schmidt hit three home runs (vs. San Francisco).
7/7/1981 :First woman nominated to the US Supreme Court (Sandra Day
7/7/1986 :US Army imposed strict no-smoking rules.
7/8 :Festa dos Tabuleiros (Portugal).
7/8/1307 :Edward II became the English Sovereign.
7/8/1497 :Vasco da Gama sailed from Lisbon on voyage that led to discovery
:of searoute to India around the southern tip of Africa.
7/8/1654 :First Jew to settle in North America (Jacob Barsimson) arrived
:(New York).
7/8/1663 :Rhode Island granted a charter by King Charles II.
7/8/1775 :John Dickinson sent his "Olive Branch Petition" to King George
7/8/1776 :First public reading of the US Declaration of Independence
:(Colonel John Nixon).
7/8/1822 :Percy Bysshe Shelley, English poet, drowned.
7/8/1835 :The Liberty Bell cracked.
7/8/1850 :James Jesse Strang crowned king of Mormons (an offshoot of the
:Church of Latter-day Saints).
7/8/1853 :Comadore Matthew Perry led a naval fleet into Yedo Bay, Japan.
7/8/1855 :Sir William Edward Parry, British arctic explorer, died.
7/8/1877 :Bell Telephone Company formed.
7/8/1889 :Last bare-knuckled championship boxing match in US (John L.
:Sullivan beat Jake Kilrain after 75 rounds).
7/8/1896 :Bryan's "Cross of Gold" speech.
7/8/1907 :First "Ziegfeld Follies" opened.
7/8/1911 :Solo transcontinental horseback ride completed (Nan J. Aspinwall).
7/8/1918 :Ernest Hemingway, Red Cross volunteer, wounded in Italy.
7/8/1950 :General Douglas MacArthur designated commander of UN forces in
7/8/1957 :CDC incorporated.
7/8/1957 :Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge, wife of Calvin Coolidge, died.
7/8/1959 :First American fatalities of the Vietnam War (Major Dale R. Buis
:and Master Sgt. Chester M. Ovnand).
7/8/1965 :The flashcube introduced (New York).
7/8/1969 :Withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam began.
7/8/1979 :Robert Burns Woodward, Harvard University science professor, died.
7/8/1981 :American premiere of Mozart's "Lost" Symphony in F.
7/8/1994 :Dick Sargent, actor (Bewitched), died.
7/9 :Independence Day (Argentina).
7/9/1540 :King Henry VIII had his six month marriage to his 4th wife
7/9/1755 :General Braddock ambushed by French and indians near Fort
7/9/1776 :The US Declaration of Independence was read to Washington's
7/9/1797 :Edmund Burke, British orator, politician, and philosopher, died.
7/9/1808 :Leather splitting machine patented (Samuel Parker - Billerica,
7/9/1828 :Gilbert Charles Stuart, US presidential portrait painter, died.
7/9/1847 :Ten hour working day set by law, (New Hampshire).
7/9/1850 :Zachary Taylor, 12th US president, died.
7/9/1856 :James Jesse Strang, America's only crowned king (Mormons, an
:offshoot of the Church of Latter-day Saints), died.
7/9/1868 :Fourteenth Amendment to US Constitution (equal protection under
:law) ratified.
7/9/1878 :Corncob pipe patented (Henry Tibbe).
7/9/1893 :First successful surgical closure of a heart wound (Chicago by
:Dr. Daniel Hale Williams).
7/9/1900 :Queen Victoria assented to the Commonwealth of Australia Bill.
7/9/1918 :Worst train wreck in US history (101 killed, Nashville).
7/9/1942 :Anne Frank went into hiding with her family.
7/9/1943 :American, Canadian, and British forces invaded Sicily.
7/9/1960 :Nikita Khrushchev threatened the US with rockets if an attempt
:was made to oust Castro from Cuba.
7/9/1974 :Earl Warren, chief justice of US Supreme Court, died.
7/9/1976 :Tom Yawkey, Red Sox owner, died.
7/9/1979 :Voyager 2 (US) made closest approach to Jupiter.
7/9/1982 :A Pan Am 727 crashed (154 killed, Kenner, Louisiana).
7/9/1986 :Admiral Hyman George Rickover, "father of the nuclear navy," died.
7/9/1992 :Eric Sevareid, newsman, died.
7/10 :Dia Del Bibliotecario (Chile).
7/10 :Independence Day (Bahamas).
7/10/1629:First non-Separatist Congregational Church in America founded
:(Salem, Massachusetts).
7/10/1660:Ann Bradstreet's (New England's first published poet) home burned
:(Andover, Massachusetts).
7/10/1775:Blacks excluded from serving in the Continental Army.
7/10/1850:Millard Fillmore became president following Taylor's death.
7/10/1851:Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, French inventor of the Dagerrotype
:photographic process, died.
7/10/1873:Clement Clarke Moore, US author ("A visit from St. Nicholas"),
7/10/1873:Paul Verlaine, French poet, shot Arthur Rimbaud, French poet,
:wounding him slightly.
7/10/1885:First race run at Suffolk Downs.
7/10/1889:Julia Gardiner Tyler, second wife of John Gardiner, died.
7/10/1890:Wyoming became the 44th US state.
7/10/1925:Scopes Monkey Trial began.
7/10/1938:Howard Hughes (and a crew of four) flew around the world (91
7/10/1941:Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton, jazz musician, died.
7/10/1949:First practical rectangular TV tube announced (Toledo).
7/10/1962:Telstar (US), first private telecommunications satellite,
:launched (4:30 am).
7/10/1969:Chilean Association of Librarians created.
7/10/1973:Bahamas gained independence from Britain.
7/10/1977:Alice Paul, women's rights leader, died.
7/10/1981:BSD Unix 4.1 released.
7/10/1981:US Navy outlawed beards on officers. (1984?)
7/10/1982:First public quadruple somersault on trapeze (Miguel Vasquez).
7/10/1985:Coca Cola Co. announced the reintroduction of "old" coke in
:"Classic Coke".
7/10/1985:Rainbow Warrior sunk.
7/10/1989:Mel Blanc died.
7/10/1991:Boris Yeltsin inaugurated as Russian president.
7/11 :Anthony Wayne Day (Michigan).
7/11 :National Cheer Up the Lonely Day.
7/11 :National Holiday (Mongolian People's Republic).
7/11/1613:First Romanov Czar crowned.
7/11/1781:Thomas Hutchins designated Geographer of the US.
7/11/1789:US Marine Corps became a separate unit. (1798?)
7/11/1804:Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton had a pistol duel (Weehawken,
:New Jersey)
7/11/1806:James Smith, signer of the US Declaration of Independence, died.
7/11/1864:Jubal Early's raid on Washington, DC.
7/11/1897:Salomon Auguste Andree and two companions left Sweden in a
:balloon bound for the North Pole.
7/11/1916:Battle of Verdun ended. (11/26?)
7/11/1916:Federal Aid Road Act signed (Woodrow Wilson).
7/11/1921:Mongolian Communist government established.
7/11/1934:First chief executive travelled through the Panama Canal (FDR).
7/11/1937:Dylan Thomas, Welsh poet, married Caitlin McNamara.
7/11/1937:George Gershwin, composer ("Porgy and Bess"), died.
7/11/1941:William "Wild Bill" Donovan appointed to form OSS.
7/11/1955:US Air Force Academy dedicated.
7/11/1977:Medal of Freedom awarded (posthumously) to Martin Luther King Jr.
7/11/1979:Skylab (US) destroyed on reentry.
7/11/1985:Nolan Ryan became the first pitcher to strike out 4000 (Danny
7/11/1987:5,000,000,000th person born (Matej Gaspar, 1:35 am EST).
7/11/1989:Sir Laurence Olivier, actor, died.
7/12 :Battle of Boyne Celebrated (Northern Ireland).
7/12 :Different Colored Eyes Day.
7/12 :Independence Day (Kiribati).
7/12 :National Day (Sao Tome and Principe).
7/12/1536:Desiderius Erasmus, Dutch author and scholar, died.
7/12/1609:Hudson first saw North American continent.
7/12/1804:Alexander Hamilton, American Statesman, died.
7/12/1808:First newspaper west of Mississippi (St. Louis' "Missouri
:Gazette") began publication.
7/12/1812:US forces invaded Canada.
7/12/1817:"Era of good feeling" first used to describe Monroe's presidency
:(Boston's "Columbian Sentinel").
7/12/1849:Dolly (Dorothea) Dandridge Payne Todd Madison, wife of James
:Madison, died.
7/12/1862:US Medal of Honor authorized.
7/12/1909:16th Amendment to the US Constitution approved (power to tax
7/12/1933:Minimum wage set at $.40 per hour.
7/12/1949:First blacks competed in baseball All-Star game (Robinson,
:Campanella, Newcombe, and Doby).
7/12/1979:Chicago White Sox forfeit due to "disco demolition" fiasco
:(staged by DJ, Steve Dahl).
7/12/1979:Republic of Kiribati gained independence.
7/12/1984:Mondale announced he'd chosen Geraldine Ferraro as his
:presidential running mate.
7/12/1988:Phobos 2 (USSR) launched.
7/13 :Buddhist Lent (Thailand).
7/13 :La Retraite Aux Flambeaux (France).
7/13/1658:Casco Bay taken by Massachusetts Bay Colony.
7/13/1785:Stephen Hopkins, signer of US Declaration of Independence, died.
7/13/1787:Northwest Ordinance (government of territory north of Ohio river)
:became law.
7/13/1798:Wordsworth wrote "Tintern Abbey."
7/13/1832:Source of Mississippi River discovered (Henry R. Schoolcraft).
7/13/1859:Benito Juarez, Mexican revolutionary, ordered Catholic Church
:property confiscated.
7/13/1862:Battle of Murfreesboro (Tennessee).
7/13/1863:First US military draft.
7/13/1865:First man conquered the Matterhorn (Edward Whymper).
7/13/1865:Horace Greeley wrote "Go West, young man, and grow ...".
7/13/1897:Salomon Auguste Andree sent his last message by carrier pigeon
:from his balloon bound for the North Pole.
7/13/1898:Gugliemo Marconi awarded a patent for the radio.
7/13/1908:Women first competed in Olympic games.
7/13/1939:Frank Sinatra recorded his first songs.
7/13/1958:Claire Straith, innovator in cosmetic surgery, died.
7/13/1977:25 hour blackout in New York.
7/13/1982:First baseball All-Star game played outside the US (Montreal).
7/13/1985:"Live Aid" Concerts performed (Philadelphia and London).
7/13/1989:Thomas L. Root was rescued with a mysterious gunshot wound after
:ditching his plane near the Bahamas.
7/14 :Bastille Day (France).
7/14 :National Holiday (Monaco).
7/14/1771:Mission San Antonio de Padua founded.
7/14/1779:George Ross, lawyer and signer of US Declaration of Independence,
7/14/1789:French peasants stormed the Bastille prison in Paris.
7/14/1791:Birmingham (England) Riot.
7/14/1864:Gold discovered (Helena, Montana).
7/14/1868:Tape measure patented.
7/14/1881:William H. "Billy the Kid" Bonney Jr, outlaw, killed (Pat
7/14/1885:Moxie (the soft drink) introduced.
7/14/1892:US Civil War veterans wounded in service granted $50 per month
7/14/1904:Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger, former president of the South
:African Republic, died.
7/14/1914:First patent for liquid-fueled rocket design granted (Dr. R.
7/14/1921:Sacco and Vanzetti murder trial ended.
7/14/1933:Nazis suppressed all other political parties.
7/14/1933:Popeye's first movie.
7/14/1956:First no hitter at Fenway Park (Mel Parnell).
7/14/1965:Adlai Ewing Stevenson, US statesman, died.
7/14/1965:First controlled flyby of Mars (Mariner 4, US).
7/14/1965:First woman climbed the Matterhorn (Vaucher).
7/14/1986:Raymond Loewy, "father of streamlining," died.
7/14/1988:Plans for the Bibliotheque de France announced.
7/14/1989:"License to Kill" debuted in the US.
7/15 :Respect Canada Day.
7/15/971 :Saint Swithin's relics translated into Winchester Cathedral.
7/15/1788:General Arthur Saint Clair appointed governor of the Ohio
7/15/1870:Last Confederate state readmitted to the Union (Georgia).
7/15/1883:Charles Sherwood Stratton (General Tom Thumb) died.
7/15/1904:Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, Russian author, died.
7/15/1912:US team took more medals than any other nation at the Olympic
:Games in Stockholm.
7/15/1915:Evidence reveals a network of spies across the US.
7/15/1945:Italy declared war on Japan.
7/15/1948:General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing, hero of WWI, died.
7/15/1965:Close-up photographs of Mars displayed (Mariner 4).
7/15/1968:First commercial Soviet flight landed in US (JFK).
7/15/1975:Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (US, USSR) launched.
7/15/1980:Rattlesnake death plot verdict handed down.
9/15/1993:John Kiley, Red Sox organist, died.
7/16 :Bennington Battle Day (Vermont).
7/16 :Manu's Flag Day (American Samoa).
7/16/1548:La Paz (Bolivia) founded.
7/16/1769:First Franciscan mission in upper California founded (San Diego
:de Alcala).
7/16/1790:Congress designated DC as the seat of the US government.
7/16/1882:Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of Abraham Lincoln, died.
7/16/1915:Henry James, American novelist, became a British citizen.
7/16/1918:Russian Czar Nicholas II and family executed by Bolsheviks.
7/16/1935:First automatic parking meters installed (Oklahoma City).
7/16/1945:First atomic bomb exploded (5:30 am, Alamogordo, New Mexico).
7/16/1951:"Catcher in the Rye" first published.
7/16/1953:Hilaire Belloc, English writer, died.
7/16/1957:US Transcontinental speed record set (3:23.08, John Glenn).
7/16/1966:Cream formed.
7/16/1969:Apollo 11 (US), first manned lunar landing mission, launched.
7/16/1970:Pittsburgh Pirates moved into Three River Stadium.
7/16/1973:Nixon's secret taping system revealed.
7/16/1981:Harry Chapin died.
7/16/1985:Heinrich Boll, German novelist, died.
7/16/1985:Wayne King, orchestra leader ("the Waltz King"), died.
7/16/1988:617 area code split into 617 and 508.
7/16/1989:Herbert von Karajan died.
7/16/1990:Philippine earthquake (1621 killed).
7/17 :Constitution Day (South Korea).
7/17 :Gion Matsuri (Japan).
7/17 :Munoz-Rivera Day (Puerto Rico).
7/17 :National Day (Iraq).
7/17 :Public Holiday (Botswana).
7/17/1656:First structure in what is now Syracuse, New York, built.
7/17/1741:Captain Bering logged landfall at Mount Saint Elias, Alaska.
7/17/1754:First class of students (eight) welcomed to King's College (later
:named Columbia).
7/17/1775:First US military hospital approved.
7/17/1780:Ann Lee, founder of the Shaker sect, arrested for treason.
7/17/1790:Adam Smith, Scottish economist, died.
7/17/1821:US gained possession of Florida from Spain.
7/17/1887:Dorothea Lynde Dix, US social reformer, died.
7/17/1890:Cecil Rhodes elected governor of Cape Colony.
7/17/1903:James Abbott McNeill Whistler, US painter, died.
7/17/1936:Spanish Civil War began.
7/17/1938:Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan left New York bound for California.
7/17/1941:Joe DiMaggio ended his 56 game hitting streak.
7/17/1948:Proclamation of the constitution of the republic Korea.
7/17/1948:States Rights Party ("Dixiecrats") formed.
7/17/1950:Evangeline Cory Booth, Salvation Army general, died.
7/17/1955:Disneyland opened.
7/17/1955:First town to receive all light and power from atomic energy
:(Arco, Idaho).
7/17/1959:Billie Holiday, jazz singer, died.
7/17/1961:Tyrus Raymond "Ty" Cobb, baseball player, died.
7/17/1968:"Yellow Submarine" premiered (London).
7/17/1974:Hanna "Dizzy" Dean, major league pitcher, died.
7/17/1975:Apollo and Soyuz spacecraft docked in space.
7/17/1981:Two suspended walkways collapsed in the Hyatt Regency, Kansas
:City (114 killed, 200 injured).
7/17/1984:Soyuz T-12 (USSR) (first woman to walk in space) launched.
7/17/1985:Susanne K. Langer, American philosopher, died.
7/17/1986:Largest bankruptcy in US history (LTV Corp. - $4 billion in debt).
7/17/1989:Stealth bomber test flown.
7/17/1990:Twins turned two triple plays at Red Sox (first time in major
:league history).
7/18 :Constitution Day (Uruguay).
7/18/1768:First patriotic American song ("The Liberty Song") appeared.
7/18/1792:John Paul Jones, founder of US Navy, died.
7/18/1800:John Rutledge, American statesman, died.
7/18/1817:Jane Austen, English novelist, died.
7/18/1858:First smoking car introduced (Pensylvania railroad).
7/18/1868:Emanuel Leutze, painter ("Washington Crossing the Delaware"),
7/18/1882:Tony Mullane pitched with each hand during a baseball game.
7/18/1899:Horatio Alger Jr, American clergyman and author, died.
7/18/1908:Fireworks banned in Cleveland.
7/18/1918:Aisne-Marne offensive began.
7/18/1927:Ty Cobb got his 4000th base hit.
7/18/1938:Douglas Groce "Wrong Way" Corrigan landed in Ireland instead of
:Los Angeles.
7/18/1940:VS-300 test 'copter (Igor Sikorsky) stayed aloft for 15 minutes.
7/18/1966:Bobby Fuller, musician, found dead in his car.
7/18/1977:Vietnam admitted as a member of the UN.
7/18/1980:US Draft registration ruled unconstitutional for excluding women.
7/18/1980:Rohini 1 (India) (first launch from India) launched.
7/18/1983:$2.5 million paid for filly sired by Northern Dancer.
7/18/1984:Worst one-day slaughter by a lone assailant in US history (San
:Ysidro, California - 21 killed).
7/18/1985:Second artificial comet made.
7/18/1986:Videotapes of the remains of the Titanic released.
7/18/1988:First day of shooting of "License to Kill."
7/19 :Martyrs Day (Burma).
7/19 :National Liberation Day (Nicaragua).
7/19/1374:Petrarch, Italian poet, died.
7/19/1485:Kremlin construction began.
7/19/1553:Lady Jane Grey deposed as Queen of England.
7/19/1692:Five Massachusetts women executed for witchcraft.
7/19/1848:First Women's Rights Convention (Seneca Falls, New York -
:bloomers introduced).
7/19/1850:Margaret Fuller (Sarah Margaret Fuller), social reformer, died.
7/19/1863:Second attempt to capture Fort Wagner.
7/19/1870:Franco-Prussian war began.
7/19/1915:Washington Senators stole eight bases in first inning.
7/19/1918:German armies began retreating across the Marne River.
7/19/1944:Tojo Hideki, Japanese prime minister, resigned.
7/19/1969:John Fairfax finished rowing across the Atlantic ocean.
7/19/1969:Mary Jo Kopechne drowned on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts.
7/19/1977:Johnstown, Pennsylvania flooded (68 killed, 2000 homeless).
7/19/1980:Moscow Summer Olympics began (minus dozens of boycotting nations).
7/19/1985:NASA selected Christa McAuliffe to ride the space shuttle.
7/19/1986:Caroline Kennedy married Edwin Schlossberg.
7/19/1989:United DC-10 crash (111 killed).
7/19/1990:Seabrook (New Hampshire) nuclear power plant first ran at full
7/20 :Independence Day (Colombia).
7/20/1715:Riot Act (England) took effect.
7/20/1859:US baseball fans first charged an admission fee ($.50 - Brooklyn
:vs. New York).
7/20/1881:Chief Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotake) surrendered.
7/20/1890:Rochester beat Columbus in baseball (both teams arrested for
:violating blue laws).
7/20/1903:Giocchino Vincenzo Pecci, 256th pope, died.
7/20/1937:Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of the wireless telegraph, died.
7/20/1945:US Flag raised over Berlin.
7/20/1954:Geneva Accords.
7/20/1969:Apollo 11 (US) landed the first men on the moon (4:17 pm).
7/20/1976:Hank Aaron hit his final career home run (755th).
7/20/1976:Viking 1 (US) landed on Mars.
7/20/1984:Jim Fixx, running guru and author, died.
7/20/1990:William Brennan resigned from the US Supreme Court.
7/21 :Liberation Day (Guam).
7/21 :National Holiday (Belgium).
7/21 :Schoelcher Day (French West Indies).
7/21/1796:Robert Burns, Scottish poet, died.
7/21/1831:Belgium became independent from Netherlands.
7/21/1834:Liberty Bell muffled to toll Lafayette's death.
7/21/1861:Battle of Bull Run (Manassas, Virginia).
7/21/1873:Jesse James held up the Rock Island express train at Adair, Iowa
:and excaped with $3000.
7/21/1898:Guam ceded to US by Spain.
7/21/1899:Robert Green Ingersol, American author, died.
7/21/1925:Scopes Monkey Trial ended.
7/21/1930:Veteran's Administration founded.
7/21/1944:US returned to Guam.
7/21/1954:Vietnam divided at 17th parallel.
7/21/1959:Judge Frederick van Pelt Bryan ruled that "Lady Chatterly's
:Lover" could legally be sent through the US mail.
7/21/1962:First hammer throw over 231 feet (Harold Connolly).
7/21/1979:National Women's Hall of Fame (Seneca Falls, New York) dedicated.
7/21/1984:First reported killing of a human by a robot (Jackson, Michigan).
7/22 :King's Birthday (Swaziland).
7/22 :National Liberation Day (Poland).
7/22 :Rat-Catchers Day.
7/22/1376:Anniversary of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, West Germany (or 1284).
7/22/1587:John White led an expedition to Roanoke, Virgina.
7/22/1715:US postal system established.
7/22/1864:First battle of Atlanta.
7/22/1916:James Whitcomb Riley, poet, died.
7/22/1933:Wiley Post completed first round-the-world solo flight (7 days,
:18 hours, 45 minutes).
7/22/1934:John Dillinger, Public Enemy Number One, killed.
7/22/1967:Carl Sandberg, poet, died.
7/22/1972:Venera 8 (USSR) softlanded on Venus.
7/22/1979:First golfer to shoot below his age (Sam Snead).
7/22/1980:Marty Mann, American social reformer and author, died.
7/22/1983:Martial law in Poland lifted.
7/22/1987:Soyuz TM-3 (USSR) launched.
7/23 :National Day (Arab Republic of Egypt).
7/23 :Remembrance Day (Papua, New Guinea).
7/23/1757:Domenico Scarlatti, Italian composer, died.
7/23/1766:Oldest US medical society formed (New Brunswick, New Jersey).
7/23/1793:Roger Sherman, signer of US Declaration of Independence, died.
7/23/1827:First US swimming school opened (Boston).
7/23/1829:Typewriter patented (William Burt, Mount Vernon, Michigan for
7/23/1846:Henry David Thoreau arrested for refusing to pay poll tax.
7/23/1851:Sioux tribes of the Midwest agreed to give up most of their land
:in Iowa and Minnesota.
7/23/1885:Ulysses Simpson Grant (Hiram Ulysses Grant), Civil War General
:and 18th US president, died.
7/23/1886:First person to leap from the Brooklyn Bridge (Steve Brodie).
7/23/1904:Ice cream cone introduced (Saint Louis).
7/23/1930:Glenn Hammond Curtiss, US inventor of the hydroplane, died.
7/23/1948:David (Lewelyn) Wark Griffith, film director ("Birth of a
:Nation"), died.
7/23/1951:Robert Joseph Flaherty, "father of the documentary film," died.
7/23/1952:Revolution of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
7/23/1955:Cordell Hull, US statesman, died.
7/23/1965:First coins bearing dates other than date of issue authorized.
7/23/1972:Satellite launched which showed the Amazon river seriously
7/23/1973:Edward V. Rickenbacker, WWI aviator, died.
7/23/1980:Soyuz 37 (USSR) launched.
7/23/1982:Helicopter accident on "The Twilight Zone" set.
7/23/1984:Vanessa Williams, first black Miss America, relinquished her
:crown because of nude photos in Penthouse.
7/23/1985:Kay Kyser (James King Kern Kyser), US bandleader, died.
7/23/1989:Birdie May Vogt died (age 112).
7/23/1992:Digital Equipment Corporation announced a $1.8 billion loss.
7/24 :Pioneer Day (Utah).
7/24 :Simon Bolivar's Day (Ecuador and Venezuela).
7/24/1651:Anthony Johnson, a free black and former indentured servant
:granted 250 acres in Northampton Co, Virginia.
7/24/1679:New Hampshire became a royal colony of the British crown.
7/24/1701:Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac arrived at the site of Detroit.
7/24/1847:Brigham Young reached the Great Salt Lake Basin.
7/24/1862:Martin Van Buren, 8th US president, died.
7/24/1866:First state readmitted to the Union (Tennessee).
7/24/1870:First trans US rail service.
7/24 :Giuseppina "Josephine" Moriacchi, dancer (introduced the
:can-can), died.
7/24/1915:Eastland sunk while docked at Chicago (became top-heavy with
:passengers, 800 died).
7/24/1929:Kellogg-Briand Pact signed (Hoover).
7/24/1946:First underwater atomic bomb test.
7/24/1950:First rocket launched from Cape Canaveral (German V2).
7/24/1956:Andrea Doria collided with S.S. Stockholm and sank. (7/25?)
7/24/1980:Peter (Richard Henry) Sellers, actor, died.
7/24/1983:George Brett called out for pine tar too far up his bat handle
:after hitting a homerun.
7/25 :Constitution Day (Puerto Rico).
7/25 :Republic Day (Tunisia).
7/25/1775:First surgeon general of Continental Army (Dr. Benjamin Church).
7/25/1814:Bloodiest battle of the War of 1812 (Lundy's Lane near Niagara
7/25/1834:Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English poet and essayist, died.
7/25/1866:Grant named first US General of the Army.
7/25/1868:Wyoming Territory created.
7/25/1871:Perforated wrapping paper patented (Seth Wheeler - Albany).
7/25/1909:First flight across the English Channel (Louis Bleriot, 36
7/25/1940:US banned export of oil and metal products.
7/25/1943:Mussolini dismissed as premier of Italy.
7/25/1952:Puerto Rico granted commonwealth status.
7/25/1956:Andrea Doria collided with S.S. Stockholm and sank. (7/24?)
7/25/1969:Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young debuted.
7/25/1984:Russian cosmonaut became the first woman to walk in space.
7/25/1985:Rock Hudson acknowledged he had AIDS.
7/26 :Curacao Day (Curacao).
7/26 :Independence Day (Liberia).
7/26 :National Day (Maldives).
7/26 :National Holiday (Cuba).
7/26/1499:Curacao discovered (Alonso de Ojeda).
7/26/1775:US Post Office established.
7/26/1788:New York became the 11th US state.
7/26/1847:Liberia declared a republic.
7/26/1861:Confederate victory at Fort Fillmore (New Mexico).
7/26/1863:John Hunt Morgan, Confederate raider, captured.
7/26/1863:Sam Houston, US soldier and politician, died.
7/26/1887:First Esperanto book published.
7/26/1925:William Jennings Bryan, jurist, died.
7/26/1941:General Douglas MacArthur named commander of US forces in the
7/26/1943:Ezra Loomis Pound, US poet, indicted for treason.
7/26/1947:US National Security Act passed.
7/26/1948:Racial segregation barred in US armed forces.
7/26/1953:"26th of July Movement" (revolution) in Cuba.
7/26/1956:Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal.
7/26/1958:Last debutantes presented to British court.
7/26/1971:Apollo 15 (US) launched.
7/26/1984:First network TV show broadcast in stereo ("The Tonight Show
:Starring Johnny Carson").
7/26/1990:Brent Mydland, Grateful Dead keyboard player, died.
7/27 :Barbosa's Birthday (Puerto Rico).
7/27 :Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day.
7/27/1661:Parliament confirmed the Navigation Act.
7/27/1789:Department of Foreign Affairs (now US State Department)
7/27/1844:John Dalton, English chemist and physicist, died.
7/27/1861:Command of Federal Division of Union forces given to General
7/27/1866:Atlantic telegraph cable completed.
7/27/1867:Charles Feltman allegedly invented the hot dog.
7/27/1909:Orville Wright set a world record for staying aloft in a plane
:(12 minutes 40 seconds).
7/27/1953:Korean war ended.
7/27/1978:Benson Ford, son of Edsel Ford, died.
7/27/1980:Mohammed Riza Pahlevi, the deposed shah of Iran, died.
7/27/1988:Boston's worst traffic jam in 30 years.
7/27/1993:Reggie Lewis, basketball player, died.
7/28 :National Independence Day (Peru).
7/28/1586:Potatoes introduced to Europe (Sir Thomas Harriot).
7/28/1667:Abraham Cowley, English poet, died.
7/28/1750:Johann Sebastian Bach, composer, died.
7/28/1866:US Congress authorized the metric system as a legal system of
7/28/1868:14th Amendment to US Constitution ratified (right to vote and
:equal protection).
7/28/1914:World War I began.
7/28/1932:Veterans Bonus Army Eviction.
7/28/1933:First singing telegram delivered (to Rudy Vallee).
7/28/1939:William James Mayo, founder of Mayo clinic (Rochester,
:Minnesota), died.
7/28/1943:Coffee rationing in the US ended.
7/28/1945:A US Army B-25 bomber crashed into the 79th floor of the Empire
:State Building (13 (14?) killed).
7/28/1945:The US Senate ratified the UN charter.
7/28/1964:Ranger 7 (US) launched.
7/28/1973:Skylab 3 (US) launched.
7/28/1976:8.2 earthquake in Tangsham Province, China (1 million killed).
7/28/1988:Frank Zambonie died.
7/28/1991:Dennis Martinez (Montreal) threw a perfect game (vs. Dodgers).
7/29 :Mutomboko Ceremony (Zambia).
7/29 :National Holiday (Peru).
7/29 :National Soda Jerk Reunion (Omaha).
7/29 :Olsok Eve (Norway).
7/29 :Rain Day (Waynesburg, Pennsylvania).
7/29/1030:Saint Olav, Viking king, killed.
7/29/1733:First schoolhouse west of Alleghany mountains completed (Ohio).
7/29/1856:Robert Schumann, German composer, died.
7/29/1858:US citizens allowed to live anywhere in Japan.
7/29/1870:First asphalt pavement laid (Newark, New Jersey).
7/29/1888:Yellow fever broke out in Jacksonville, Florida.
7/29/1890:Vincent Van Gogh, Dutch painter, died.
7/29/1899:First motorcycle race (Manhattan Beach, New York).
7/29/1914:Cape Cod Canal opened to traffic.
7/29/1914:First transcontinental telephone linkup completed (San Francisco
:to New York).
7/29/1928:Iron lung electric respirator first used (Bellevue Hospital, New
7/29/1929:Cubs and Reds played a full nine inning baseball game using one
7/29/1946:Gertrude Stein, poet-novelist ("A rose is a rose ..."), died.
7/29/1957:Jack Paar made his debut as host of NBC's "Tonight" show.
7/29/1958:NASA founded.
7/29/1968:Pope Paul VI upheld the birth control prohibition.
7/29/1974:Second impeachment vote against R. Nixon by the House Judiciary
7/29/1981:Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer.
7/29/1988:Largest US bank failure ever (First Republic Bank Corp., Dallas).
7/29/1989:Eight foot high jump (J. Sotomayor).
7/29/1990:Red Sox hit 12 doubles vs. Tigers.
7/29/1991:First catcher to catch two perfect baseball games (Ron Hassey).
7/30 :Independence Day (Vanuatu).
7/30/1619:First legislative assembly in US convened (Jamestown, Virginia).
7/30/1718:William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, died.
7/30/1740:First glass factory offering "common sized" windows opened
:(Wistar - Salem, New Jersey).
7/30/1771:Thomas Gray, English poet ("Elegy Written in a Country
:Churchyard"), died.
7/30/1864:Confederate General Early burned Chambersberg, Pennsylvania.
7/30/1864:Siege of Petersburg.
7/30/1898:Kellogg invented corn flakes.
7/30/1909:First plane delivered to the US War Department.
7/30/1918:Joyce Kilmer, American poet ("Trees"), killed in combat.
7/30/1928:Chrysler bought the Dodge Brothers, Inc.
7/30/1937:American Federation of Radio Artists (later American Federation
:of TV and Radio Artists, under the AFL-CIO) organized.
7/30/1942:"Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service" (WAVES) formed.
7/30/1956:"In God We Trust" officially made US motto.
7/30/1965:Medicare, US government funded insurance for elderly, created.
7/30/1966:England won the World Cup (defeated West Germany 4-2).
7/30/1971:Apollo-15 (US), fourth manned lunar landing, landed on the moon.
7/30/1975:Former Teamster union leader James Hoffa disappeared.
7/30/1980:Vanuatu became an independent republic.
7/30/1983:Lynn Fontanne died.
7/30/1984:Last 90 US Marine combat troops left Lebanon.
7/30/1990:Nolan Ryan won his 300th game (for Texas Rangers, vs. Milwaukee
7/31 :Revolution Day (Congo).
7/31/1498:Trinidad discovered (Christopher Columbus).
7/31/1774:Oxygen discovered.
7/31/1776:First Jew to die in the American revolution (Francis Salvador).
7/31/1790:First US patent (Samuel Hopkins of Vermont for a potash
:manufacturing process).
7/31/1792:Cornerstone laid for the US Mint in Philadelphia (David
7/31/1861:Ulysses Grant appointed a general of volunteers in Union Army.
7/31/1874:First black to head a predominantly white university (Patrick
:Francis Healy, Georgetown University).
7/31/1875:Andrew Johnson, 17th US president, died.
7/31/1886:Franz Liszt, Hungarian composer, died.
7/31/1948:Truman dedicated New York International Airport at Idlewild Field
:(renamed John F. Kennedy International Airport).
7/31/1952:First helicopters crossed the Atlantic.
7/31/1964:Jim Reeves, country music star, died.
7/31/1964:Ranger 7 (US) landed on the moon.
7/31/1980:Chrysler announced it lost $536.1 million from April to June,
7/31/1981:Baseball strike ended after seven weeks.
7/31/1987:"The Living Daylights" released in the US.
7/31/1993:Muwenda Mutebi II invested as the new kabaka for Baganda in