8/1/1744 :Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de Lamarck.

8/1/1770 :William Clark, explorer.

8/1/1779 :Francis Scott Key, "Star-Spangled Banner" composer.

8/1/1815 :Richard Henry Dana Jr, lawyer and author ("Two Years Before the


8/1/1819 :Herman Melville, author ("Moby Dick").

8/1/1922 :Arthur Hill, actor.

8/1/1930 :Geoffrey Holder, actor.

8/1/1930 :Lionel Bart, composer and lyricist.

8/1/1931 :Tom Wilson, cartoonist.

8/1/1933 :Dom DeLuise, comic actor.

8/1/1936 :Yves Saint Laurent, French fashion designer.

8/1/1937 :Alfonse M. D'Amato, New York Senator.

8/1/1941 :Ron Brown, Chairman of the Democratic party.

8/1/1942 :Giancarlo Giannini, actor.

8/1/1942 :Jerry Garcia (Jerome John Garcia), Grateful Dead singer.

8/1/1953 :Robert Cray, singer and guitarist.

8/1/1973 :Tempestt Bledsoe, actress ("The Cosby Show").

8/2/1754 :Pierre Charles L'Enfant, architect (designed Washington DC).

8/2/1867 :Ernest Dowson, English poet.

8/2/1892 :Jack Warner, movie studio chief (Warner Brothers).

8/2/1905 :Myrna Loy, actress.

8/2/1918 :Beatrice Straight, actress.

8/2/1922 :Paul Laxalt, former Nevada Senator.

8/2/1924 :Carroll O'Connor, actor ("In the Heat of the Night").

8/2/1924 :James Baldwin, author.

8/2/1930 :Ron De Lugo, US Virgin Islands Delegate.

8/2/1932 :Peter O'Toole, actor.

8/2/1945 :Joanna Cassidy, actress. (1944?)

8/2/1960 :Linda Fratianne, figure skater.

8/2/1966 :Tim Wakefield.

8/2/1977 :Eddie Furlong.

8/3/1811 :Elisha Graves Otis, inventor of the modern elevator.

8/3/1887 :Rupert Brooke.

8/3/1900 :Ernie Pyle, WWII correspondent.

8/3/1900 :John Thomas Scopes, schoolteacher.

8/3/1901 :John Cornelius Stennis, former Mississippi Senator.

8/3/1902 :Harib Bourguiba, Tunisia's first president.

8/3/1905 :Dolores Del Rio (Delores Ansunsolo), actress.

8/3/1905 :Maggie (Margaret E.) Kuhn, founder of the Grey Panthers.

8/3/1919 :Walter Wriston, New York banker.

8/3/1920 :P.D. James.

8/3/1921 :Hayden Carruth.

8/3/1924 :Leon Uris, author ("Exodus").

8/3/1926 :Tony Bennett (Anthony Dominick Benedetto), singer.

8/3/1940 :Martin Sheen (Ramon Estevez), actor.

8/3/1941 :Martha Stewart, decorator.

8/3/1950 :John Landis, movie director.

8/3/1951 :Jay North, actor ("Dennis the Menace"). (1952?)

8/4/1540 :Joseph Justus Scaliger, French inventor of "Julian Period".

8/4/1792 :Percy Bysshe Shelley, English poet.

8/4/1839 :Walter Pater.

8/4/1841 :W.H. Hudson, English writer ("Green Mansions").

8/4/1859 :Knut Hamson.

8/4/1870 :Sir Harry Lauder, Scottish comedian.

8/4/1900 :Queen Mother Elizabeth (Elizabeth Angela Marguerite).

8/4/1909 :Glenn Clarence Cunningham, US track athlete ("Kansas Ironman").

8/4/1912 :Raoul Gustaf Wallenberg, Swedish architect.

8/4/1913 :Wesley Addy, actor.

8/4/1920 :Helen Thomas, journalist.

8/4/1921 :Maurice Richard, hockey player.

8/4/1952 :Kristoffer Tabori, actor.

8/4/1958 :Mary Decker Slaney, track star.

8/4/1962 :Roger Clemens, baseball player.

8/5/1604 :John Eliot, translator of the Bible into an Indian tongue.

8/5/1749 :Thomas Lynch, signer of the US Declaration of Independence.

8/5/1850 :Guy de Maupassant, French novelist.

8/5/1876 :Mary Ritter Beard, US historian.

8/5/1889 :Conrad Potter Aiken, poet and critic.

8/5/1906 :John Huston, film director.

8/5/1911 :Robert Taylor, actor.

8/5/1930 :Neil Alden Armstrong, astronaut.

8/5/1934 :Wendell Berry.

8/5/1935 :John Saxon, actor.

8/5/1943 :Sammi Smith, singer.

8/5/1946 :Erika Slezak.

8/5/1946 :Loni Anderson, actress. (1945?)

8/5/1950 :Holly Palance, actress.

8/5/1953 :Samantha Sang, singer.

8/5/1962 :Patrick Ewing, basketball player.

8/6/1809 :Alfred Lord Tennyson, English poet.

8/6/1861 :Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, second wife of Theodore Roosevelt.

8/6/1868 :Paul Claudel, French poet and playwright ("The Satin Slipper").

8/6/1874 :Charles Fort.

8/6/1881 :Louella Parsons, Holywood gossip columnist.

8/6/1881 :Sir Alexander Fleming, Scottish discoverer of penicillin.

8/6/1883 :Scott Nearing, US sociologist and author.

8/6/1892 :Hoot Gibson, western film star.

8/6/1905 :Clara Bow, silent film actress.

8/6/1911 :Lucille Ball, comedian.

8/6/1916 :Richard Hofstadter.

8/6/1917 :Robert Mitchum, actor ("War and Remembrance").

8/6/1922 :Bruce Laingen, highest-ranking diplomat among the 52 Americans

         :held hostage in Iran for 444 days.

8/6/1922 :Sir Freddie Laker, entrepreneur.

8/6/1927 :Andy Warhol, artist.

8/6/1938 :Peter Bonerz, actor.

8/6/1951 :Catherine Hicks, actress.

8/6/1965 :David Robinson, basketball player.

8/6/1976 :Soleil Moon Frye, actress.

8/7/1742 :Nathaniel Greene, American Revolutionary War General.

8/7/1779 :Carl Ritter, German co-founder of modern geographical sci.

8/7/1844 :Auguste Michel-Levy.

8/7/1848 :Alice James.

8/7/1876 :Margaret Gertrude Zelle ("Mata Hari"), WWI Dutch spy.

8/7/1885 :Billie Burke, actress.

8/7/1903 :Louis Leakey, British archaeologist and anthropologist.

8/7/1904 :Ralph Johnson Bunche, US statesman and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

8/7/1911 :Nicholas Ray, film director ("Rebel Without a Cause").

8/7/1914 :Ted Moore, cinematographer.

8/7/1926 :Stan Freberg, comedian-producer.

8/7/1927 :Edwin W. Edwards, Louisiana Governor.

8/7/1942 :B.J. (Billy Joe) Thomas, singer.

8/7/1942 :Garrison Keillor, writer, humorist, and radio show host.

8/7/1943 :Lana Cantrell, singer and actress.

8/7/1958 :Alberto Salazar, marathon runner.

8/7/1963 :Patrick Bouvier Kennedy (lived 39 hours).

8/7/1967 :Charlotte Lewis.

8/8/1763 :Charles Bulfinch, US's first professional architect.

8/8/1866 :Matthew A. Henson, American black explorer.

8/8/1884 :Sara Teasdale, poet.

8/8/1896 :Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, author.

8/8/1907 :Benny Carter, jazz musician and composer.

8/8/1908 :Arthur Goldberg, former US Supreme Court Justice.

8/8/1910 :Sylvia Sidney, actress.

8/8/1913 :Robert Theodore Stafford, Vermont Senator.

8/8/1919 :Dino DeLaurentis, producer.

8/8/1923 :Esther Williams, aquatic actress.

8/8/1930 :Joan Adams Mondale, wife of Walter Mondale.

8/8/1932 :Mel Tillis, singer and songwriter.

8/8/1937 :Dustin Hoffman, actor.

8/8/1938 :Connie Stevens, actress and singer.

8/8/1942 :James J. Blanchard, former Michigan Governor.

8/8/1944 :Peter Weir, movie director.

8/8/1947 :Jose Cruz.

8/8/1950 :Keith Carradine, actor.

8/8/1958 :Deborah Norville.

8/8/1961 :The Edge, musician.

8/8/1978 :Odie, Garfield's sidekick.

8/8/1988 :Princess Beatrice of York.

8/9/1593 :Izaak Walton, English author ("The Compleat Angler").

8/9/1631 :John Dryden, author.

8/9/1896 :Jean Piaget, pioneer Swiss child psychologist.

8/9/1913 :Herman Talmadge, former Georgia Senator.

8/9/1919 :Ralph Houk, baseball manager.

8/9/1921 :J. James Exon Jr, Nebraska Senator.

8/9/1922 :Philip Larkin, English poet.

8/9/1927 :Robert Shaw, English actor-playwright.

8/9/1928 :Bob Cousy.

8/9/1938 :Rod Laver, Australian tennis star.

8/9/1942 :David Steinberg, comedian-director.

8/9/1944 :Sam Elliott, actor.

8/9/1945 :Ken Norton, heavyweight boxer.

8/9/1955 :Doug Williams, football player.

8/9/1957 :Melanie Griffith, actress.

8/9/1961 :John Williams.

8/9/1963 :Whitney Houston, singer.

8/10/1753:Edmund Jennings Randolph, first US Attorney General.

8/10/1874:Herbert Clark Hoover, 31st US president.

8/10/1899:Jack Haley, actor.

8/10/1910:Angus Campbell, professor of psychology and sociology.

8/10/1912:Jorge Amado.

8/10/1923:Rhonda Fleming (Marilyn Lewis), actress.

8/10/1926:Benjamin Ward, police administrative official.

8/10/1928:Eddie Fisher, singer.

8/10/1928:Jimmy Dean (Seth Ward), singer.

8/10/1942:Betsy Johnson, fashion designer.

8/10/1947:Ian Anderson, rock musician.

8/10/1948:Patti Austin, singer.

8/10/1959:Rosanna Arquette, actress ("Desperately Seeking Susan").

8/11/1807:David R. Atchison, president of US for one day (3/4/1849).

8/11/1833:Robert Green Ingersol, American author.

8/11/1892:Carrie Jacobs Bond, American composer ("I Love You Truly").

8/11/1897:Louise Bogan.

8/11/1899:Joseph Hirshhorn, art collector.

8/11/1902:Lloyd Nolan, actor.

8/11/1921:Alex Haley, author.

8/11/1925:Carl Rowan, newspaper columnist.

8/11/1925:Mike Douglas (Michael Delaney Dowd, Jr), TV host.

8/11/1926:Claus von Bulow (Borberg), socialite.

8/11/1928:Arlene Dahl, actress. (1927?)

8/11/1930:William A. O'Neill, Connecticut Governor.

8/11/1933:Reverend Jerry Falwell, Moral Majority founder.

8/11/1937:Anna Massey, actress.

8/11/1937:Virna Lisi, actress.

8/11/1944:Joanna Coles, children's author.

8/11/1949:Eric Carmen, singer.

8/11/1953:Hulk Hogan (Terry Gene Bollea), professional wrestler.

8/11/1955:Joe Jackson, musician and songwriter.

8/12/1753:Thomas Bewick, English artist, wood engraver, and author.

8/12/1774:Robert Southey, English poet laureate.

8/12/1831:H.P. Blavatsky.

8/12/1849:Abbott Thayer, US painter - credited with the discovery of

         :camouflage in the animal world.

8/12/1859:Katherine Lee Bates, poet-educator ("America the Beautiful").

8/12/1867:Edith Hamilton.

8/12/1876:Mary Roberts Rinehart, mystery writer.

8/12/1880:Christopher (Christy) Mathewson, baseball player.

8/12/1881:Cecil Blount de Mille, movie producer.

8/12/1911:Marion "Cantinflas" Moreno, Mexican comedian-actor.

8/12/1912:Jane Wyatt, actress ("Father Knows Best"). (1913?)

8/12/1913:Kurt Kasznar, actor.

8/12/1919:Michael Kidd (Milton Greenwald), choreographer.

8/12/1925:Dale Bumpers, Arkansas Senator.

8/12/1926:John Derek (Dereck Harris), actor-director.

8/12/1927:Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovich, musician.

8/12/1929:Alvis Edgar "Buck" Owens, singer and musician.

8/12/1930:Porter Wagoner, singer.

8/12/1931:William Goldman, writer.

8/12/1936:John Poindexter, naval officer and former national security


8/12/1939:George Hamilton, actor.

8/12/1941:Jennifer Warren.

8/12/1949:Fernando Collor de Mello, former president of Brazil.

8/12/1949:Mark Knopfler, musician (Dire Straits).

8/13/1422:William Caxton, first English printer.

8/13/1814:A. Angstrom.

8/13/1818:Lucy Stone, pioneer social reformer.

8/13/1860:Annie Oakley (Phoebe Ann Moses), sharpshooter.

8/13/1888:John Baird, Scottish inventor and TV technology pioneer.

8/13/1895:Bert Lahr, actor.

8/13/1899:Alfred (Joseph) Hitchcock, film director.

8/13/1912:Ben Hogan, golfer.

8/13/1919:Rex Humbard, TV evangelist.

8/13/1927:Fidel Castro, Cuban leader.

8/13/1929:Pat Harrington Jr, actor.

8/13/1930:Don Ho, singer.

8/13/1951:Dan Fogelberg, singer.

8/13/1961:Dawnn Lewis, actress.

8/13/1967:Quinn Cummings, actress.

8/14/1840:Richard von Krafft-Ebing, pioneer psychologist.

8/14/1860:Ernest Thompson Seton, naturalist.

8/14/1863:Ernest Lawrence Thayer, author ("Casey at the Bat").

8/14/1867:John Galsworthy, novelist.

8/14/1925:Russell Baker, newspaper columnist.

8/14/1926:Alice Ghostley, actress.

8/14/1926:Buddy Greco, singer.

8/14/1930:Earl Weaver.

8/14/1940:Arthur Betz Laffer, economist.

8/14/1941:David Crosby, rock musician.

8/14/1944:Robyn Smith, jockey.

8/14/1944:Steve Martin, comedian.

8/14/1946:Susan Saint James, actress.

8/14/1947:Danielle Steel, author.

8/14/1950:Gary Larson, cartoonist.

8/14/1959:Earvin "Magic" Johnson, basketball player.

8/14/1964:Neal Anderson, football player.

8/15/1195:Saint Anthony of Padua, patron of the illiterate and poor.

8/15/1769:Napoleon Bonaparte, French Emperor.

8/15/1771:Sir Walter Scott, Scottish novelist.

8/15/1785:Thomas de Quincy, English writer ("Confessions of an English


8/15/1794:Elias Magnus Fries.

8/15/1859:Charles Comiskey, Chicago White Sox owner.

8/15/1860:Florence Kling Dewolfe Harding, wife of Warren Harding.

8/15/1879:Ethel Barrymore (Ethel Blythe), actress.

8/15/1887:Edna Ferber, novelist ("So Big").

8/15/1888:T.E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia"), British soldier and writer.

8/15/1898:Charles Tobias, songwriter ("Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree").

8/15/1906:William Sloane, publishing executive and writer ("The Edge of

         :Running Water").

8/15/1912:Julia Child, TV chef.

8/15/1912:Wendy Hiller, actress.

8/15/1924:Phyllis Stewart Schlafly, antifeminist and author.

8/15/1924:Robert Bolt, playwright.

8/15/1925:Mike Connors (Krekor Ohanian), actor.

8/15/1925:Rose Marie, actress.

8/15/1931:Janice Rule, actress.

8/15/1935:Jim Dale, actor.

8/15/1935:Vernon Eulion Jordan Jr, civil rights leader.

8/15/1944:Linda Ellerbee, author and journalist.

8/15/1945:Barbara Bouchet, actress.

8/15/1945:Gene (Eugene) Upshaw Jr, union executive and football player.

8/15/1946:Jimmy Webb, songwriter.

8/15/1946:Kathryn Whitmire, first female mayor of Houston, Texas.

8/15/1950:Princess Anne of Britain.

8/16/1845:Gabriel Lippman, French inventor of color photography.

8/16/1860:Jules Laforgue, French poet.

8/16/1868:Bernarr MacFadden, publisher and health fad promoter.

8/16/1894:George Meany, labor leader.

8/16/1897:Robert Ringling, circus master.

8/16/1902:Georgette Heyer, novelist.

8/16/1913:Menachem Begin, former Israeli Prime Minister.

8/16/1923:Shimon Peres, Israeli Foreign Minister.

8/16/1925:Fess Parker, actor. (1927?)

8/16/1928:Ann Blyth, actress.

8/16/1930:Frank Gifford, football player and sports commentator.

8/16/1930:Robert Culp, actor.

8/16/1932:Eydie Gorme (Edith Gormezano), singer.

8/16/1935:Julie Newmar, actress.

8/16/1936:Anita Gillette, actress.

8/16/1939:Carole Shelley, actress.

8/16/1946:Lesley Ann Warren, actress.

8/16/1952:Reginald VelJohnson, actor.

8/16/1953:Kathie Lee Gifford, TV personality.

8/16/1958:Madonna (Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone), pop singer.

8/16/1960:Timothy Hutton, actor.

8/16/1961:Christian Okoye, football player.

8/17/1786:David "Davy" Crockett, frontiersman.

8/17/1882:Samuel Goldwyn (Samuel Goldfish), movie producer.

8/17/1887:Marcus Garvey, black nationalist leader.

8/17/1888:Montey Woolley, actor.

8/17/1892:Mae West, actress.

8/17/1904:John Hay Whitney, publisher-diplomat.

8/17/1913:Harrison V. Chase, co-editor of "Chase's Annual Events."

8/17/1917:Caspar Weinberger, former US Secretary of Defense. (8/18?)

8/17/1920:Maureen O'Hara, actress.

8/17/1923:Larry Rivers, artist.

8/17/1929:Francis Gary Powers, US aviator.

8/17/1930:Ted Hughes, British poet laureate.

8/17/1932:V.S. Naipaul.

8/17/1943:Robert DeNiro, actor.

8/17/1951:Clell Lavern "Butch" Hobson, Jr., baseball manager.

8/17/1952:Guillermo Vilas, tennis player.

8/17/1952:Nelson Piquet, auto racer.

8/17/1958:Belinda Carlisle, singer.

8/17/1960:Sean Penn, actor.

8/17/1969:Donnie Wahlberg, singer.

8/18/1587:Virginia Dare, first child of English parents born in New World.

8/18/1774:Meriwether Lewis, American explorer.

8/18/1835:Marshall Field, Chicago department store founder.

8/18/1873:Otto Harbach, songwriter ("Smoke Gets in Your Eyes").

8/18/1904:Max Factor, Jr.

8/18/1917:Casper Willard Weinberger, former US Secretary of Defense. (8/17?)

8/18/1922:Shelley Winters (Shelly Schrift), actress.

8/18/1927:(Eleanor) Rosalynn Smith Carter, former US first lady.

8/18/1932:Luc Montagnier, virologist.

8/18/1933:Roman Polanski, movie director.

8/18/1934:Roberto Clemente, baseball player.

8/18/1935:Gail Fisher, actress.

8/18/1937:(Charles) Robert Redford, actor and director.

8/18/1943:Martin Mull, actor and comedian.

8/18/1952:Patrick Swayze, actor.

8/18/1960:Fat (Lafayette) Lever, basketball player.

8/18/1969:Christian Slater, actor.

8/18/1970:Malcolm-Jamal Warner, actor.

8/19/1646:J. Flamsteed.

8/19/1785:Seth Thomas, Connecticut clockmaker.

8/19/1870:Bernard Baruch, statesman.

8/19/1871:Orville Wright, aviation pioneer.

8/19/1882:Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, French fashion designer.

8/19/1902:Ogden Nash, humorist.

8/19/1903:James Gould Cozzens, American novelist ("By Love Possessed").

8/19/1906:Philo Farnsworth, pioneer TV engineer.

8/19/1910:Quentin Bell.

8/19/1915:Ring Lardner Jr, writer.

8/19/1919:Malcolm Forbes, publisher.

8/19/1921:Gene Roddenberry, "Star Trek" creator.

8/19/1931:Willie Shoemaker, jockey.

8/19/1933:Debra Paget, actress.

8/19/1934:David F. Durenberger, Minnesota Senator.

8/19/1934:Rene Richards (Richard Raskind), tennis player.

8/19/1938:Diana Muldaur, actress.

8/19/1940:Jill Saint John (Jill Oppenheim), actress.

8/19/1940:Johnny Nash, singer.

8/19/1946:Bill Clinton, US president.

8/19/1948:Gerald McRaney, actor ("Major Dad").

8/19/1948:Tipper Gore, wife of Al Gore.

8/19/1952:Jonathan Frakes, actor.

8/19/1955:Cindy Nelson, skier.

8/19/1956:Adam Arkin, actor.

8/19/1958:Gary Gaetti, baseball player.

8/19/1960:Morten Anderson, football player.

8/19/1960:Ronald Maurice Darling Jr, baseball player.

8/19/1963:John Stamos.

8/19/1965:Kevin Dillon, actor ("Platoon").

8/20/1744:Conrad Moench.

8/20/1778:Bernardo O'Higgins, first ruler of Chile after independence.

8/20/1833:Benjamin Harrison, 23rd US president.

8/20/1860:Raymond Poincare, French statesman.

8/20/1873:(Gottlieb) Eliel Saarinen, architect.

8/20/1881:Edgar Albert Guest, poet.

8/20/1886:Paul Tillich, German-American theologian.

8/20/1890:H(oward) P(hillips) Lovecraft, horror writer.

8/20/1910:Eero Saarinen, architect.

8/20/1911:Ronald Udell, Pinewood Studios construction manager.

8/20/1917:Terry Sanford, North Carolina Senator.

8/20/1921:Jacqueline Susann, author.

8/20/1923:Jim Reeves, western singer.

8/20/1933:George John Mitchell, Maine Senator.

8/20/1935:Ron Paul, former Texas congressman.

8/20/1936:Carla Fracci, dancer.

8/20/1942:Issac Hayes, singer-songwriter.

8/20/1944:Graig Nettles, baseball player.

8/20/1944:Rajiv Gandhi, former Indian Prime Minister. (8/29?)

8/20/1946:Connie Chung (Constance Yu-Hwa), journalist.

8/20/1948:Robert Plant, rock musician.

8/20/1954:Theresa Saldana, actress.

8/20/1955:Peter Horton, actor.

8/20/1960:Mark Edward Langston, baseball player.

8/20/1960:Tom Brunansky, baseball player.

8/21/1872:Aubrey Beardsley, English illustrator.

8/21/1904:William "Count" Basie, jazz great.

8/21/1911:Anthony Boucher, mystery novelist.

8/21/1920:Christopher Robin Milne, son of A.A. Milne.

8/21/1930:Donald King, boxing promoter.

8/21/1930:Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II.

8/21/1936:Booth Gardner, Washington Governor.

8/21/1936:Wilton Norman "Wilt" Chamberlain, basketball player.

8/21/1938:Kenny Rogers, singer.

8/21/1938:Steve Cowper, Alaska Governor.

8/21/1939:Clarence Williams III, actor.

8/21/1944:Jackie DeShannon, singer and songwriter.

8/21/1945:Patty McCormack, actress.

8/21/1951:Harry Smith, TV host.

8/21/1959:Jim McMahon, football player.

8/22/1817:Emily Chubbock Judson (a.k.a. Fanny Forester), American poet.

8/22/1834:Samuel Pierpont Langley, American astronomer and physicist.

8/22/1836:Archibald M. Willard, American artist ("The Spirit of '76").

8/22/1848:Melville Elijah Stone, American journalist.

8/22/1862:(Achille) Claude Debussy, French composer.

8/22/1867:Charles Jenkins, inventor of the conical drinking cup and brakes

         :for airplanes.

8/22/1893:Dorothy Parker, American writer and critic.

8/22/1904:Deng Xiaoping, Chinese leader.

8/22/1908:Henri Cartier-Bresson, photographer.

8/22/1917:John Lee Hooker, blues musician.

8/22/1920:Dr. Denton Cooley, heart surgeon.

8/22/1920:Ray Bradbury, science fiction author.

8/22/1926:Marc Bohan, French fashion designer.

8/22/1928:Karlheinz Stockhausen, German composer.

8/22/1932:Gerald Paul Carr, astronaut.

8/22/1934:General H. Norman Schwarzkopf.

8/22/1935:Morton Dean, ABC newsman.

8/22/1939:Carl Yastrzemski, baseball player.

8/22/1940:Valerie Harper, actress. (1941?)

8/22/1947:Cindy Williams, actress ("Laverne and Shirley").

8/22/1956:Paul Leo Molitor, baseball player.

8/22/1963:Terry Catledge.

8/22/1964:Mats Wilander, tennis player.

8/23/1754:King Louis XVI of France.

8/23/1785:Oliver Hazard Perry, naval hero.

8/23/1869:Edgar Lee Masters, poet and novelist ("Spoon River Anthology").

8/23/1883:General Jonathan Wainwright, hero of Bataan in WWII.

8/23/1884:Will Cuppy, humorist.

8/23/1905:Ernie Bushmiller, cartoonist ("Nancy").

8/23/1912:Gene Kelly, dancer and actor.

8/23/1913:Bob Crosby, orchestra leader.

8/23/1930:Vera Miles, actress.

8/23/1932:Mark Russell (Mark Ruslander), political satirist.

8/23/1933:Pete Wilson, California Governor.

8/23/1934:Barbara Eden (Barbara Huffman), actress.

8/23/1940:Richard Sanders, actor. (8/28?)

8/23/1942:Patricia McBride, ballet dancer.

8/23/1944:Antonia Novello, former US Surgeon General.

8/23/1947:Keith Moon, rock drummer ("The Who").

8/23/1949:Rick Springfield, singer-actor.

8/23/1949:Shelley Long, actress.

8/23/1951:Queen Noor of Jordan.

8/23/1957:Michael James Boddicker, baseball player.

8/23/1970:River Phoenix, actor.

8/24/1591:Robert Herrick.

8/24/1759:William Wilberforce, pioneer British abolitionist.

8/24/1872:Sir Max Beerbohm, English critic and wit.

8/24/1880:Joshua Lionel Cowen, electric toy train inventor.

8/24/1894:Jean Rhys.

8/24/1895:Cardinal Richard Cushing, archbishop of Boston.

8/24/1897:Fred Rose, country music publisher.

8/24/1899:Jorge Luis Borges, Argentine poet and author.

8/24/1912:Durward Kirby, TV personality.

8/24/1917:Dennis James, TV host.

8/24/1922:Rene Levesque, premier of the Province of Quebec.

8/24/1924:Louis Teicher, pianist-composer.

8/24/1925:Shirley Hufstedler, former US Secretary of Education.

8/24/1938:Mason Williams, composer.

8/24/1942:Maxwell Joseph Cleland, government official.

8/24/1944:Gregory B. Jarvis, payload specialist aboard Space Shuttle


8/24/1944:Jim Capaldi, musician.

8/24/1954:Archie Griffin, Ohio State football running back and 2-time

         :Heisman Trophy winner.

8/24/1956:Gerry Cooney, boxer.

8/24/1958:Steve Guttenberg, actor ("Cocoon").

8/24/1960:Cal Ripken Jr, baseball player.

8/24/1965:Marlee Matlin, actress.

8/24/1965:Reggie (Reginald Wayne) Miller, basketball player.

8/25/1530:Czar Ivan IV ("Ivan the Terrible") of Russia.

8/25/1819:Allan Pinkerton, founder of the private detective agency.

8/25/1836:Francis Bret(t) Harte, author.

8/25/1909:Ruby Keeler (Ethel Hilda Keeler), dancer and actress.

8/25/1912:Erich Honecker, East German political leader.

8/25/1913:Eugene V. Rostow, former US arms control director.

8/25/1913:Walter Kelly, "Pogo" cartoonist.

8/25/1916:Van Johnson, actor.

8/25/1917:Don DeFore, actor.

8/25/1917:Mel(chor Gaston) Ferrer, actor.

8/25/1918:Leonard Bernstein, composer and conductor.

8/25/1919:George C. Wallace, former Alabama Governor.

8/25/1923:Monty Hall, game show host.

8/25/1930:Sean Connery, actor.

8/25/1931:Cecil D. Andrus, Idaho Governor.

8/25/1933:Tom Skerritt, actor.

8/25/1934:John Stears, special effects expert.

8/25/1946:Roland Glen "Rollie" Fingers, baseball player.

8/25/1947:Anne Archer, actress.

8/25/1954:Elvis Costello, musician.

8/25/1966:Cornelius O'Landa Bennett, football player.

8/26/1676:Sir Robert Walpole, British statesman.

8/26/1743:Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, French founder of modern chemistry.

8/26/1838:John Wilkes Booth, presidential assassin. (5/10?)

8/26/1873:Lee deForest, "the father of radio."

8/26/1875:John Buchan.

8/26/1880:Guillaume Apollinaire.

8/26/1884:Earl Biggers, author ("Charlie Chan" detective series).

8/26/1904:Christopher William Isherwood, author ("Sally Bowles").

8/26/1906:Albert Sabin, discoverer of oral vaccine for polio.

8/26/1911:Lester Lanin, orchestra leader.

8/26/1917:William French Smith, former US Attorney General.

8/26/1919:Ronny Graham, actor-composer.

8/26/1921:Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee, former Washington Post executive.

8/26/1922:Irving R. Levine, broadcast journalist.

8/26/1925:Jan Clayton, actress.

8/26/1933:Ben J. Wattenberg, author.

8/26/1935:Geraldine Anne Ferraro, politician.

8/26/1948:Valerie Simpson, singer.

8/26/1957:Alex Trevino.

8/26/1960:Branford Marsalis, jazz saxophonist

8/26/1965:Carlos Quintana, baseball player.

8/26/1975:Chris Burke.

8/26/1980:Macaulay Culkin, actor.

8/27/-551:Confucius. (9/28?)

8/27/1770:Georg Hegel, German philosopher.

8/27/1809:Hannibal Hamlin, 15th US vice president.

8/27/1865:Charles Gates Dawes, 30th US vice president.

8/27/1871:Theodore Dreiser, US novelist.

8/27/1874:Karl Bosch, German chemist.

8/27/1877:Charles Rolls, English automaker.

8/27/1899:C.S. Forester, British novelist.

8/27/1908:Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th US president.

8/27/1910:Mother Teresa (Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu), Nobel Peace Prize winner.

8/27/1916:Martha Raye (Margaret Theresa Yvonne Reed), actress.

8/27/1928:Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi, Chief Minister of Kwazulu, South


8/27/1937:Tommy Sands, singer-actor.

8/27/1942:Daryl Dragon, musician.

8/27/1943:J. Robert Kerry, Nebraska Senator.

8/27/1943:Tuesday Weld (Susan Kerr), actress.

8/27/1947:Barbara Bach, actress.

8/27/1952:Pee-wee Herman (Paul Reubens), comedian.

8/28/1749:Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet, novelist and dramatist.

8/28/1774:First US-born saint (Mother Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton).

8/28/1831:Lucy Ware Webb Hayes, wife of Rutherford B. Hayes.

8/28/1899:Charles Boyer, French actor.

8/28/1903:Bruno Bettelheim, psychologist.

8/28/1913:Robertson Davies.

8/28/1921:Nancy Kulp, actress.

8/28/1924:Janet Frame.

8/28/1925:Donald O'Connor, actor-dancer.

8/28/1930:Ben Gazzara, actor.

8/28/1940:Richard Sanders, actor. (8/23?)

8/28/1940:William S. Cohen, Maine Senator.

8/28/1943:David Soul, actor. (1946?)

8/28/1943:Lou Piniella, baseball manager.

8/28/1949:Gates McFadden, actress.

8/28/1950:Ron Guidry, baseball player.

8/28/1958:Scott Hamilton, skating champion.

8/28/1960:Emma Samms (Emma Samuelson), actress.

8/28/1971:Janet Evans, swimmer.

8/29/1632:John Locke, English philosopher.

8/29/1809:Oliver Wendell Holmes, author and poet.

8/29/1811:Henry Bergh, founder of the ASPCA.

8/29/1815:Anna Ella Carroll, US writer.

8/29/1876:Charles Kettering, automotive inventor.

8/29/1881:Valery Nicolas Larbaud, French novelist.

8/29/1912:Barry Sullivan, actor.

8/29/1915:Ingrid Bergman, actress.

8/29/1916:George Montgomery, actor.

8/29/1917:Isabel Sanford, actress.

8/29/1920:Charlie Parker, jazz saxophonist.

8/29/1923:Sir Richard Attenborough, actor and producer.

8/29/1924:Dinah Washington, jazz and pop singer.

8/29/1934:David H. Pryor, Arkansas Senator.

8/29/1936:John Sidney McCain III, Arizona Senator.

8/29/1937:James Florio, New Jersey Governor.

8/29/1938:Elliott Gould (Elliott Goldstein), actor.

8/29/1939:William Friedkin, movie director.

8/29/1941:Robin Leach, television personality.

8/29/1944:Rajiv Gandhi, Indian political leader. (8/20?)

8/29/1956:Mark Morris, choreographer.

8/29/1958:Michael Jackson, pop singer.

8/29/1962:Carl Banks, football player.

8/29/1962:Rebecca De Mornay, actress.

8/29/1965:William Edward Perdue, basketball player.

8/30/1797:Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, author ("Frankenstein").

8/30/1837:Ellen Lewis Herndon Arthur, wife of Chester Alan Arthur.

8/30/1891:Claire Straith, innovator in cosmetic surgery.

8/30/1893:Huey Pierce Long, Louisiana Governor.

8/30/1896:Raymond Massey, actor.

8/30/1901:John Gunther, journalist ("Inside USA").

8/30/1901:Roy Wilkins, former NAACP executive director.

8/30/1907:John W. Mauchly.

8/30/1907:Shirley Booth, actress.

8/30/1908:Fred MacMurray, actor.

8/30/1909:Joan Blondell, actress.

8/30/1918:Ted Williams, baseball player.

8/30/1919:Kitty Wells (Muriel Deason), country music singer.

8/30/1922:Regina Resnik, opera singer.

8/30/1937:Geoffrey Beene, clothing designer.

8/30/1939:Elizabeth Ashley (Elizabeth Ann Cole), actress.

8/30/1943:Jean-Claude Killy, skier.

8/30/1947:Peggy Lipton, actress.

8/30/1951:Timothy Bottoms, actor.

8/30/1953:Robert Parish, basketball player.

8/31/1811:Theophile Gautier, French poet and critic.

8/31/1870:Maria Montessori, Italian educator.

8/31/1897:Fredric March, actor.

8/31/1899:Paul E. Garber, Smithsonian Air Museum curator.

8/31/1900:Roland Culver, British actor.

8/31/1903:Arthur Godfrey, entertainer.

8/31/1908:William Saroyan, US writer ("The Human Comedy").

8/31/1913:Sir Bernard Lovell, astronomer.

8/31/1916:Daniel Schorr, broadcast journalist.

8/31/1924:Buddy Hackett (Leonard Hacker), comedian.

8/31/1925:Ted Schwinden, Montana Governor.

8/31/1928:James Coburn, actor.

8/31/1935:Frank Robinson, baseball player.

8/31/1945:Itzhak Perlman, violinist.

8/31/1945:Van Morrison, singer and songwriter.

8/31/1949:Richard Gere, actor.

8/31/1955:Edwin Moses, track athlete.

8/31/1957:Glenn Tilbrook, singer and musician.

8/31/1970:Debbie Gibson, singer.



8/1      :Army Day (China).

8/1      :Emancipation Day (Trinidad, Tobago, and Granada).

8/1      :Freedom Day (Guyana). (8/4?)

8/1      :Homowo (Ghana).

8/1      :National Day (Switzerland).

8/1      :Parent's Day (Zaire).

8/1      :Rounds Re-sounding Day.

8/1/1291 :Swiss Confederation founded.

8/1/1714 :George I became English Sovereign.

8/1/1787 :Proof sheets of the Constitution of the United States printed.

8/1/1789 :First US customs officers began collecting.

8/1/1790 :First US census taken (3,929,214 people in 17 states).

8/1/1838 :Slavery abolished in Jamaica.

8/1/1870 :Utah Territory allowed women to vote.

8/1/1873 :Cable car designed for San Francisco successfully tested.

8/1/1876 :Colorado became 38th US state.

8/1/1896 :George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen reached England while rowing

         :from New York to France.

8/1/1903 :First US cross-country trip completed (Packard - 52 days).

8/1/1903 :Martha (Calamity Jane) Burk, frontierswoman, died.

8/1/1907 :US Army Air Force founded (now the USAF).

8/1/1914 :Germany declared war on Russia.

8/1/1933 :NRA (National Recovery Administration) established.

8/1/1946 :Atomic Energy Commission established.

8/1/1950 :Guam became a US territory.

8/1/1963 :First black named to a US Davis Cup team (Arthur Ashe).

8/1/1966 :Charles Joeseph Whitman shot after killing 15 people at

         :University of Texas.

8/1/1971 :Concert for Bangladesh.

8/1/1981 :MTV debuted.

8/2      :I Want You To Be Happy Day.

8/2      :Nuestra Senora de los Angeles (Costa Rica).

8/2      :Saint Elias Day (Illinden).

8/2      :Saint John's Regatta (Canada).

8/2      :Sinjska Alka (Yugoslavia).

8/2/1776 :US Declaration of Independence actually signed.

8/2/1788 :Thomas Gainsborough, English portrait artist ("The Blue Boy"),


8/2/1799 :Jacques Etienne Montgolfier, co-inventor of hot air balloon, died.

8/2/1811 :William Williams, signer of US Declaration of Independence, died.

8/2/1832 :Black Hawk defeated (Iowa).

8/2/1858 :First street letter boxes installed (Boston and New York).

8/2/1859 :Horace Mann, father of public education in the US, died.

8/2/1861 :A US national income tax bill was passed to aid the Union war


8/2/1903 :Macedonians rose up against Turkey.

8/2/1921 :Enrico Caruso, Italian operatic tenor, died.

8/2/1921 :Several former Chicago White Sox and two others acquitted in

         :"Black Sox" scandal.

8/2/1922 :Alexander Graham Bell, telephone inventor, died.

8/2/1923 :Warren Gamaliel Harding, 29th US president, died.

8/2/1936 :Louis Bleriot, first to fly across English channel, died.

8/2/1939 :Einstein wrote a letter to FDR describing the atomic bomb.

8/2/1943 :PT-109 rammed and sunk.

8/2/1946 :First peacetime production of atomic energy delivered (St. Louis).

8/2/1968 :Earthquake in Philippines (307 killed).

8/2/1977 :Francis Gary Powers, US aviator, died.

8/2/1979 :Thurman Munson, New York Yankee catcher, died.

8/2/1985 :Apollo Computer Inc. announced cost cutting measures including a

         :15% salary reduction with six days off over the next eight


8/2/1985 :Delta Airlines jumbo jet crashed at Dallas-Fort Worth (137


8/2/1985 :Largest health-related settlement ever offered by a US company

         :(Manville Corp., asbestos).

8/2/1988 :Raymond Carver, US poet and short story writer, died.

8/2/1990 :Saddam Hussein ordered the invasion of Kuwait.

8/3      :Bourguiba Harib Birthday (Tunisia).

8/3      :Colonization Martyr's Day (Guinea-Bissau).

8/3      :Independence Day (Jamaica and Niger).

8/3      :Memorial Day of Archbishop Makarios (Cyprus).

8/3/1492 :Christopher Columbus set sail from Palos, Spain.

8/3/1777 :New US flag flown in battle.

8/3/1852 :First intercollegiate sports competition (Harvard vs. Yale -


8/3/1861 :US Army nurses' pay raised from $8 per month to $12 per month.

8/3/1882 :US Congress passed first law restricting immigration.

8/3/1914 :Germany declared war on France.

8/3/1923 :Calvin Coolidge sworn in as the 30th US president after Harding


8/3/1924 :Joseph Conrad, Polish novelist, died.

8/3/1929 :Thorstein Veblen, US economist, died.

8/3/1941 :Joe DiMaggio ended his streak of 74 consecutive games reaching

         :base safely.

8/3/1954 :Colette, French novelist, died.

8/3/1955 :Hurricane Connie hit US - 11 days.

8/3/1958 :USS Nautilus crossed under north polar ice cap.

8/3/1966 :Lenny Bruce, comedian, died.

8/3/1975 :Superdome (New Orleans) opened.

8/3/1976 :First Viking I images of Mars beamed back to Earth.

8/3/1977 :"The Spy Who Loved Me" released in US.

8/3/1981 :Apollo Computer UK Ltd. began operations.

8/3/1981 :US air traffic controllers went on strike. (1980?)

8/3/1988 :Mathias Rust released by the Soviet Union after he landed a plane

         :in Red Square.

8/4      :Freedom Day (Guyana). (8/1?)

8/4      :Lizzie Borden Liberation Day.

8/4      :National Day (Burkina Faso).

8/4      :Nicole Robin Day (Virgin Islands).

8/4/1735 :John Peter Zenger, New York newspaperman, acquitted of libel


8/4/1790 :US Coast Guard founded.

8/4/1821 :William Floyd, signer of the US Declaration of Independence, died.

8/4/1830 :Plans for the city of Chicago laid out.

8/4/1862 :General McClellan's troops recalled.

8/4/1874 :Chautauqua Organization formed (New York).

8/4/1875 :Hans Christian Andersen, Danish storyteller, died.

8/4/1892 :Borden murders (Fall River, Massachusetts).

8/4/1914 :Britain declared war on Germany.

8/4/1922 :Alexander Graham Bell's funeral (13 million phones silent for one


8/4/1944 :Anne Frank arrested by Nazi police in Amsterdam.

8/4/1949 :Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medal established.

8/4/1949 :Eathquake hit Ecuador (>6000 killed).

8/4/1959 :First black to wear Red Sox uniform (Pumpsie Green).

8/4/1962 :Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, South African leader, apprehended.

8/4/1964 :Bombing of North Vietnam began.

8/4/1964 :Three civil rights workers found slain outside Philadelphia,


8/4/1971 :First satellite launched from a manned spacecraft (Apollo 15).

8/4/1972 :Arthur Bremer found guilty of shooting George Wallace.

8/4/1982 :First player to get hits for two different baseball teams in two

         :different cities in the same day (Joel Youngblood - Mets and


8/4/1983 :Dave Winfield accidently killed a seagull with a warmup toss in


8/4/1984 :Upper Volta changed its name to Burkina Faso.

8/4/1985 :Rod Carew got his 3000th hit.

8/4/1985 :Tom Seaver won his 300th major league baseball game.

8/4/1990 :Ettore Maserati died.

8/5      :Bank Holiday (Scotland and Northern Ireland).

8/5      :National Mustard Day.

8/5/1100 :Henry I became the English Sovereign.

8/5/1583 :Sir Humphrey Gilbert (Britain) claimed Newfoundland.

8/5/1763 :Battle of Bushy Run.

8/5/1861 :US Federal Income Tax signed into law.

8/5/1864 :Battle of Mobile Bay (Alabama).

8/5/1884 :Cornerstone laid for Statue of Liberty.

8/5/1909 :US Corporation tax first enacted.

8/5/1914 :First US traffic light installed (Euclid and East 105th Street,


8/5/1959 :Edgar Albert Guest, poet, died.

8/5/1962 :Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean Mortenson, later Baker), actress,

         :found dead.

8/5/1969 :Willie Stargell (Pirates) knocked one completely out of Dodger


8/5/1984 :Richard Burton (Richard Jenkins), actor, died.

8/5/1991 :Paul Brown, founder of the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati

         :Bengals, died.

8/6      :Caricom (Barbados).

8/6      :Emancipation Day (Bahamas).

8/6      :Independence Day (Bolivia).

8/6/1637 :Ben Jonson, English playwright and poet, died.

8/6/1774 :"Mother Ann" Lee, founder of the Shakers, arrived in New York.

8/6/1777 :Battle of Oriskany.

8/6/1801 :Second Great Awakening or Great Revival of the West.

8/6/1825 :Bolivia gained independence from Spain.

8/6/1890 :Cy Young pitched his first game.

8/6/1890 :First execution by electrocution (William Kemmler - New York).

8/6/1914 :Ellen Louise Axson Wilson, first wife of of Woodrow Wilson, died.

8/6/1926 :First American (and first woman) swam the English Channel

         :(Gertrude Ederle).

8/6/1930 :Judge Joseph Force Crater stepped out of a New York chop house,

         :never to be heard from again.

8/6/1940 :Battle of North Africa began.

8/6/1945 :Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima (8:15 am local time, 80,000


8/6/1954 :David Grandison Fairchild, US botanist, died.

8/6/1958 :Jimmy's Drive-in (Milford, New Jersey) opened.

8/6/1961 :Vostok 2 (USSR) launched.

8/6/1962 :Jamaica attained independence.

8/6/1966 :Luci Baines Johnson married Patrick Nugent.

8/6/1978 :Pope Paul VI (Giovanni Battista Montini) died.

8/6/1979 :Kurt Kasznar, actor, died.

8/6/1980 :First horserace with purse of more than $2 million.

8/6/1991 :Harry Reasoner, TV reporter, died.

8/7      :Battle of Boyaca (Colombia).

8/7/1782 :Order of the Purple Heart established.

8/7/1789 :US War Department established.

8/7/1834 :Jacquard died.

8/7/1862 :Union forces re-took Fort Filmore (New Mexico Territory).

8/7/1888 :Revolving door patented.

8/7/1896 :George Harbo and Frank Samuelsen finish rowing from New York to


8/7/1941 :Rabindranath Tagore, Hindu poet and mystic, died.

8/7/1942 :US Marines landed on Guadalcanal.

8/7/1959 :First photograph of Earth taken from space (Explorer VI).

8/7/1961 :Titov orbited the earth 17 times.

8/7/1963 :Jacqueline Kennedy became the first wife of a president to give

         :birth while he was in the White House since the days of Grover


8/7/1964 :"Gulf of Tonkin Resolution" approved.

8/7/1971 :Apollo-15 splashed down despite failure of one of its three


8/7/1971 :Love Canal (New York) declared a disaster area.

8/7/1986 :Russia announced it granted political asylum to Edward Lee Howard.

8/7/1989 :Congressman M. Leland died in a plane crash enroute to Ethiopia.

8/8      :Bonza Bottler Day.

8/8      :Fete Des Cuisinieres (French West Indies).

8/8      :Middle Children's Day.

8/8      :Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbors' Porch Night.

8/8/1829 :First steam-powered locomotive (Stourbridge Lion) operated in US.

8/8/1876 :Mimeograph patented (Edison - Menlo Park, New Jersey).

8/8/1883 :First official visit by a US president to Indians of the West.

8/8/1914 :Montenegro declared war on Germany.

8/8/1940 :German Luftwaffe began daylight raids on Britain.

8/8/1942 :General Eisenhower given command of Allied invasion of North


8/8/1945 :Russia declared war on Japan.

8/8/1963 :The Great Train Robbery ($7,368,000).

8/8/1968 :Richard Nixon got Republican Presidential Nomination.

8/8/1974 :Richard Nixon announced resignation.

8/8/1978 :Pioneer Venus Multiprobe (US) launched.

8/8/1988 :First night game held at Wrigley Field.

8/9      :Independence Day (Singapore).

8/9      :International Day of Solidarity with the Struggle of Women of

         :South Africa.

8/9/-480 :Persia defeated Spartans at Thermopylae.

8/9/1642 :First Harvard commencement. (9/23?)

8/9/1842 :US-Canada border defined (Webster-Ashburton Treaty).

8/9/1859 :Escalator patented.

8/9/1936 :Jesse Owens won fourth Olympic gold medal.

8/9/1945 :Atomic bomb ("Fat Man") dropped on Nagasaki (11:02 am).

8/9/1969 :Sharon Tate and four others killed by members of Charles Manson's


8/9/1974 :Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency (12:00 noon).

8/9/1975 :Dmitri Shostakovich, Russian composer, died.

8/9/1981 :Largest crowd during baseball All-Star game (72,086, Cleveland).

8/9/1985 :Retired Navy Lt. Commander Arthur Walker convicted of spying for


8/10     :Independence Day (Ecuador).

8/10/1622:Province of Maine granted to John Mason and Ferdinando Gorges.

8/10/1759:Ferdinand VI of Spain died.

8/10/1776:"E pluribus unum" (Out of many one) adopted as US motto.

8/10/1809:Ecuador attained independence.

8/10/1821:Missouri became 24th US state.

8/10/1833:Chicago incorporated (population 200).

8/10/1835:Noyes Academy (Canaan, New Hampshire) burned after 14 blacks


8/10/1846:Smithsonian Institute established (bequest by J. Smithson).

8/10/1861:Battle of Wilson's Creek.

8/10/1869:Motion picture projector patented (O.B. Brown - Malden,


8/10/1885:First electric streetcar ran (Baltimore).

8/10/1912:Virginia Stephen married Leonard Woolf.

8/10/1921:FDR stricken with polio.

8/10/1945:Robert Hutchings Goddard, "father of the space age," died.

8/10/1960:Discoverer 13 (US) launched.

8/10/1966:Lunar Orbiter 1 (US) launched.

8/10/1969:LaBianca murders ("The Manson Family").

8/10/1977:US and Panama agreed to transfer the canal in the year 2000.

8/10/1982:First day of filming "Octopussy."

8/11     :Independence Day (Chad).

8/11     :King Hussein's Accession to Throne (Jordan).

8/11/1780:Barbados hurricane began.

8/11/1841:Frederick Douglass, runaway slave, first spoke in public.

8/11/1877:Asaph Hall, US astronomer, discovered the two moons of Mars

         :(Phobos and Deimos).

8/11/1881:Caroline Carmichael McIntosh Fillmore, second wife of Millard

         :Fillmore, died.

8/11/1903:Eugenio Maria de Hostos, Puerto Rican patriot, died.

8/11/1909:SOS distress signal first used by an American ship (Arapahoe).

8/11/1919:Andrew Carnegie, industrialist, died.

8/11/1937:Edith Wharton, American author, died.

8/11/1954:France ended seven year war in Indochina.

8/11/1962:Vostok 3 (USSR) launched.

8/11/1963:The Kingston Trio was mystery guest on "What's My Line?".

8/11/1963:PDP-5 unveiled (WESCON).

8/11/1965:Riots began in the Watts section of Los Angeles (34 killed, 856


8/11/1971:Ground was broken for the construction of the Superdome (New


8/11/1971:John Lindsay, New York mayor, switched to the Democratic party.

8/11/1977:David Berkowitz ("Son of Sam") arrested.

8/11/1980:Canadian postal strike ended after six weeks.

8/11/1984:President Reagan's voice-test-joke.

8/11/1985:Union Carbide toxic gas leak (Institute, West Virginia).

8/12     :Birthday of the Queen (Thailand).

8/12     :Indian Day (Massachusetts).

8/12     :Umpire Appreciation Day.

8/12/1658:First police in America (New Amsterdam).

8/12/1676:King Philip's War (American Indians vs. white settlers in New

         :England) ended.

8/12/1684:Nicolo Amati, Italian violin maker, died.

8/12/1827:William Blake, English poet, died.

8/12/1848:George Stephenson, developer of steam locomotive, died.

8/12/1851:Isaac Singer granted a patent for his sewing machine.

8/12/1867:President Johnson suspended Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton.

8/12/1891:James Russell Lowell, US essayist, poet, and diplomat, died.

8/12/1898:Hostilities ended in the Spanish-American War.

8/12/1934:Babe Ruth played his last American League game (double header Red

         :Sox vs. Yankees).

8/12/1955:Bill signed raising minimum wage from $.75 to $1.

8/12/1955:Thomas Mann died.

8/12/1960:Echo I (US), first successful communications balloon, launched.

8/12/1964:Ian Lancaster Fleming, creator of James Bond, died.

8/12/1972:Last US ground troops out of Vietnam.

8/12/1977:First successful flight of spacecraft on its own in Earth's


8/12/1981:IBM unveiled the IBM Personal Computer. (8/14?)

8/12/1982:Henry Jaynes Fonda, actor, died.

8/12/1984:The XXIII Olympic Games in Los Angeles ended.

8/12/1985:Japan Airlines Boeing 747 crashed in central Japan (520 killed).

8/13     :Battle of Flowers (England).

8/13     :Independence Day (Central African Republic).

8/13     :International Lefthanders Day.

8/13     :National Alcoholism Awareness Day.

8/13     :O-Bon Festival (Japan).

8/13     :Women's Day (Tunisia).

8/13/1651:Litchfield, Connecticut founded.

8/13/1826:Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec, French inventor of stethoscope,


8/13/1831:Blue sun observed throughout the South.

8/13/1881:Edward John Trelawney, English traveller and author, died.

8/13/1898:US forces captured Manila.

8/13/1907:First taxi cab appeared in New York.

8/13/1910:Brookly and Pitsburgh tied 8-8 (each had 38 at-bats, 13 hits, 12

         :assists, 2 errors, 5 strikeouts, 3 walks, 1 hit batsman, and 1

         :passed ball).

8/13/1910:Florence Nightingale, English nurse, died.

8/13/1912:First experimental radio liscense issued.

8/13/1930:Air speed record set (Los Angeles to New York in 12 hours, 25

         :minutes, Captain Frank Hawkes).

8/13/1934:L'il Abner debuted.

8/13/1935:Roller Derby began.

8/13/1946:Herbert George Wells, author-historian ("The Time Machine"), died.

8/13/1960:Central African Republic proclaimed its independence.

8/13/1961:Berlin wall began being erected.

8/13/1971:King Curtis, saxophonist, killed.

8/13/1991:Richard Snelling, Vermont Governor died.

8/14     :Independence Day (Pakistan).

8/14     :La Torta dei Feischi (Italy).

8/14     :Liberty Tree Day (Massachusetts).

8/14     :Victory Day (Rhode Island).

8/14     :Waddi Dhahab (Morocco).

8/14/1040:Macbeth slew Duncan.

8/14/1248:The Cologne Cathedral, largest Gothic church in northern Europe,

         :began being built.

8/14/1880:The Cologne Cathedral, largest Gothic church in northern Europe,

         :was completed.

8/14/1888:Electric meter patented.

8/14/1891:Sarah Childress Polk, wife of James Knox Polk, died.

8/14/1900:Boxer rebellion put down.

8/14/1910:First Esperanto convention.

8/14/1925:Mount Rushmore figures proposed.

8/14/1935:US Social Security Act signed into law.

8/14/1941:Atlantic Charter signed.

8/14/1945:VJ (Victory in Japan) Day (WWII ended).

8/14/1951:William Randolph Hearst, publisher, died.

8/14/1958:Mary Ritter Beard, US historian, died.

8/14/1961:Clark Ashton Smith, author ("The Double Shadow and Other

         :Fantasies"), died.

8/14/1965:First black page appointed to US Congress (Frank Mitchell).

8/14/1972:East German airliner crashed on takeoff (156 killed).

8/14/1976:365 inning softball game began (Gagner's Diner 491 - Bend'n Elbow

         :Tavern 467).

8/14/1980:Domestic cow mothered a wild ox (Bronx Zoo).

8/14/1981:IBM PC announced. (8/12?)

8/14/1992:John J. Sirica, US federal judge (Watergate), died.

8/15     :Blessing of shrimp fleet in Little Caillon, Louisiana.

8/15     :Chauvin Day.

8/15     :Independence Day (India).

8/15     :Liberation Day (South Korea).

8/15     :National Holiday (Congo).

8/15     :National Relaxation Day.

8/15     :Panama City Foundation Day (Panama).

8/15     :Santa Maria (Malta).

8/15/1057:Macbeth, King of Scotland killed by King Duncan's son.

8/15/1534:Jesuits founded.

8/15/1790:First US Roman Catholic bishop consecrated (Father John Carroll).

8/15/1846:California's first newspaper began publication.

8/15/1870:Transcontinental Railway actually completed.

8/15/1914:Panama Canal officially opened.

8/15/1914:Taliesen (Frank Lloyd Wright's home) burned.

8/15/1918:US and Russia severed diplomatic ties.

8/15/1935:Wiley Post, pilot, died.

8/15/1935:Will Rogers, humorist, died.

8/15/1937:Appalachian Trail finished.

8/15/1939:"The Wizard of Oz" premiered (Grauman's Chinese Theater).

8/15/1945:Korea freed from Japanese domination.

8/15/1945:US rationing of gasoline and fuel oil ended.

8/15/1947:Gandhi's movement obtained independence for Pakistan and India.

8/15/1948:Proclamation of the Republic of Korea.

8/15/1963:Clifford Odetts, playwright, died.

8/15/1967:Electric spinning reel for fishing introduced (Chicago).

8/15/1967:50,000 acre fire (Northern Idaho).

8/15/1969:The Woodstock Music Festival began (Max Yasgur's Dairy Farm).

8/15/1971:90 day wage-price-rent freeze and 10% surcharge on foreign

         :imports announced.

8/15/1976:365 inning softball game ended (Gagner's Diner 491 - Bend'n Elbow

         :Tavern 467).

8/15/1989:F.W. de Klerk sworn in as acting president of South Africa.

8/16     :Palio of the Contrade (Italy).

8/16     :Restoration of the Republic (Dominican Republic).

8/16/1678:Andrew Marvell, poet ("To His Coy Mistress"), died. (8/18?)

8/16/1738:Joseph (Josias) Miller, English comic actor, died.

8/16/1777:Battle of Bennington (Vermont).

8/16/1780:Battle of Camden (South Carolina).

8/16/1812:City of Detroit captured by British.

8/16/1819:Manchester Massacre.

8/16/1824:Charles Thomson, first official American record keeper, died.

8/16/1829:The original "Siamese" twins (Chang and Eng Bunker) arrived in


8/16/1861:Several Northern newspapers brought to trial for Confederate


8/16/1896:Gold discovered in the Klondike region of the Yukon territory.


8/16/1896:Loop-the-Loop Centrifugal Railway patented (Edwin Prescott,


8/16/1898:Roller coaster patented.

8/16/1899:Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen, inventor of bunsen burner,


8/16/1916:US and Canada signed a treaty to protect migratory birds.

8/16/1920:First baseball player died in a major-league game (Ray Chapman,

         :of Cleveland, hit by a Carl Mays, of New York, pitch).

8/16/1948:George Herman "Babe" Ruth, baseball player, died.

8/16/1949:Margaret Mitchell, US novelist ("Gone With The Wind"), died.

8/16/1977:Elvis Aaron Presley, rock singer, died.

8/16/1979:John Diefenbaker, Canadian lawyer and prime minister, died.

8/16/1983:Carrie Fisher married Paul Simon.

8/16/1984:John Z. DeLorean acquitted of cocaine dealing.

8/16/1985:Madonna, pop singer, married Sean Penn, actor.

8/16/1987:Harmonic convergence began.

8/16/1988:George Bush chose Dan Quayle, "a man of the future," as his

         :running mate.

8/17     :Anniversary of the Death of General San Martin (Argentina).

8/17     :Cat nights begin.

8/17     :Independence Day (Indonesia).

8/17     :National Day (Gabon).

8/17/-10429:First goat domesticated (Armenia).

8/17/1590:John White returned to Roanoke, Virginia and found no trace of

         :colonist's he had left there three years earlier.

8/17/1785:Jonathan Trumbull, US patriot, died.

8/17/1788:Losantville, Ohio (now Cincinnati) founded.

8/17/1807:Robert Fulton demonstrated steamboat operation (The Clermont).

8/17/1863:Fort Sumter shelled by Union forces.

8/17/1877:Phobos (Martian satellite) discovered (A. Hall).

8/17/1878:Richard Upjohn, US architect, died.

8/17/1891:First public bathhouse with showers opened in New York ("People's


8/17/1896:Gold discovered in Klondike region of Yukon territory. (8/16?)

8/17/1915:Hurricane struck Galveston, Texas (275 killed).

8/17/1920:First and only major league baseball fatality (Ray Chapman -


8/17/1938:First aircraft owned by the US Forest Service in service


8/17/1942:First European bombing run undertaken by US forces.

8/17/1945:Japanese withdrew from Indonesia.

8/17/1952:"Fallout" first used (New York Times).

8/17/1965:Robert Manry, Cleveland newspaper editor, finished sailing the

         :Atlantic (in a 13.5 foot craft).

8/17/1969:Hurricane Camille hit US Gulf Coast (248 killed).

8/17/1973:Conrad Potter Aiken, US poet and short-story writer, died.

8/17/1978:First successful crossing of the Atlantic by balloon (three


8/17/1983:Ira Gershwin, composer, died.

8/17/1985:1400 meatpackers walked off the job at a George A. Hormel and Co.


8/17/1987:Muhammad Ali elected to "Ring" magazine's Boxing Hall of Fame.

8/17/1987:Walter Richard Rudolf Hess, last Nazi held in Spandau Prison,


8/18/1227:Ghengis Khan, Mongol conqueror, died.

8/18/1678:Andrew Marvell, English poet, died. (8/16?)

8/18/1786:Reykjavik, Iceland founded.

8/18/1834:Mount Vesuvius erupted.

8/18/1850:Honore de Balzac, French novelist, died.

8/18/1852:Margaret Smith Taylor, wife of Zachary, died.

8/18/1872:First mail-order house catalog issued (A.M. Ward).

8/18/1873:First climbers reached the top of Mount Whitney (John Lucas,

         :Charles D. Begole, and A.H. Johnson).

8/18/1902:First unassisted triple-play (Harry O'Hagen).

8/18/1914:Wilson's neutrality appeal.

8/18/1916:Abraham Lincoln's birthplace given to US as a national shrine.

8/18/1920:19th Amendment to the US Constitution (women's vote) ratified.

8/18/1938:Thousand Islands Bridge dedictated (FDR).

8/18/1940:US and Canada established a plan of joint defense against

         :possible enemy attacks.

8/18/1947:Hewlett Packard incorporated.

8/18/1950:Four month old kitten, following a climbing party, scaled the

         :Matterhorn (three days).

8/18/1954:First black attended a meeting of the president's cabinet


8/18/1956:Bill Bonanno married Rosalie Profaci.

8/18/1958:"Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov published in the US.

8/18/1963:James Howard Meredith, first black admitted to University of

         :Mississippi, graduated.

8/18/1967:Tony C hit by Jack Hamilton pitch.

8/18/1969:Woodstock Festival ended.

8/18/1981:Anita Loos, American author ("Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"), died.

8/18/1982:Pete Rose broke the all-time record for baseball plate


8/18/1983:Royals and Yankees completed the famous "pine-tar" game.

8/18/1984:Friendship '84 Games opened in Moscow.

8/18/1990:B.F. Skinner died.

8/18/1992:Wang Laboratories, Inc filed for bankruptcy.

8/19     :Buhe (Ethiopia).

8/19     :Independence Day (Afghanistan).

8/19     :National Aviation Day.

8/19/1662:Blaise Pascal, French philosopher and physicist, died.

8/19/1689:Samuel Richardson, English novelist ("Pamela"), baptised.

8/19/1812:USS Constitution sank HMS Guerriere.

8/19/1819:James Watt, Scottish engineer and inventor of steam engine, died.

8/19/1856:Condensed milk patented (Gail Borden).

8/19/1861:"Essex County Democrat" editor tarred and feathered for

         :Confederate sympathies.

8/19/1896:Water spout 100' in diameter off Martha's Vineyard.

8/19/1915:British ocean liner Arabic torpedoed.

8/19/1929:Network radio debut of "Amos and Andy" (NBC).

8/19/1934:Adolf Hitler given sole executive power of Germany.

8/19/1940:Civil Aeronautics Administration honorary license awarded to

         :Orville Wright.

8/19/1941:Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge (US) established.

8/19/1942:Dieppe (France) beach raid.

8/19/1951:Browns used a midget as leadoff batter (vs. Detroit).

8/19/1955:Floods hit the northeastern US (200 killed).

8/19/1960:Francis Gary Powers, U2 spy plane pilot, convicted in a Moscow


8/19/1960:Yankee nuclear power plant (Rowe, Massachusetts) began operations

         :(8:19 pm).

8/19/1960:Sputnik 5 (USSR) launched.

8/19/1968:Last episode of "The Monkees" aired.

8/19/1975:Ima Hogg, founder of the Houston Symphony, died.

8/19/1977:Most powerful earthquake in recorded history hit the eastern

         :Indian Ocean.

8/19/1981:Two US F-14's shot down two Libyan SU-22's over the Gulf of Sidra.

8/19/1982:Soyuz T-7 (USSR) launched.

8/19/1991:Gorbachev ousted from power by a military coup.

8/20     :Constitution Day (Hungary).

8/20/1852:Steamboat collision, Lake Erie (250 died).

8/20/1896:Dial telephone patented.

8/20/1904:Abbey Theater founded (Dublin).

8/20/1912:Plant Quarantine Act came into effect.

8/20/1912:William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, died.

8/20/1914:St. Pius X (Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto), 257th Roman Catholic

         :Pope, died.

8/20/1940:Leon Trotsky assassinated. (8/21?)

8/20/1945:Youngest major league player to hit a home run (Tommy Brown, 17).

8/20/1953:The Soviet Union publicly acknowledged it had tested a Hydrogen


8/20/1955:First airline to fly faster than 800 mph (H.A. Hanes).

8/20/1960:Two dogs and six mice survived Sputnik V orbit.

8/20/1966:Earthquake hit Turkey (3000 killed).

8/20/1975:Viking 1 (US) launched.

8/20/1977:Voyager 2 (US) launched.

8/20/1985:Original Xerox 914 copying machine presented to the Smithsonian.

8/20/1992:William Taylor, chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance

         :Corporation, died.

8/21     :Ozma's (Queen of Oz) Birthday.

8/21/1708:French and Indians burned Haverhill, Massachusetts.

8/21/1762:Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, English author, died.

8/21/1858:Lincoln-Douglas debates began.

8/21/1863:Quantrill's raid on Lawrence, Kansas.

8/21/1874:Reverend Henry Ward Beecher accused of adultery.

8/21/1878:American Bar Association organized.

8/21/1888:Adding machine patented (W.S. Burroughs).

8/21/1911:The Mona Lisa stolen from the Louvre.

8/21/1931:Babe Ruth hit his 600th career home run.

8/21/1940:Ernest Lawrence Thayer, author ("Casey at the Bat"), died.

8/21/1940:Leon Trotsky, Bolshevik leader, killed. (8/20?)

8/21/1950:United Nations building opened.

8/21/1951:US ordered construction of first nuclear submarine (Nautilus).

8/21/1959:Hawaii became 50th US state.

8/21/1963:Martial law declared in South Vietnam.

8/21/1965:Gemini 5 (US) launched.

8/21/1968:Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact forces invaded Czechoslovakia.

8/21/1981:Scientists first warned of global warming.

8/21/1983:Benigno S. Aquino, Philippine opposition leader, killed.

8/22/565 :St. Columba reported seeing a monster in Loch Ness.

8/22/1485:Battle of Bosworth.

8/22/1485:Henry VII became English Sovereign.

8/22/1485:King Richard III died.

8/22/1789:Presidential custom of sending written notes to US Senate began.

8/22/1822:Wallpaper printing press patented.

8/22/1831:Nat Turner led an uprising of blacks.

8/22/1851:First America's Cup (then known as the "Hundred Guinea Cup") won.

8/22/1902:First US president to ride in an automobile (Teddy Roosevelt).

8/22/1922:Michael Collins, founder of Irish Republican Army, killed.

8/22/1939:Disposable can for dispensing liquids under pressure patented

         :(J.S. Kahn).

8/22/1942:Battle of Stalingrad began.

8/22/1950:First black tennis player accepted in national competition

         :(Althea Gibson).

8/22/1963:CDC 6600 introduced.

8/22/1966:Beatles arrived in New York for a concert at Shea Stadium.

8/22/1968:First pontiff to visit South America (Pope Paul VI).

8/22/1978:Jomo Kenyatta, father of modern Kenya, died.

8/22/1979:James Thomas Farrell, American author, died.

8/22/1980:US Consumer Price Index announced to be unchanged (first time in

         :13 years).

8/22/1986:Fumes from Lake Nios, Cameroon killed 1734 people.

8/22/1989:Nolan Ryan threw his 5,000th strikeout (Rickey Henderson).

8/22/1991:Statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky (KGB founder) dismantled.

8/23     :Liberation Day (Romania).

8/23/1818:First steamer service on the Great Lakes.

8/23/1819:Oliver Hazard Perry, naval hero, died.

8/23/1821:Mexico declared an independent nation.

8/23/1838:First graduation at a women's college (Mount Holyoke Seminary -


8/23/1914:Japan declared war on Germany.

8/23/1919:Gasoline Alley started (Chicago Tribune).

8/23/1926:Rodolpho Alfonzo Rafaello Pietro Filiberto Guglieimi Di Valentina

         :D'Antonguolla (a.k.a. Rudolph Valentino), silent movie idol,


8/23/1927:Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti electrocuted.

8/23/1939:Nazi Germany and Russia signed a non-aggression pact.

8/23/1957:Digital Equipment Corporation founded.

8/23/1966:First image of Earth from vicinity of Moon (Lunar Orbiter 7).

8/23/1973:Intelsat-4 F-7 (US) launched.

8/23/1977:First man-powered flight.

8/23/1979:Alexander Godunov, Soviet dancer, defected to US.

8/23/1982:Beshir Gemayel elected president of Lebanon.

8/23/1989:Pete Rose banned from baseball for life. (8/24?)

8/24     :National Flag Day (Liberia).

8/24     :Schaferlauf (Germany).

8/24/79  :Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroyed Pompei, Stabiae, and


8/24/1572:Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre (France).

8/24/1682:Delaware awarded to William Penn.

8/24/1770:Thomas Chatterton, poet and forger, died.

8/24/1814:British troops burned Washington DC.

8/24/1887:Scientific observation post in Greenland established by US.

8/24/1913:US Parcel post system authorized.

8/24/1923:Kate Douglas Wiggin, author ("Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm"), died.

8/24/1932:First woman to fly non-stop across US (Amelia Earhart).

8/24/1940:German Battleship Bismarck commissioned.

8/24/1951:Route 128 around Boston opened.

8/24/1954:US Communist Control Act went into effect.

8/24/1959:US National Medal of Science authorized.

8/24/1965:Bob Dylan debuted (Newport).

8/24/1968:France detonated its first hydrogen bomb.

8/24/1969:"Alice's Restaurant" premiered.

8/24/1979:Fans (60,916) choose old New England Patriots logo over new.

8/24/1983:Scott Nearing, US sociologist and author, died.

8/24/1987:Bayard Rustin, civil rights leader, died.

8/24/1989:Pete Rose banned from baseball for life (A. Bartlett Giamatti).


8/24/1989:Voyager II scheduled to encounter Neptune.

8/25     :Constitution Day (Paraguay).

8/25     :Independence Day (Uruguay).

8/25     :Kiss-and-Make-Up Day.

8/25/1635:Great Colonial Hurricane (20' tides).

8/25/1666:Frans Hals died.

8/25/1718:City of New Orleans founded.

8/25/1776:David Hume, Scottish philosopher, died.

8/25/1825:Uruguay declared independence from Brazil.

8/25/1867:Michael Faraday, English chemist and physicist, died.

8/25/1875:First person to swim the English Channel (Matthew Webb - 22


8/25/1900:Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, German philosopher, died.

8/25/1920:Woman suffrage amendment approved by US Congress.

8/25/1921:First baseball game broadcast (KDKA, Pittsburgh).

8/25/1922:Chicago Cubs faced 66 Philadelphia batters but won 26-23.

8/25/1928:Richard E. Byrd began Antarctic expedition.

8/25/1932:Amelia Earhart completed transcontinental flight.

8/25/1944:Allied forces liberated Paris.

8/25/1949:"Father Knows Best" first broadcast.

8/25/1967:George Lincoln Rockwell, Nazi leader, assassinated.

8/25/1968:First black to win US men's singles tennis championship (Arthur


8/25/1980:Gower Champion, broadway director ("42nd Street"), died.

8/25/1981:Voyager 2 (US) at closest approach to Saturn.

8/25/1983:PC-Write Version 1.0 launched.

8/25/1984:Truman Capote (Truman Streckfus Persons), novelist ("In Cold

         :Blood"), died.

8/25/1985:Dwight Gooden became the youngest 20 baseball game winner.

8/25/1985:Samantha Smith, US schoolgirl who visited USSR, died in a plane


8/25/1990:Fastest team to reach three million season attendance (64 games,

         :Toronto Blue Jays).

8/26     :Aaron Burr Day.

8/26     :Bank Holiday (England and Wales).

8/26     :Susan B. Anthony Day (Massachusetts).

8/26     :Women's Equality Day.

8/26/-55 :Roman forces under Julius Caesar invaded Britain.

8/26/1883:Krakatoa erupted (36,000 died).

8/26/1884:Linotype machine patented (Ottmar Mergenthaler).

8/26/1894:US Federal income tax declared unconstitutional.

8/26/1910:William James, American psychologist and philosopher, died.

8/26/1920:US women won the right to vote (19th amendment to US Constitution

         :went into effect).

8/26/1939:First major league baseball game televised (W2XBS - Ebbets Field).

8/26/1945:Franz Werfel, Austrian author, died.

8/26/1957:The Soviet Union announced it had successfully tested an ICBM.

8/26/1961:International Hockey Hall of Fame opened (Toronto).

8/26/1966:Namibia came under direct UN responsibility.

8/26/1970:Jimi Hendrix gave his last performance (Isle of Wight).

8/26/1974:Soyuz 15 (USSR) launched.

8/26/1978:Charles Boyer, French actor, died.

8/26/1978:Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani), 263th Pope, elected.

8/26/1978:Soyuz 31 (USSR) launched.

8/26/1981:Roger Nash Baldwin, founder of the ACLU, died.

8/27     :Liberation Day (Hong Kong).

8/27     :Lyndon B. Johnson's Birthday (Texas).

8/27/1665:First play performed in the North American colonies (Ye Bear and

         :Ye Cubb).

8/27/1776:Battle of Long Island.

8/27/1859:First successful oil well in the US drilled (near Titusville,


8/27/1861:Union troops captured Cape Hatteras.

8/27/1904:First arrest for automobile speeding (Newport, Rhode Island).

8/27/1912:"Tarzan of the Apes" published.

8/27/1914:Kaiser Wilhelm Degross, German luxury liner destroyed.

8/27/1928:Kellogg-Briand Pact, outlawing war, signed.

8/27/1930:H.L. Mencken married Sara Haardt.

8/27/1937:Andrew W. Mellon, financier, died.

8/27/1938:Robert Frost disrupted a poetry reading by Archibald MacLeish by

         :setting fire to a stack of papers.

8/27/1945:US troops began landing in Japan following their surrender.

8/27/1948:Charles Evans Hughes, Supreme Court Justice, died.

8/27/1961:Francis the Talking Mule was the mystery guest on "What's My


8/27/1962:Mariner II (US) launched.

8/27/1963:William Edward Burghardt DuBois, US educator died.

8/27/1964:Gracie Allen (Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen) died.

8/27/1967:Brian Epstein, Beatles manager, found dead.

8/27/1974:Charles Augustus Lindbergh, aviator, died.

8/27/1979:Lord (Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas) Mountbatten killed.

8/27/1981:Paul Ekai sentenced in Kenya for killing "Born Free" Joy Adamson.

8/27/1982:Single season base stealing record set (Rickey Henderson).

8/27/1985:"Sergeant York" weapon system cancelled as ineffective.

8/27/1990:Stevie Ray Vaughn died.

8/28     :Heroes Day (Philippines).

8/28/430 :Saint Augustine died.

8/28/1609:Delaware Bay discovered (Henry Hudson).

8/28/1645:Hugo Grotius, Dutch theologian, died.

8/28/1867:Midway Islands claimed for US.

8/28/1903:Frederick Law Olmsted, American landscape architect, died.

8/28/1904:First jail sentence for speeding in an auto handed down (Newport

         :Rhode Island).

8/28/1916:Italy's declaration of war against Germany took effect.

8/28/1922:First radio "commercial" broadcast (New York realty co., $100,


8/28/1955:Kidnap and lynching of Emmett Till.

8/28/1963:Martin Luther King led a civil rights rally in Washington DC


8/28/1973:Earthquake hit central Mexico (>525 killed).

8/28/1983:Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister, announced his resignation.

8/28/1985:Ruth Gordon, actress, died.

8/28/1986:Jerry Whitworth, "Walker family" Soviet spy, sentenced to 365 yrs.

8/28/1987:John Huston, director, died.

8/28/1988:Three Italian stunt planes collided (Ramstein, West Germany) (70


8/28/1992:Milwaukee Brewers had 31 hits vs. Toronto Blue Jays.

8/29     :More Herbs, Less Salt Day.

8/29/-30 :Cleopatra bitten by an asp.

8/29/29  :John the Baptist beheaded.

8/29/1533:Atahualpa, last of the Inca rulers, strangled.

8/29/1769:Edmond Hoyle, rules expert, died.

8/29/1786:Shays Rebellion.

8/29/1842:Tariff to prevent importation of obscene pictures and literature


8/29/1854:Self-governing windmill patented (Daniel Halladay).

8/29/1862:Second Battle of Bull Run began.

8/29/1877:Brigham Young, Mormon church leader, died.

8/29/1893:"Clasp-locker" patented (developed into the zipper) (Whitcomb L.


8/29/1896:Chop Suey invented (New York).

8/29/1930:Rev. William Archibald Spooner, coined phrases like "swell foop,"


8/29/1949:First Soviet atomic bomb exploded.

8/29/1957:Senator Strom Thurmond ended a filibuster after talking for more

         :than 24 hours.

8/29/1965:Gemini-5 returned to earth (Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad).

8/29/1966:Beatles played at Candlestick Park (last public concert).

8/29/1967:Richard Kimble caught Fred Johnson, the one-armed man.

8/29/1975:Eamon de Valera, Irish independence figure, died.

8/29/1975:Star in Cygnus was observed to go nova and became fourth

         :brightest in sky.

8/29/1977:Lou Brock passed Ty Cobb's career stolen base record.

8/29/1979:Samuel I. Newhouse, "America's most profitable publisher", died.

8/29/1981:Lowell Thomas, radio news announcer, died. (1979?)

8/29/1982:Ingrid Bergman, actress, died.

8/29/1991:Soviet parliament suspended all activities of the Communist Party.

8/30     :Huey P. Long Day (Louisiana).

8/30     :Santa Rosa de Lima (Peru).

8/30     :Victory Day (Turkey).

8/30/1780:Benedict Arnold betrayed his country.

8/30/1842:Nut and bolt machine patented (Micah Rugg).

8/30/1842:75 cents per pound tariff set on opium.

8/30/1862:Second Battle of Bull Run ended.

8/30/1875:First US college music department established (Harvard).

8/30/1888:Lord Walsingham killed 1070 grouse in a single day.

8/30/1890:First US meat Inspection Legislation enacted.

8/30/1905:Ty Cobb's first at bat in the major leagues.

8/30/1941:Siege of Leningrad began.

8/30/1960:Japan Stationary Company sold the first felt-tipped pen.

8/30/1963:Washington-Moscow "hot-line" connected.

8/30/1983:STS-8 (US), first black astronaut in space (Guion Bluford),


8/30/1984:Space Shuttle Discovery (US) launched for the first time.

8/30/1989:Leona Helmsley, "hotel queen," found guilty of tax evasion.

8/30/1991:Long jump world record set (29 feet 4.5 inches, Mike Powell).

8/31     :Independence Day (Trinidad and Tobago).

8/31     :National Day (Malaysia).

8/31     :Pashtoonian Day (Afghanistan).

8/31/1057:Leofric, husband of Lady Godiva, died.

8/31/1422:Henry V of England died.

8/31/1688:John Bunyan, author ("Pilgrim's Progress"), died.

8/31/1867:Charles Baudelaire, French poet, died.

8/31/1881:First lawn tennis national championship held.

8/31/1886:First major earthquake in recorded history of eastern US

         :(Charleston, South Carolina).

8/31/1887:First movie projector patented (Thomas Edison, "kinetoscope").

8/31/1888:Jack the Ripper killed first victim (Mary Ann Nichols).

8/31/1895:First professional (American) football game (Latrobe,


8/31/1903:First automobile crossed US under its own power (52 days,


8/31/1919:US branch of the Communist Party founded.

8/31/1920:First radio news show broadcast (Detroit - WWJ).

8/31/1926:Non-aggression pact signed by Russia and Afghanistan.

8/31/1935:First US national skeet-shooting tournament held (Indianapolis).

8/31/1954:Hurricane Carol hit New England, New York, and New Jersey (70


8/31/1957:Malaysia attained independence.

8/31/1962:Trinidad and Tobago became a commonwealth nation.

8/31/1965:Burning draft cards declared illegal in US.

8/31/1969:Rocky Marciano killed.

8/31/1973:John Ford (Sean Aloysius O'Feeney), film director, died.

8/31/1979:Sally Rand (Helen Gould Beck), inventor of the fan dance, died.

8/31/1980:Solidarity founded in Poland.

8/31/1982:First giant squid captured alive (Bergen, Norway).

8/31/1985:Richard Ramirez arrested for "Night Stalker" killings.

8/31/1985:Susan Butcher, champion dogsled racer, married David Monson.

8/31/1989:Jim Bakker suffered an apparent breakdown during his fraud trial.

8/31/1990:First father and son combination to play together in major league

         :baseball (Griffeys).