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Christopher Columbus: List of Officers and Sailors in the First Voyage of Columbus

Edited by: Robert Guisepi


Discovery Of America
Book: Appendix C
Author: Fiske, John
Date: 1892

1. Those Who Went Out In The Santa Maria, And Returned In The Nina: -

Christopher Columbus, captain-general.
Juan de La Cosa, of Santona, master, and owner of the vessel.
Sancho Ruiz, pilot.
Maestre Alonso, of Moguer, physician.
Maestre Diego, boatswain (contramaestre).
Rodrigo Sanchez, of Segovia, inspector (veedor).
Terreros, steward (maestresala).
Rodrigo de Jerez, of Ayamonte.
Ruiz Garcia, of Santona.
Rodrigo de Escobar.
Francisco de Huelva, of Huelva.
Rui Fernandez, of Huelva.
Pedro de Bilbao, of Larrabezua.
Pedro de Villa, of Santona.
Diego de Salcedo, servant of Columbus.
Pedro de Acevedo, cabin boy.
Luis de Torres, converted Jew, interpreter.

2. Those Who Went And Returned In The Pinta: -

Martin Alonso Pinzon, of Palos, captain.
Francisco Martin Pinzon, of Palos, master.
Cristobal Garcia Xalmiento, pilot.
Juan de Jerez, of Palos, mariner.
Bartolome Garcia, of Palos, boatswain.
Juan Perez Vizcaino, of Palos, caulker.
Rodrigo de Triana, of Lepe.
Juan Rodriguez Bermejo, of Molinos.
Juan de Sevilla.
Garcia Hernandez, of Palos, steward (despensero).
Garcia Alonso, of Palos.
Gomez Rascon, of Palos,
Cristobal Quintero, of Palos,
Juan Quintero, of Palos. } owners of the vessel.
Diego Bermudez, of Palos.
Juan Bermudez, of Palos.
Francisco Garcia Gallego, of Moguer.
Francisco Garcia Vallejo, of Moguer.
Pedro de Arcos, of Palos.

3. Those Who Went And Returned In The Nina: -

Vicente Yanez Pinzon, of Palos, captain.
Juan Nino, of Moguer, master.
Pero Alonso Nino, of Moguer, pilot.
Bartolome Roldan, of Palos, pilot.
Francisco Nino, of Moguer.
Gutierre Perez, of Palos.
Juan Ortiz, of Palos.
Alonzo Gutierrez Querido, of Palos.

4. Those Who Were Left In Hispaniola, And Perished, Most Of Them Murdered
By The Natives: -

Pedro Gutierrez, keeper of the king's drawing room.
Rodrigo de Escobedo, of Segovia, notary.
Diego de Arana, of Cordova, high constable (alguazil mayor).
Alonso Velez de Mendoza, of Seville.
Alvar Perez Osorio, of Castrojeriz.
Antonio de Jaen, of Jaen.
The bachelor Bernardino de Tapia, of Ledesma.
Cristobal del Alamo, of Niebla.
Castillo, silversmith and assayer, of Seville.
Diego Garcia, of Jerez.
Diego de Tordoya, of Cabeza de Buey, in Estremadura.
Diego de Capilla, of Almaden.
Diego de Torpa.
Diego de Mables, of Mables.
Diego de Mendoza, of Guadalajara.
Diego de Montalban, of Jaen.
Domingo de Bermeo.
Francisco Fernandez.
Francisco de Godoy, of Seville.
Francisco de Aranda, of Aranda.
Francisco de Henao, of Avila.
Francisco Ximenez, of Seville.
Gabriel Baraona, of Belmonte.
Gonzalo Fernandez de Segovia, of Leon.
Gonzalo Fernandez de Segovia, of Segovia.
Guillermo Ires, [qy. William Irish, or William Harris?], of Galney
[i.e. Galway], Ireland.
Fernando de Porcuna.
Jorge Gonzalez, of Trigueros.
Maestre Juan, surgeon.
Juan de Urniga.
Juan Morcillo, of Villanueva de la Serena.
Juan de Cueva, of Castuera.
Juan Patino, of La Serena.
Juan del Barco, of Barco de Avila.
Juan de Villar, of Villar.
Juan de Mendoza.
Martin de Logrosa, of Logrosa.
Pedro Corbacho, of Caceres.
Pedro de Talavera.
Pedro de Foronda.
Sebastian de Mayorga, of Majorca.
Tristan de San Jorge.
Tallarte de Lages [qy. Arthur Laws, or Larkins?], of England.

This list is taken from Captain Cesareo Fernandez Duro's learned
monograph, Colon y Pinzon. Informe relativo a los pormenores de
descubrimiento del Nuevo Mundo, Madrid, 1883.

Juan de La Cosa is usually spoken of as having accompanied Columbus on
his second voyage but not on his first. An ordinance of the sovereigns,
however, dated February 28, 1494, and preserved among the Simancas MSS., thus
addresses La Cosa: - "Fuistes por maestre de una nao vuestra a las mares del
oceano, donde en aquel viaje fueron descubiertas las tierras e islas de la
parte de las Indias, e vos perdistes la dicha nao," anglice, "You went as
master of a ship of your own to the ocean seas where in that voyage were
discovered the lands and islands of the Indies, and you lost the said ship."
Navarrete, Biblioteca maritima espanola, tom. ii. p. 209. Mr. Winsor
(Christopher Columbus, p. 184) seems to think that this La Cosa was a
different person from the great pilot and cosmographer, who was a native of
Santona and resident of Puerto de Santa Maria; but Captain Duro makes him the
same person. Cf. Harrisse, Christophe Colomb, i. 406.

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