Submitters name: Sam Meyers

Essay Title: American Neutrality in WWI

Date Written: September 11, 2007

My Text Area 1: To Whom It May Concern,
Due to the information that has been given to us, our opinion is to stay of out war and remain neutral.  If we make it clear that we are claiming neutrality, it may pass a message to the countries in Europe.  A strong message, that tells them that they need to communicate instead of turning to barbaric ways, to make it clear that they are unhappy with the actions that were committed.

One big issue is the German submarines, and the sinking of ships without advising the crew on board.  Yes it is killing and injuring people, but our argument from it is that they are harming Americans.  Mostly all of the ships that were destroyed were only carrying a few American persons.  One example could be the Sussex case, which 80 people were killed and injured, two Americans lost their lives, and the other 78 people were not Americans.  The Germans were just trying to provoke the United States, so we go to juristic measures, because they want to ally with Mexico.  It is apparent to us that we are giving into it, that of which they are looking for.
 Most of the victims of the submarine attacks are British patrons who are currently carrying out a blockade on Germany coast.  The Germans have every right to try to run the blockade, they need to ship and receive goods, itís part of their economy.

These are some facts for your information, for you to make the correct decision.  Keep us out of the war! 

Age Grouping: 14+